Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan Lead the Voting By a Huge Margin for Weibo Night King and Queen Over Second Place Runner Ups Dylan Wang and Dilraba Dilmurat

Well it’s clear the power of the tops in C-ent liuliangs are nearly untouchable if measured by fan voting alone. It’s wild to see the gap between the first and second place runner ups for the Weibo Night fan voted King and Queen awards. For the men, Xiao Zhan leads the vote getting by 44.8% of all votes with Dylan Wang next at 5.33%, Wang Yibo with 5.13%, Cai Xu Kun with 4/37%, and Liu Yu Ning at 4.21%. For the ladies, it’s Yang Zi with an incredible 63.87% then next is Dilraba Dilmurat with 5.81%. Third goes to Zhao Li Ying with 4.78%, then Yu Shu Xin getting 3.57%, and Zhao Lu Si rounding out the top 5 with 2.26%. Now you know which C-ent drama stars are currently the most popular and at what levels.


Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan Lead the Voting By a Huge Margin for Weibo Night King and Queen Over Second Place Runner Ups Dylan Wang and Dilraba Dilmurat — 51 Comments

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    • I would say supportive and fiercely loyal. Both top actors have the strongest support of their respective favorites: it’s been known in the c-ent. The craziest are the ones that slander and fight other fandoms, rather than help their fave for things like this.

  2. He is the most popular Chinese actor, not counting the older generation of Jackie Chan. People can hate on him for his success all they like, it won’t change reality that it is so both in and out of China.

    I find her interesting because all credible sources said that Reba had won it last year (they skipped because of covid them decided to remove those results). So what changed between then and now? Is it the kid rumors?

    • There is no source regarding the previous winner of the event iirc. In general, actresses are not in the race because of the post deadline vote count increase scandal that they had. A lot of their fandoms don’t participate actively because it’s futile.

    • 😹😹😹u mean to tell me bcz of votes like these , that too from fans make him the most popular chinese in the the entire chinese entertainment circle??? Bruhh that’s too much i mean c’mon. Just bcz u lot want him to be one doesn’t exactly make him THE MOST POPULAR chinese celebrity. I got nothing against him but u bunch who themselves his fans irk me to the fullest. “Not counting the older generation like jackie chan” hell yhhh u shouldn’t n cant bcz he’s nowhere near the legends. China has got many internationally well known celebs u know other than him n i mean lyk rlly well known. Stop pushing him on the frontline always.

      • You can join reality or you don’t have to. It is not our problem but yours. He absolutely is the most popular Chinese celebrity of the younger generations.

        Tl;Dr Cope.

  3. Yeah I don’t think this tells me much about popularity. I don’t believe for a second that yang zi (although popular) is more popular than Zhao lying. Dylan want more popular than wang yibo should tell you all. This shows who fans are committed to this voting, not who has actual popularity with the general public.

    • Xiao Zhan is the most popular male. WHD has skipped over WYB in absolutely all ways not because he is somehow super popular now but because WYB is dropping, big time.

      If anyone wants more amusing news about our desperate illiterate, he is actually the topic of the CCP meeting today. It’s crazy how out of the circle it has gotten but it spells only bad things for him.

      • How is he the most popular male when these votes are from his own fans??? N that too a person is a given a few votes a day till the deadline. Its a matter of how free or dedicated the fans are to this whole shit u kno. N the whole desperate illiterate shit u going on about is absolutely bs bcz that title is from toxic anti fans like urself who can’t bear how he was able to breakthrough the movie that ur own idol failed to that btw led to him receiving the golden broom award. I wish he could use that golden broom od his to sweep trash like that from his fandom. U lot that takes pleasure in hurting others n speaking ill of other idols just soo u can drive urselves into oblivion. I find it fascinating that u can’t praise ur idol without dragging wyb thru the mud , lyk is he that much of a threat to y’all. N heyyy how about providing us evidence that proves wyb is fading n that he was the topic in the meeting huh that way we all will be satisfied huh? You say he is fading n yet he’s being followed by well known directors n the directors he has worked with have got nothing but good things to say about him n some are even going to work with him again. You say he’s fading n yet his followers are increasing . You say he’s fading n yet he has movies about to be released that are being supported again n again by THE cctv y’all claimed had name the desperate illiterate. Y’all say he’s fading n yet that same cctv has got material about him n none of ur idol which btw was deleted when he was name as the DISQUALIFIED IDOL on national tv , unlike the desperate illiterate title that u wyb’s black fans pushed on him. Y’all say he’s fading n yet his movie that u bombarded with ur blackness n negative comments even without watching is flourishing with good word of mouth from certified critics. Y’all say he’s fading when his movie has been released internationally n has received a good box office as well as word of movie. Y’all say he’s fading when he’s got dramas airing internationally. Y’all say he’s fading when a movie of his is a berlin nominee. Wow if this is how fading is then i hope he fades even more really. Y’all are soo toxic. Support xz leave wyb alone. If a bunch of revotes from fans make u feel he is popular then good for u . Leave wyb alone n illiterateness. I’d rather he be illiterate but kind ,humble, respectful n honest rather than a literate who’s a racist,misogynist like some idol um not gonna mention!!!

    • At least there’s someone there who sees things for what they are. This tells absolutely nothing about one’s popularity cz till the deadline a person is allowed 1 vote if not 3 per day n one is able ro vote again even if u voted b4. Its quite frustrating rlly but ull find others bragging about such things when the general public is not even involved. U cant tell me that a guy who has got fans who are able to fill 3/4 of a stadium can get 2k votes ohhhh pls

      • Lmao I worry for your mental state. Clearly having a mental meltdown here upon seeing the reality outside of Yuehua’s brainwashing circle.

        So what if people can vote multiple times per day? There’s plenty of other polls out there doing this too, and this Weibo Night’s polls are clearly targeted at celebrities’ core fans. If one celebrity’s fans can vote multiple times, other celebrities’ fans can also do it too. If anything, it just shows that Weibo sees no value in fans who are not “core” enough.

    • It is. Shocking right? Has been so since forever unless you remained stuck in the “covid” cave, then this has always been a thing 😂 interesting how you find this shocking when it’s just normal yearly event from weibo…

    • Then sorry to pop your bubbles it’s still been ongoing ever since. Get rid of one rank battle, and create another rank battle 🤣 it’s battle of rank and data there. And I don’t see that it will change in any near future. Never will.

  4. I’m not surprised by the winners. The voting is on a Weibo platform. They have a lot of followers on Weibo and this is due to their popularity and followers so it’s not like they were cheating. Dilreba and Liu Yi Fei has a lot of followers too but looks like they didn’t vote for their bias or didn’t vote enough.

  5. The king and queen are pre-determined. Dilraba’s fans stopped voting for Weibo night after the botting incident. Her fans get shafted all the time when it comes to popularity contests. They should really run away with all the first places but there are always “surprises”.

  6. Really? Lol. Suuuuure. Maybe they should release Xiao Zhan’s productions then 🙄 wanna see if he’s actually a good actor after his breakout. As for his counterpart, sure.

    • Playing one of the leads in the critically acclaimed 8-hour theater play A Dream Like A Dream is not enough to support his fans’ claim of Xiao Zhan being a good actor? And being praised by non-fans who watched and theater people? Says only by his antis. There’s been a lot of pressed anti-fans lately (or should I say always). He’s always evolving and improving, that is out there for all to see.

      • 😹😹😹well well well what do we have here. Why can’t u take someone not seeing his greatness lyk u do. Not everyone is bound to lyk him n no matter how u preach about his projects. Y’all are lyk this getting defensive when an op doesn’t his greatness but u are ever soo ready to drag other idols down when they are being criticized. How does it feel to be on the other side yoo

      • Did this Tiny dude get hurt by Xiao Zhan badly? She was so desperate to repeat herself just for one purpose: discredit Xiao Zhan. LOL
        I’m concerned if Tiny is emotional stable or not

    • He literally had two dramas last year. It’s not his problem that you like to play dumb.

      The really funny thing is that it’s obvious you are a Wang Yibo fan. This is their schtick. Calling Xiao Zhan jobless and implying the work he did is somehow banned and isn’t being shown. I mean it’s obvious you are as dumb as your idol when you start talking nonsense of this kind. I would like to say at least try to sound smarter but it’s obvious it’s beyond you, like it’s beyond him.

      • Lol! One thing I am not is a Wang Yibo fan 😂 Yeah, I actually don’t follow Xiao Zhan’s career closely, so no, I didn’t know he did a play, and I certainly didn’t have access to it. If anything, I am in support of him. I want his work released by the Chinese govt! Lol. It’s hard to really call any actor or actress great from China because their field of play is so limited by the govt these days. Everyone has to be careful about what roles they take, and some works never come to be. It’s not even the actors and actresses I criticize. They can only pick and choose what they think might be well received and aired, so sometimes, those roles aren’t even stellar. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • 😹😹😹anyone who doesn’t agree with ur views on xz is now a wyb fan??? Like are u for real. People out there are not entitled to liking him n we not all of us are going to be impressed by him lyk y’all. Accept the criticism n sit down n stfu!!! Stop dragging wyb’s name into ur bs. We are all not going to bow down n worship him lyk y’all do. We are also entitled to our own opinions soo dont try to push ur own views unto us.

      • @Tiny

        Well going by your illiteracy, you are definitely a Yibo fan. Like calls to like.

      • @Lmao at least have the balls to let me reply 😹😹. Babes just what have i said to be deemed illiterate n same goes for my idol. Like ok since u here criticizing our level of literacy that proves that u my dear are someone whose level of literacy is soo HIGH, now how about sitting my idol n i down n teach us how to be litterate like ohh soo high n mighty YOU huh! The fact that all u shrimps do nowadays is try n push the illiterate title on Wyb is soo hilarious like yoo come up with something new cz this is old n boring. Y’all claim to be soo literate but ur attitude is worse than that of an illiterate person. Aren’t literate people supposed to be well cultured with great manners n know not to look down on those with less knowledge than them ?no like babe u need to go back to school n start learning how to humble ur smol a$$ ok. Ps. Wyb is definitely not illiterate sweetheart at least find more info b4 using the edited one that u f up shrimps use to keep ur delulu minds sated!!! While u are here name calling wyb , he is out there thriving n succeeding n making more movies n dramas while ur own idol be out there making vlogs good luck with that eyy mate. Ohhh n while u are barking abt how popular he is based on these ,pfft wyb won awards in five categories but u kno what like the king he is, he dsgaf like the quality idol, actor etc he is , we want real formal awards n we will boast about those not these rigged awards that ur own fave is bound to win bcz of his vvvvipness to weibo. Y’all bathe in ur idol’s WEIBO awards😹😹 yhhh n i kno for both ur fandom n idol this is good enough for u right!!!GOOD LUCK BABES😚😚

    • But he have Douluo Continent, Ace Troops and The Oath of Love post his breakout The Untamed though. So when did his work not released by “Chinese government”? 😂 And really people should stop speculating that ccp will go all gusto in hindering all kind of dramas from broadcasting. They did do it to some that involve sensitive issues related to products being broadcast mostly political/moral related, but most of all, it’s just broadcasting platform and investor that will have the biggest say on whether to broadcast or when to.

      • @Lilychii how can i act rabid when that’s ur fandom’s specialty🤧i wouldn’t dare take after y’all ohh no my mom taught me better than that but sometimes i can’t help but go feral but i kno i can never reach ur level but still i try☺. I saw y’all rabid dogs doing what u do best “barking” n thot eyy maybe i should try to reason with y’all u kno but hey there’s only soo much reasoning u can make with not soo trained, vicious n toxic rabid dogs like urselves soo u cant blame me for losing it now can u😩u kno what they say right ” do unto others what u want them to do unto u” maybe if y’all learnt what respect means then we wouldn’t be here um pretty sure of it. Idolise ur idol ur idol ss much as u want n promote him n praise him just not by stepping on another idol yhh?💚 u know PEACE , UNITY, LOVE n HAVING FUN. Less toxicity n more love. I couldn’t reply on that text cz there’s no replying option soo i tagged u here btw ok💚💚💚

    • 😹😹😹😹savage.

      Clearly that’s just an xfx posing as a wang hedi fan or something hence trying to make it seem as if xz is THE most popular chinese celeb like yoo xfx are soo delusional like srsly. Yoo we need real awards not these weibo dictated ones n who doesn’t know that xz is a vvvip for weibo huh y’all be boasting soo much when ur idol be busy making vlogs and advertisements alone like WOW!!! Did it ever occur to u that other idol’s ffans not being that hung up on these weibo awards is by choice bcz THEY HOLD NO VALUE WHATSOEVER. I’d have been quiet had the awards been real n formal n not rigged from some Weibo network. How pitiful that y’all think getting such awards is such a big flex. Y’all need to raise ur standards a bit high, dream big !!!

  7. Can someone explain to me Xiao Zhan’s appeal?
    He’s good looking, but i think there are others who look better. His acting is good, but again, it’s not the best in the industry.

    Am i missing something here?? Sky understand the hype.

    • The Untamed and solo and cp fans he gained from this deama is still carry him.
      AO3 scandal solidified further his fanbase bcs now they forever guilty for cause him to be almost ban from Cent by their behavior.
      Nothing bad abt it

    • It’s the combined total of his stats. Beauty is subjective, but it just so happens that his physical appearance appealed to the masses with good acting skills to boot. Actors who are as good-looking as him with good acting skills like him, and vice versa, are very rare nowadays.

      Some actors may be good-looking but they tend to have poorer acting skills, or else their physical appearances only resonate among a small portion of audience. Then there are actors who are better in acting, but lose out to him in visuals.

      • His strongest pull are his personality and intelligence. I just started looking into him and realized he’s very eloquent from the interviews I’ve watched of him. He’s very intelligent, from how he delivers. With the desparate illiterate going out of circle in the c-ent, he’s a breath of fresh air. He’s also very polite, calm and very disciplined.

    • He has a lot of charms once you know more about him. I started to notice him in 2022 not because of the Untamed, but as a fan of a music show, Our Song. He is very charismatic on stage as a singer. He also has the kind of gentle and humble demeanor that a lot of Chinese people greatly adore. The first drama of him I watched is the Oath of Love followed by the Wolf. He did impressive jobs in both series. He wasn’t even the male lead in the latter. Most of the book fans of the original novel of the untamed approved his acting in the drama as Wei Wuxian, praising him as if walking out of the novel alive.

    • His fandom carries him bruhh. They literally be acting as if he’s a God of some kind which is ok but not soo much when they act as if the whole world revolves around him and everyone has to admire him like they doo or when they push his popularity while dragging other idol’s names through the mud. Not everyone is bound to find himas fine as they find him but try telling those bunch of rabid toxic dogs that

      • The main reason why I like XZ but dislike WYB so much is that WYB has a lot of rabid fans always bullying and discrediting XZ. As someone who prefer Kdrama to Cdrama in general, I think XZ is obviously the one who carried the Untamed to explosive popularity. WYB as a supporting actor just luckily took the ride to fame. So the scathing remarks about XZ coming from WYB’s fans appear very obnoxious to me.

  8. XZ acting in The Untamed is excellent. Yeah, why is Wu Lei not on the list? For the females, Angelababy is ranked No. 6 – this is the BIGGEST JOKE!! LOL.

  9. I see that there are a bunch of toxic anti wyb fans n from how you are criticizing him n praising xz i bet y’all are a bunch of xfx right. Your kind is soo toxic that its soo sickening. Why can’t u praise or support xz without dragging wyb through the mud? Y’all be getting defensive when an op is not impressed with xz’s acting skills or looks but when it comes to wyb u jump right n support or if he was being praised y’all start opposing that like what’s ur problem for f’s sake? Y’all be proud bcz simple stuff lyk this which is well good for u. But just bcz other idols have less votes than doesn’t mean that they are less popular than ur own. These are all a bunch of fan votes n them having simply shows how their fans are not into that otherwise its a well known fact that they all have got huge fanbases. U can’t possibly tell me that wyb is fading when the guy has got a movie that is being released internationally n one others that are due to be released. Pushing the desperate illiterate title on him won’t change his popularity try hard as y’all might. Leave the guy alone n focus on ur own idol. Y’all ve acting as if ur idols are perfect where as to they also got some dirt that’s much worse than wyb’s refusal to answer a question. I remember some idol being called a disqualifies idol on national tv but u dont hear other fandoms bringing it up. Grow up y’all. Y’all act as being fans has taken ur humility, humanity manners and values.

  10. Never be bothered by this nonsense. Not as if their fans also won the lottery. This so called ranking nonsense is just to create childish fan wars. Never get it why some of those are in the rank

  11. Not surprised by XZ’s lead but Yang Zi so far ahead is amazing. But sometimes the stars themselves discourage the fans from voting or voting seems futile because other fan groups are so well organised. Don’t think the winner is determined just by votes though. I think XZ and YZ’s consecutive years of topping the votes are unprecedented .

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