Crash Course in Romance Jumps the Proverbial Shark in Episode 15 But Still Gets New Ratings Highs of 15.507%

Episode 15 of Crash Course in Romance was such a frustrating watch but absolutely necessary in order to finish this drama tomorrow and provide a complete opinion. That the ratings went up again to an astonishing 15.507% which may be the highest rom-com on cable ratings ever is equally mind boggling because at this point the drama is neither romance nor comedy. It’s a trifecta of bad parent decisions – smart people doing stupid things – and random shoehorned side plots. Top it off with a terrible resolution on the serial killer subplot where the Big Bad neither gets the punishment he deserves nor catharsis for his own messed up mental trauma just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I hated the most the return of Hae Yi’s real mom who is Heung Seon’s older sister and nobody has slapped her upside the head for just dumping a kid back home and then swanning back years later and resumes being a parasite. Sure it’s easy to write caricature bad parents but goodness can the sane people react in ways other than being doormats. Overall it’s still a good thing this drama has mega ratings but wish the writing matched up to the reception.


Crash Course in Romance Jumps the Proverbial Shark in Episode 15 But Still Gets New Ratings Highs of 15.507% — 4 Comments

  1. i wholeheartedly agree with you. yes it’s a very wholesome and heartwarming drama, with excellent acting from the leads, the villains and the kids (sorry but no I am not feeling it from the brother and the sidekick), but the writing of the final arc is so meh that i feel the high ratings are a bit unjustified – too many random side plots we don’t really care about.

  2. Everyone is entitled to their opinions of course. For me, I find the whole drama wholesome and fun, including the last 2 eps. Kinda sad it’s ended, yet still happy it gave a satisfying end. The only weird part was SuA’s arc which actually doesn’t matter much because she’s not a main character and not much loved.. but they took time to show how she changed suddenly to be better. Maybe family crisis humbled her, but although it was weird, it wasn’t a major flaw. Overall, the drama wrapped up all the storyline satisfyingly, and had time for some funny scenes even in the last ep, to wrap up the ‘romcom’ feel. It’s not the usual romcom I agree, but maybe I was just bored with the normal romcom that I find this great and amazing on its own. Definitely the best romcom I’ve seen in a long while…

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