Song Hye Kyo’s 2023 Met Gala Fendi Dress Look Gets Different and Better Visuals in Her BTS Pictures

I just realized Song Hye Kyo‘s look at the Met Gala 2023 was actually straight from a specific time period that I lived through lol. The early aughts with the lingerie as dress look and this Fendi blush and lace frock takes it to formal gown form. She shared BTS pictures this week and it actually makes the dress on her look so much better. She’s sporting bare makeup and her mid-shoulder hair draped casually and she looks quite lovely and the dress actually looks much cooler than on the Met Gala red carpet.


Song Hye Kyo’s 2023 Met Gala Fendi Dress Look Gets Different and Better Visuals in Her BTS Pictures — 12 Comments

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  2. It looks a lot better when not viewed through the Met Gala lens. On the red carpet of an event where it’s go big or go home when it comes to fashion, it gets kind of washed out. It doesn’t have the kind of presence that Michelle Yeoh’s dress had or even Choi Sora. It’s the kind of gown that would stand out in Korean awards shows or in dreamlike settings like her bts photos but not in a high-fashion event.

    • Thinking the same thing too. I think the dress itself is pretty and I could picture it in a sort of dreamy magazine photoshoot. It’s just not suited for a dramatic event like MET Gala

  3. Why didn’t she wear her natural shoulder length hair instead of wearing that hair extensions/braid? :/ Her natural look looks better than the red carpet one. Lol! I hope she change her style team. Get a westerner for a different style perspective.

    That dress looks beautiful on a still photo with controlled light and photo filter but not during live show with hundreds of spotlights including flashing cameras. In the actual met gala, the satin/silkiness of the material does not blend well with the bright lights and washes her light skin.

    • When walking the MET carpet, the weirder and more daring your look, the better. If you go around with a basic look, you’re going to get made fun of. Song Hye-kyo likes to keep it basic, so I find it sort of cute that her definition of daring is just wearing a braid extension and some thick bangs.

  4. She and the dress look better here because it’s been filtered and photoshopped to within an inch of its life.

  5. She gives me a vibe of a dress that Monica Bellucci wore a long time ago at an event, the same for the braid ( Monica in a french movie Astérix : Mission Cleopatre) . Just saying . She is really a beauty without make up . The same goes for a lot of korean celebrities .

  6. Sure the color washes her out, and the wu-xia hair bangs and braids do nothing to help.

    But this gown is ephemeral pretty, just those unfortunate beige ‘bra-straps’ lol …
    Beats the other Auntie packaging (hair outfit) SHK sported for getting the Best Actress

    I like SHK – she’s strong, independent and has come a looooong way since her Hotelier and Autumn Tale days (where I couldn’t stand her, including Full House super ugh).

    But her Stylists including hair should all be let go. She should hire those Magazine ones,who enhance her various looks so well.

  7. The dress was great but it was the hair I didn’t like. She would have left her hair down. The bangs hanging down just looked too severe.

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