Cold Water Dumped on Love Like the Galaxy Fanshippers with New BTS Video of Frightened Zhao Lu Si Cursing Out Wu Lei During Filming of Horseback Riding Scene

This is certainly not the kind of real life interaction viewers and fans of Love Like the Galaxy want to see whether during airing or now months later. It’s not egregious but just a tad disappointing to actual watch the video. This week a BTS video of the horseback riding scene filming in LLTG had Zhao Lu Si crying and cursing out male lead Wu Lei (in pretty crass language) as he rides the horse around the track while holding her in his arms. She’s cursing him while he tells her that filming has started, i.e. he’s just doing his job. There were a rumor that Wu Lei was cursed out on the set of LLTG and that he was eager to wrap filming quickly. C-netizens are criticizing Zhao Lu Si for both her cursing/language calling her a punk and also commiserating with Wu Lei for being so professional and doing his job and getting cursed out for doing it but he kept his cool and tried to diffuse the situation by laughing to lighten the mood.


Cold Water Dumped on Love Like the Galaxy Fanshippers with New BTS Video of Frightened Zhao Lu Si Cursing Out Wu Lei During Filming of Horseback Riding Scene — 28 Comments

  1. koala… this is not new… this came out when LLTG was airing. There are even fancams of said interaction other than the official BTS video….
    and the contents of original said videos are not what was described. are you quoting from some ying xiao hao? those aren’t reliable news sources because they edit stuff willynilly with completely misleading voiceovers

  2. I am surprised there hasn’t been any comments before my own. I don’t watch cdrama but reading the prior comments I would have thought thiois would bring all the supporters/haters out.

  3. I believed Leo’s fans already exposed this previously but because the audio was muffled back then so ZLS’ fans tried to pass it off as “You are doing this intentionally” instead of what she actually said, which is “F your mother” (I think, not too familiar with profanities). I don’t think this is a huge issue though. She’s not known to be “nice” among industry insiders so fans and non-fans alike won’t be too surprised. The only losers in this situation are the shippers. And it’s good that they stop being delusional anyway.

    • really ? im a new fan of her after lltg and ive watched many translated interview of her previous co stars/ crowd actors and all of them only have nice things to say about her. not sure what you mean by “not nice”

      • Zhao Lusi is no stranger to rude behavior. All you need to do is look up “Zhao Lusi hand slipped” and you will find a slew of articles/comments about her history of liking negative rumors about other actresses & having her agency lie when she was caught doing it multiple times. Her fingers slipped, the phone was stolen etc. This is not just yxh, ZLS just can’t help herself, whether it’s her fingers slipping, assistant putting socks on her feet or cursing her co-star out Lolol She obviously doesn’t need yxh to ruin her image bc she naturally does it herself lol

    • She’s completely not nice or she speaks her mind so she may come off as mean?? There is a difference there. lol No one really knows people we see through the screen so anyone can say anything really.

  4. Back when LLTG was still airing, they edited the video and tried to mask it off as sweet couple moments. Apparently ZLS’s side was well aware of this issue and had been trying to twist the narrative before this video came out. For example ZLS kept bringing this issue up during interviews and drama promotions, emphasising on how scary it was for her and claiming it as a bad prank.

    • Even if WYB was terrible lol why would a director tell the truth & hurt the production & head work of others? Lol you’re delusional! If you watched his press conference & see how thoughtless his answers were when being asked basic questions about his character. It’s more than obvious why he’s now known as an “illiterate person”. WYB lacks professionalism no matter how tog spin the story lol that’s why he even said he liked using his “IPad” during a Lenovo press conference!

  5. Video is not new. She is never known to be a kind person anyways. But in order to climb up the celebrity ladder, she must have some offscreen &/ backstage tricks to excel…

  6. LOL I mean, if someone cursed as bad as what the edited video showed, Wu Lei sure is polite to take that jab, but he was laughing throughout the video so you have to question if it was edited. He can’t be that calm while she calls him names. No way, he’s more opinionated then that or his face should have shown he was not happy with what she was saying. Come on, we know people hate ZLS right now. This is a easy target to bring down a good show and pit these two against each other. In the end, they don’t hate each other and just want to work at their careers.

    • I mean look at Wu Lei face again, he was actually taken aback but chose to laugh it off. There was this term called courtesy and professionalism. So, be glad that he have both in this scene. smh

      • So the clip was not edited and was in its true form? Proof? Idk, I can’t trust anything anymore in Chinese entertainment, the fans are better at editing then the hired editors. I also see more hate in the industry then any other. Its bizarre. I can’t say if any of it is true.

    • If it was edited maliciously then ZLS can sue everyone defaming. Thing is there are a few versions of that moment captured on video and all those versions show her saying NMLGB which you can Google yourself. Her fans are not even claiming the video was edited, they say she said something else but got misunderstood. But most people dont swear like this when frightened so she must be quite rude in real life to say it so casually, that’s what many of her fans find hard to accept. You can say a lot of other non obscene things when scared.

      • Scared of what? I’m not the one trying to make others believe what some believe. Like I said, it’s hard to completely believe the video. Her lovers say it’s fake, her haters say it’s real…so really, it’s hard to take it seriously. Even a jury won’t be able to decide. Over the years, it seems like every famous actress have been in the gutter some how. It’s happened so much, you just start to wonder what is believable.

      • Some people really are too naive, if their favourite celebrity was caught doing something terrible they will still back them up. Explains how Kris Wu got away with his crimes for years thank to such delusion fans.

      • @Z

        Not naive, just can’t believe everything on the internet. Naive is when you do believe without questioning the situation fully. Kris Wu, LOL he was found guilty under the law, this is the difference. Anyone who still supports him is stupid. If she was really that bad, her costars and assistants won’t defend her. I hate when people on the internet speak as if they know these people when really they just heard it from someone else. You believe what you believe. ZLS don’t seem bothered by it, she’s letting her agency and lawyers do the talking.

    • That clip is true, unedited one, you can hear the voice of her and with her lip movement and all. That is not edited. Yes, you can back it up with “can’t believe anything in cent” but that clip is real. Everything that she said in it is real. How to prove it to you when you already decided to regard that video as edited/fake in the first place? You don’t wanna seek the truth here, you just want people to say, you are right. smh

  7. I’ve watched enough Chinese dramas to know how toxic the fans can be to artists, how scary mean they are to other fandoms, and how sloppy the news is. I can’t even take this seriously. lol There is no real “journalism” in their industry. Just a bunch of fans saying this or spreading that with no solid source. This is just another rising actress who is getting a lot of heat, like the rest who’s made it big.

  8. Zhao Lusi caught my eyes 5 years ago, she is very talented, still very young and raw. I hope she won’t change.

    Wu Lei is also very young but more reserved, more edited. Just like in this:

    Can’t we just let them go and enjoy LLTG without analysing everything? Especially old footage?

  9. Koala r u serious, the video was edited, n of course she is sueing them, I realize ur sources r not reliable, u only write a story that in part n also leave other parts ooo. Wu lei n lusi actually address this issue last year when it came out, why don’t u add that n there was no cursing wulei on set by the other staffs, I don’t know where u heard that from

  10. Honestly, I don’t understand the fuss with these two. I prefer lusi with yang yang. They has so much chemistry in — who rules the world– . The behind the scenes where so funny too. They both looked so happy and free.

  11. Anyone who is so quick to judge ZLS for being frightened (and cursing), get on a galloping horse first and then we talk again.

    Being a horse-rider myself I can see that WL can actually ride, if ZLS can’t, I have to admire her courage to get on the horse nonetheless instead of having a stunt person do it for her or do some the fake-riding that is so often seen in C-dramas.

  12. People in this comment section clearly do not speak Mandarin. I watched the clarification video posted by her fans and she definitely cursed. You can argue on the point on whether cursing your co-star is inappropriate in this scenario, but the video is real.

  13. ZLS fans and her media team are really shameless at whitewashing her.

    Her company’s statement has two parts. The first threatened to “sue” an insider who implied in a post ZLS bullied a staff worker a couple of years back as well as someone who only made a comment under that post. They haven’t actually sued anyone and it’s unclear if they have any legal standing to do so.

    In the second part, they are accusing the person who uploaded the unedited cussing video of infringement rights and asking them to delete the video. This is not even a threat to sue. They also included in that section a bunch of accounts that made comments either on the cussing video or articles calling out ZLS as a hopeless illiterate. They can’t prove at all that the cussing video is fake because there are multiple versions of it, all of which make it irrefutable that she not only cussed out her co-star but also hit him due to her own unprofessionalism.

    By putting out this statement, they are trying to muddy the waters and shifting attention away from her by turning this into just another fan war.

  14. Many are incredibly focused on whether the swearing/cussing actually happened or not but I’m just appalled at her general treatment of her co-star. Even if she didn’t swear, one can clearly see her attitude in the video and the way she reached over to hit a co-star who was actually just doing his job. It’s quite out of line and unprofessional. She should have apologized to him, especially after learning that they’d called action and were filming. Yes, she was scared because she wasn’t ready but she was still in the wrong for scolding/hitting him and should have apologized. She’s lucky he was professional/kind enough to de-escalate the situation. The whole argument of whether the cussing is real or not is just a way of deflecting from the real issue here. I’ve always been pretty neutral about Zhao Lusi but seeing this from her leaves a rather bad taste in my mouth. I now have to wonder if some of the things people have said about her not-so-kind treatment of others are, in fact, true.

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