Captivating First Posters for Period Wuxia C-drama Follow Your Heart with Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi

I remember watching C-actor Luo Yun Xi when he played teen Wallace Chung in My Sunshine over a decade ago and since I didn’t follow his career but knew he upgraded to male lead status as an adult actor it’s a genuine revelation to see him in currently airing xianxia drama Till the End of the Moon. He reminds me in the best way of K-actor Jung Kyung Ho, very slim and slight in stature but so commanding onscreen and absolutely versatile. In Till the End of the Moon he plays multiple characters (or incarnations) and each variation produces a distinct performance. So he’s now a one to watch for me and recently he started filming period wuxia drama Follow Your Heart with female lead Song Yi and the first official posters were released last week and it so gorgeous I had to share. The color scheme is very unique from other period dramas and makes me wonder why we haven’t seen such dark lushness until now.


Captivating First Posters for Period Wuxia C-drama Follow Your Heart with Luo Yun Xi and Song Yi — 24 Comments

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      • Not for me. I value good acting, whether the actors are thin, fat, ugly, good-looking, it’s irrelevant to me. There are individuals who should definitely say freely that they want to see their ideal type in movies and television.

  2. Didn’t realize Sabrina Chen was also in here and playing as a 2nd lead. She is seriously super pretty in ancient costume but always playing 2nd.

    • You’re obsessed with him. If his physique bothers you, you should ignore him. You look childish and narrow-minded attacking artists because they don’t fit your personal preferences.

    • you are not worried, you are making personal attacks… his age, his physique. what’s next, his place of origin? it’s noticeable that you have a negative disposition towards him. once again you are demonstrating that you would not pass a human decency check.

    • His radical weight loss is worrisome, but it is not an aspect that should be used as a source of contempt. The idea is to discuss why it is unhealthy — there are useful points to make about it, but the topic loses value when we start to forget about respect.

  3. This is captivating? 😅 I’ve seen a few others with the same styling. But well if you really wanna say that, I guess iqiyi almost always aces their poster styling compared to Tencent tacky design.

    • Immortality? Not necessarily but it doesn’t seem likely any of it will show up any time soon, especially after the one they stopped broadcasting in the middle. Last rumors were about Sha Po Lang so if that shows up (I doubt it) then immortality may as well. But I really doubt it.

      • It is a shame for all those people that worked for it!
        I can’t understand why so many BL is produced in China if they are not really allowed. Such a waste of money and talent.

      • @Nena

        This is something that can be explained. So when CQL (Untamed) exploded the idea that just acting in a drama based on a danmei was enough to get people to explode and become major stars (this is not true of course but irrelevant for the topic at hand). This belief then got a whole slew of these dramas being filmed, of course altered but everyone knows what is the source material.

        With CQL success though another thing that took off was the “rotten girl fan”, meaning people who ship male characters and worse, real people shippers. This was used by agencies like YH to collect vast amounts of money.

        Cue Word of Honor entering the scene. They tried to duplicate the CQL events. But the discontent with the above was already heavily brewing. Remember, China is conservative and the government especially. They didn’t like the sudden very public explosion of this.

        Youku though was completely incapable of reading the atmosphere and cared only about the $$$. They saw the opportunity and went wild. They were constantly warned that this type of open (this is the big issue), public promoting of this topic was going to backfire. They did not care. Government had enough and they pulled the plug. Everyone, literally everyone with a brain knew it would happen. But greed is a powerful thing.

        Anyway, this year they tried again and ironically again Youku over does the promotion, they are invited to tea for this and the drama is stopped mid way. So this is why so many were filmed and why they are now stuck. If they had been more subtle we would not be in this position.

    • I actually look forward to that BL drama more than other dramas of him. His costar Arthur Chen is a good actor. Unlike the Untamed that was mostly carried alone by Xiao Zhan and his costar’s acting was questionable sometimes, both Arthur Chen and LYX have more balanced acting power on par with each other.

      • If you were paid to flatter XZ and LX for no reason, you’d be a millionaire. Smh.

      • Did you miss me? Lmao! Your favorite psychopath is here, ready for fun with you and @Estef. I see you already fell for Luo Yunxi, I knew you’d do it because you like scumbags. They are two rats that are ruining Chinese entertainment. I wish their careers would collapse. Xiao Zhan already had an incident, I hope Luo Yunxi will have one. Didn’t you write that you avoided Luo dramas because his physique disgusted you? What made you change your mind? It must be a strong reason because there is nothing that allows me to stop wishing his death on a daily basis lmao. Luo Yunxi should disappear. Xiao Zhan too, but I hate him less.

      • @Shrug agree. I don’t understand folks’ interest in them, they are worthless. They are already old and they have bad script choices, nothing good to see in them. LMAO! LMAO!

      • I agree. I’m watching The Untamed and Xiao Zhan is convincing in the role of the morally gray Wei Wuxian. In his co-stars there are actors who have trouble executing their facial expressions, especially in moments that require emotional weight. Have you read Immorality’s source material?

  4. He has that elegance required in most of costume dramas esp xianxia. You should give hia Run Yu’s cut a try.

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