Official Announcement of High Profile Tsui Hark Directed Legend of the Condor Heroes Movie will Star Xiao Zhan and Zhuang Da Fei

Normally when big melons get rolling it still takes time before the official news ends the speculation but this time it’s pretty fast. This weekend director Tsui Hark confirmed that he’s next movie will be the first of his planned three movie adaptation of Legend of the Condor Heroes with the first being called Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Great Hero. The male lead will be Xiao Zhan (Sean Xiao) playing Guo Jing and the female lead is Zhuang Da Fei (Sabrina Zhuang) as Huang Rong, so one out of the two rumored leads panned out. Above is the official concept poster from the production and reportedly filming will begin soon as the movies have been in planning stages for years now so I’m open to seeing what vision Tsui Hark has in store for doing a movie trilogy of LoCH.


Official Announcement of High Profile Tsui Hark Directed Legend of the Condor Heroes Movie will Star Xiao Zhan and Zhuang Da Fei — 80 Comments

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  2. About time! It’s been a while since we last had a wuxia movie in the theaters. Apparently the premise of this movie is about a war battle from a rather vague part of the book and hasn’t been covered in previous adaptations.

    • It’s part of CCP’s state propaganda to promote allegiance and fighting spirit for the country. I’m not excited about this kind of projects though. There’ve been a slew of filming projects like this in C-ent for years. XZ’s previous drama – Ace Troops – was one of those projects. Even though XZ is my favorite C celebrity, I can hardly swallow the contents deliberately advertised in Ace Troops. The storyline was too absurd to be convincing.

      • @Somebody Enough is enough. I don’t see you reading much into Korean dramas, Hollywood and Marvel movies even though they contained plenty of propaganda too, including those allegiance and fighting spirit that you mentioned. China makes a movie about war battles, you say it’s propaganda to promote allegiance. They make happy love stories, you say it’s propaganda for increasing child births or trying to increase softpower influence. Then let me ask you, what sort of movies do you allow China to film?

      • It has nothing to do with with propaganda. It is 100 year anniversary of the author.

        And China is allowed to make patriotic movies, just like every other country makes him. It is dirt old, has a rich and complex history and it should celebrate it.

        Don’t like it? Don’t watch.

      • Yup another CCP crap meant for their easily entertain paranoia sheeps. Sure every country has their propaganda in folms but most are done with grace and just not dumb as china. Their works ate like written by 4 year olds, totally insults the writer’s original works. Waste of time, skip. CCP shills eill swallow it like their bf ‘s old cum though.

    • When did I even mention dramas from other countries? Don’t bring in irrelevance. I’m only speaking of what’s happening inside China. Even as renowned as Director Tsui Hark, he was recruited to film The Battle at Lake Changjin, which is full of historical lies and an obvious CCP propaganda. I’m not lying. AND you know that. LOL

      • You need to read again. I’m simply calling out your double standards for different countries. To you, any movie made by China is propaganda while movies churned out by other countries are pure and good. LOL. And labeling a movie as propaganda when it hasn’t even started filming is ridiculous.

  3. Visually, neither of them fits the character in the novel. But I will watch any of XZ’s works anyway because he’s a talented actor. Among all his works already premiered, I’m only impressed by the Untamed. The rest of his released dramas so far do not have something special to rave about, be it script writing, directing, or costars etc. Not sure about Sabrina Zhuang. She isn’t famous.

    Tbh, I look forward more to the three dramas not premiered yet than this movie. What’s wrong with C-ent? Those dramas have been put on hold for too long. XZ got more credible female leads in these most recent drama still waiting for premiere. There’s no news about what has delayed the premieres of these drama for so long. I even wonder if the high up in C-ent deliberately cancel XZ’s presence in the showbiz just because he’s too popular.

      • Do you even think about checking your mental state? Where did you get the hint that I’m an anti? LOL. I AM XZ’S FAN and I ONLY STAN HIM AMONG ALL THE CELEBRITIES AROUND THE WORLD. LMAO. But I have my own real life that I don’t need to worship him like many bananas. You’re one of the reasons why there’re so many people hating on XZ and us. XZ also advised fans like you to get a real life.

      • @Somebody who got hacked by a psychopath You act like a rabid fan, you have annoyed yourself to the point of mentioning mental states. Are you sure the psychopath isn’t you? LMAO.

      • Nah, he/she’s pretending to be a neutral “passerby”. Too bad that couple of last lines sold him/her out. πŸ˜‚

      • You rabid xfx should check your mental states, seriously! Not all XZ’s fans only blindly praise all his choices of projects all the way to the galaxy! LOL. XZ is extremely talented and intelligent but he also had a poorly rated movie like Jade Dynasty even if the movie was a commercial success. XZ deserves better. It would be a huge waste of his talent and time taking ordinary scripts just because of big names are involved in the productions.

        I said that XZ fits better as Zhang Wuji than Guo Jin and I stand by my belief. That being said, I also wish the success of this movie directed by Tsui Hark. And I will watch the movie if it’s available on any online streaming sites. Still, it will be a great pity that XZ plays GJ instead but miss any chance later to play ZWJ. That’s my sincere opinion. You delirious fangirls should stop being oversensitive and misinterpreting rational critiques as coming from antis!!!

      • @Somebody Quit feigning. No legit fan will criticise their bias’s projects. In all your comments about XZ, you kept subtly putting him down while pretending to praise on the surface and repeating the same words that were said by XZ’s antis. You also deliberately dragged politics into the picture to fuel tensions and make XZ’s fans look bad.

      • @Lilith

        Let it go, best not to engage because that is what they want. Every single one of her points is an anti talking point being used in China. The only solution is to let it go, continually responding just gives her room to repeat it.

      • @Lilith, I don’t have to pretend anything because I’m not part of your extremely toxic fandom that is full of obnoxious cult followers like you. I watch XZ’s drama and his stage performances. But I don’t worship him. You can have him in your dream as much as you want! I don’t care. LOL

        Seriously, you toxic fans should all check your mental state that has too much imaginary gymnastics going on !!!! You have been overreacting and overdefensive to offensive like somebody experiencing PTSD.

      • @Lol His continuous responses were exactly what I wanted to get from him. So future visitors will see that he’s just a crazy and rabid anti.

      • @Lol See? Even after I stopped engaging him, he continued acting like a lunatic here. It’s obvious what he’s trying to do. He pretends to be a XZ fan while going around spewing bad things about other celebrities and hate for China. And we also have “actors” here who likes impersonating multiple people.

      • @Lilith That psychopath really opened my eyes. Now I’m convinced that there really is a professional group of antis going around smearing Xiao Zhan and his fandom’s reputation.

      • LOL. Now I see why normal people shun this banana fandom that’s full of mentally ill people who have got no real life. So obnoxious!

      • When? Been talking about that like forever!

      • I thought you didn’t like liuliangs who are aging and failing with their choice of projects.

      • @Lilith

        Ah yes, WDB airing on cctv 1 and later on a satellite TV while getting ready for a Tsui Hark movie sure sounds like some amazing failing.

        Damn if your idol was failing like this you wouldn’t be bothered by what XZ is doing.

      • I ask you about one thing and you answer others that are unrelated. At least get your ideas in order before you throw out the delusional fanatic card.

    • In the original book GJ is tall rich and handsome. He has strong eyebrows, striking eyes, broad shoulders.

      He is also incredibly charismatic.

      In fact act, there isn’t a better fit for a proper GJ than Xiao Zhan.

      • In the novel, GJ’s love interest and wife later on is a more nuanced, interesting character than GJ. GJ was described as having thick eyebrows and big eyes, decent facial features, but was never been set up as an intelligent and handsome hero. The major attributes of GJ aren’t lying in his looks but in his extremely upright character. On top of that, Huang Rong the heroine was a huge huge huge help to GJ’s accomplishment. Huang Rong is actually a more interesting character than GJ in the novel. In the sequel the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, however, Zhang Wuji is a much stronger and fascinating character that would require more nuanced acting skills to interpret. Therefore, I consider XZ fits ZWJ better than Guo Jin.

      • @Somebody

        That is literally not true. I have the book right in front of me, in the original Mandarin.

        The descriptions aren’t many but GJ is described as handsome several times. He is also not dumb and a famed mitay strategist that has nothing to do with HR. Or do you think any shmuck can beat 40k people with forces that number a quarter of that? He was deeply admired by everyone, including KK.

        Now I am done with you because everything, literally every single thing that is your so called objection is an anti draft that showed up on Douban as soon as the movie was announced.

        XZ fan you are not, not because you critique this or that but because you spew preplanned attack points that are all over Chinese SNS.

        Sorry your fave whoever it is can’t be this successful but your posts are not going to change that. Posting for whoever that is in a calm, rational manner might have but we will never know I guess.

      • @Lol. You are delirious! Your insanity would not change the fact that I stan XZ and he’s the only actor around the world I follow daily. LOL. I’ve been his fan since Our Song era. You wrote like somebody who got serious mental trauma so that your mind is sickly twisted to tell normal fans from antis. LOL @ your insanity.

        I don’t care about C social media and what the garbage has been going on there with XZ. I don’t visit those sites. I’m not Chinese even I’m perfect with Chinese language. LOL. Do you think you’re the only one reading mandarin version of Louis Cha’s works? What other languages of his novels did I read then? LOL. Stop attacking and maliciously labeling people as antis who differs from you in opinions. So obnoxious!

      • @Somebody

        There is something trly wrong with you so my best advice is seek help. You will find peace that way. Nobody stable acts like you do.

      • @Lol, Nope! As many ordinary drama fans have suggested, I’m sure many xfx like you guys are packs of emotional wreck, insecure, overthinking, oversensitive, overdefensive, and always on the offensive mode to attack/diss others. You’re so pitiful to be unaware of your own twisted mindset that has been bringing bad names to the fandom! Go see a psychiatrist to treat PTSD caused by 227! Otherwise, stay inside your firewall to continue brewing delusion and bitterness. You don’t fit the healthy environment on any social media outside China!

    • Yea I’ve heard people saying he fits Yang Guo better and all. Do you chose Zhang Wuji because he has the most flower appearance of all and have a harem of his own? Guo Jing facial appearance was never explicitly mentioned. Tall, well built, but never was it said that he have average/ugly appearance. And you give too much credit to Huang Rong, GJ is not called the great hero for nothing. He is upright, highly principled, straight-laced but that doesn’t make him dim-witted. HR is witty and more cunning in her approach. They complement each other. Louis Cha works have been out there since years,many have read it myself included. Just because that’s your interpretation of how Guo Jing is does not mean it conforms to everyone’s else smh. It’s wrong to just generalize each of his fans as rabid and will blindly praise his choice of work. The movie haven’t come out yet, and you already made up your mind that the resulting movie will be poor. Quoting Jade Dynasty,that is only one movie. One. For all the years of his career he only came out with 1 movie in 2019, that’s like 5 years ago, a movie that was meant for web broadcast, but got the opportunity to go to the big screen because he exploded in popularity that year. You cannot seriously compare the quality of a webcast one to a full-fledged movie initially meant for the big screen. It’s just not fair. Passer-by or even normal movie/drama fans won’t have so much “opinion” and pre-judgement about a work that has not even come out yet. So don’t go all rabid when his fans being suspicious and call out on you. And then you call others rabid? Yea right.

      • Don’t put your words in my mouth! When and where in my prior comments did I imply Tsui’s movie would be a flop? LOL. That’s all in your wild mental gymnastics to justify your idol worshiping culture that can’t take any slightly different opinions deviating from your cult-following belief.

        Tsui Hark is an established director with hits and misses that happened to all the reputable directors around the world. I’m sure he will do his best to deliver good products. I wish all XZ’s projects huge hits commercially with great reviews. I don’t know how many times I’ve repeated the same statement but you rabid xfx had never read those lines?
        Instead, your twisted mental state has chosen to reside on my critique about the role choice that is completely a neutral opinion as a drama fan.
        Your twisted mental state decided anyone who doesn’t think XZ best fits GJ is by default an anti? Aren’t you being rabid, then what are you?

        I don’t care what’s been heated up on Chinese social media since I don’t have accounts on those sites and I have no idea what rabid Chinese drama fans have been fighting with each other. My opinions are my opinions based upon my read of Louis Cha’s works and my assessment of XZ’s acting styles. Nobody else had ever or will have influence on my own assessment. I’m always an independent thinker! Even though I’ve been a fan of actor XZ following singer XZ first, I won’t blindly rave all his drama works all the way to the moon like doped fans.

        So stop labeling me as an anti just because my assessment of XZ’s acting projects differs from you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did not say that you fangirls or fan-aunties or fan-grandmas are oversensitive and overdefensive without reasons. Look at how you bananas have been overreacting like a cohort of mentally damaged people online eager to fight back attacking any people you don’t agree with, in order to announce to the whole world: I AM A TRUE FAN OF HEART THROB GOD XIAO ZHAN !!!!! SO NOBODY, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY CAN HAVE ANY DIFFERENT OPINIONS ABOUT MY GOD XIAO ZHAN’S CHOICES OF PROJECTS OTHER THAN SHOWING 100% ECSTACY ABOUT A BIG MOVIE SHOWTIME COMING.

        LOL. Many xfx need seek professional counselling to deal with PTSD after 227! Seriously no offense!

  4. Tsui Hark is one of my favorite directors, so looking forward to this movie very very much. I ‘ve not seen the work of the actors though

  5. I’d rather see XZ play Zhang Wuji, the hero in Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre, the sequel of LoCH. He’s a perfect fit for ZWJ and the novel itself is fascinating, more interesting than LoCH.

  6. Goodness, I get it that Xiao Zhan is super famous but he really does not fit the character of Guo Jing at all…why not cast him in the role of Yang Guo? It may not be the male lead but still its more befitting & a much more challenging role..its really just too boring to see actors so misfit and such forced casting just for the sake of “big names”..

    • His previous role as Tang San from Douluo Continent has a similar character to Guo Jing, and he did very well in that role. So I would say he fits Guo Jing too.

      • People can have their own concerns but please I ask you to be rational. We dont even sure what will be the plot but many discuss it and with negative remaarks. I tell you if you really follow XZ, then you will know that its not right to understimate him, he always exceeds expectations of people. The way he portrays his character he understands it and will give his 100% best. Even Sabrina or any co- actors do not underestimate them. Wait for the film to air before you comment. I also hope no bias judgement.

        BTW, XZ is his own person, he can choose what project he wants, and he chose to be part of Legend of Condor Heroes because he wants it. He always say that if he is attracted to a role he will want to do it. He was also evaluated thoroughly by China Film Production because he fits the character of Guo Jing and that is kost important. They recognize his strength and own merit.

        So, park your negative remarks and watch it first.

        Also, for Xiao Fei Xia, lets just ignore if some made negative remarks coz I’m sure you know how it ends.
        They go on being a victim and blaming someone else. Also, lets control ourselves from fighting. Fat shrimp always says not to engage in irrelevant topics or fan wars.✌

      • @Sakura16

        I wish there are more normal commenters like you here. I want to enjoy the good news for Xiao Zhan and not let the antis ruin it.

      • @4ever, did you really ever read the Legend of the Condor Heroes? I don’t see any similarity between Tang San and Guo Jing. This is by no means the reason to justify that XZ fits Guo Jing.

        XZ as Wei Wuxian in the Untamed is more charismatic than Tang San in Douluo Continent imo, because XZ’s acting styles fits WWX better than TS. And that’s why I kept saying that XZ would be a better fit for Zhang Wuji than Guo Jing given his extremely good looks and acting styles. Nonetheless, this is not to deny XZ’s acting talent and ability to incarnate himself the role of GJ. I believe he’s capable of making GJ alive in Tsui Hark’s film as he did with WWX’s character. I have confidence in XZ’s gifts and work ethics.

    • Cry me a river. Your fave still wouldn’t get it.

      And he is perfect for this role, the most chivalrous of all characters in these books. Tall, handsome, strong eyebrows. Straightforward and yes, smart. His simplicity at the start came from his upbringing and is not an issue to act.

    • LOL. I cannot think of XZ not being Yang Guo if he’s also part of the cast for the COndor Heroes. Who else other than XZ do you think can carry a S+ drama like that to a success? Don’t tell me Tong Mengshi will !!! I watched Tong Mengshi’s dramas and he’s far from it! I don’t know what’s got in the heads of the Tencent production team to recruit Tong M. as the new version of Yang Guo. Tong M. doesn’t have the acting chops to carry a classic such as the Condor Heroes ! Or perhaps this new version produced by Tencent isn’t a S+ project.

  7. Lol I see the antis are out in full force yesterday and today. Some played the politics card, while others keep on blabbering about misfit casting as if they know better than a professional director who had multiple hit movies under his belt.

    • Delirious! Stop your mental gymnastics!

      CCP state propaganda is an undeniable fact! Everyone except for the Chinese understands that quite well.
      Xiao Zhan fits Zhang Wuji better than he does for Guo Jing.

      All the above are objective opinions coming from genuine XZ’s fan. I can’t take some xfx seriously because you always act like incoherent cult followers with emotional damage. LOL Think about how Xiao Zhan has been suffering because of your lunatic overreactions to different opinions.

      • Shut up, it’s very obvious you are an anti pretending to be his fan. We are already in Year 2023, your low tactics to make XZ’s fandom look bad don’t work anymore. No matter how hard you try, we all know you are not a genuine XZ’s fan.

      • God. I was away from the forum for almost a month and when I came back, the problematic users are still here without being able to use their critical thinking. I was also labeled as anti of one of the actors I like because I commented that he should be cautious when selecting scripts.

      • You shut up! Mentally wracked crazy fans of XZ! XZ suffered mostly because of delirious and obnoxious fans like you guys! Fortunately his fanbase is large enough and he himself is outstanding enough to have other people with sanity !!!!!!!

        Just a very simple personal comparison between Louis Cha’s novel characters could end up such a lunatic fan war like this, all coming from xfx with sick mental state? You bananas are really amazing!

      • @Estef If you have nothing to hide, then you should stop posting under multiple names because it’s obvious your assigned avatar is the same one.

        @Somebody You’re the one who started all this nonsense. Are you sure you got hacked? Because you are truly a psychopath. I won’t reply to you further, you can keep on blabbering by yourself.

      • @Estef, I’m glad to find someone who are sane! Thanks!

      • @4ever, now I’m pretty sure you’re delirious!

  8. Ok as someone was not able to understand the original Legend of the Condor Hero and all the subsequent versions- they look dated- I am happy just to watch it now and try to understand what the hype or controversy is. I will never read the novel. Translated or not.

    So I am just happy to see a new version. With an actor I recognise. I don’t know who the actress is.

    So you guys are so over- thinking it.

    I don’t even KNOW what the Legend of the condor hero is.

    There is a guy. A girl. And what is the condor? The bird or a fighting style or a reincarnation?

    See? I am just going to watch it.

    • What controversy?

      The only controversy is in the heads of the antis that desperately wanted this role.

      Except Tsui Hark didn’t want them. He wanted Xiao Zhan.

      • I mean the look of the female lead. I didn’t even bother to look what the female lead is supposed to look like.

      • @ck10z

        Oh! She is a very pretty woman. I think the poor thing is unfortunately a far easier target, especially as a woman, for these types of attacks. The things I have read are awful. She also knows how to act and Tsui Hark is famous for knowing how to shoot women properly.

        The Princess is also very beautiful. She is not a plastic doll but a woman with great character in her face (she hasn’t been announced but we know who it is).

        It shows the director wants three dimensional faces that is important for the big screen. Old monster Xu knows what he is doing.

  9. You can smell antis from miles away, tbh. The words are too familiar. Fortunately, they’ve shown themselves many, many times wearing different clothes (so to speak) but the stink remains. Xiao Zhan’s fandom has learned to ignore them, effectively, too, and just makes fun of them on their gc I’m sure. They provide so many materials to poke fun with. Many.

  10. So many anti drafts here, I am having a good laugh. I laughed my way through Chinese sns yesterday too and we continue today.

    The more pressed people are, and they have been unbelievablely pressed, the more it means this is an amazing production. They all wanted it for their favorites until yesterday until suddenly, it is not theirs. Cope and seethe.

    Oh and know that every single anti “reason” you bring here, we have already read on Douban, Weibo etc. So try at least being original?

  11. It’s good for him to have such strong support to be chosen for this role but what about all the actors that have gone through acting school.

    • Ahahahahaha

      And again, ahahahaha. Thank you for the comedy, I have tears in my eyes laughing.

      Here is a hint, Tsui Hark doesn’t think they are good enough. Deal with it.

    • I’m not a XZ fan, but your comment is kind of ludicrous. Having a degree from acting school is not a pre-requisite for being a good actor.

  12. I don’t know why people call everyone who says they are unsuitable for the roles an anti. They are indeed not at all aligned with the characters in the book. But Jin Yong movies are never true to the characters so we’ll see.

      • Sometimes tactics employed by antis can also be facts. It’s not all black and white.

      • A capable actor/actress can mold him/herself into their character role, just like how Xiao Zhan had molded himself into Wei Wuxian when his actual character differs a lot from Wei Wuxian. Claiming that someone is unsuitable for certain roles when you haven’t even seen the end result is not a fact, it’s an opinion. And this opinion is clearly biased because Xiao Zhan had already shown that he can make himself suitable for the roles.

      • Who cares about what you said about C-ent? I hate everything coming from Chinese social media and state-controlled internet. Don’t naively but also stupidly think everyone, specifically internationals, knows what the heck is going on inside China !!!!! If you insist on throwing shade on international fans based upon your very narrow experience with Chinese social media, then you should seek mental counselling. Seriously!

      • The problem lies in that you guys did not use your head to understand comments that you don’t like at the first read!!! If you are really rational enough without attacking people right away, then you will be able to tell my comments are no way coming from antis. You just scroll up to the prior threads and take time to go through all the comments again! If you still don’t get what I said, then I’m really done with so-called xfx!

        I said in my prior comment that neither XZ nor Sabrina Zhuan VISUALLY fits GJ or HR, which is a plain fact based upon the novel. Acting is another story that I never discussed to elaborate. I simply stated that XZ is a better fit for ZWJ in my opinion based upon how this novel hero’s character and that the storylines are so nuanced with multi-layered complexity that would entail more sophisticated interpretation from the actor who plays his role. And I think XZ is currently the one and only one who fits perfectly for the role of ZWJ, better than GJ !

        My personal analysis above is based upon my understanding of Cha’s trilogy and my observation of XZ’s acting styles. This opinion is not meant to diminish XZ’s acting ability to take the role of GJ though. How is this kind of opinion coming form an anti? LOL. If you think what I said EXACTLY the same as an anti, then you might as well listen to what antis are trying to tell you with level head!

        It really amazed me how some people could have gone nuts getting yourselves so stupidly offended and went all the way out to attack and label me as an anti. LOL. So ludicrous !

    • That is your opinion, that they are not aligned. That is not a fact.

      Just like my opinion is that Xiao Zhan is excellent for this role, especially as he fits the existing description and more importantly, possesses a great plasticity as an actor.

      When people start stating opinions as facts before the first take was even made, insisting they are right, and it is a whole series of anti drafts, then yes, they are an anti.

      • Your final conclusion indicates that you need to check your brain or have psychiatrists check your mental state. Seriously! Do you possess any basic logic to deduce a conclusion that makes sense?

        I’m done with those whoever’s been negatively and pathetically influenced under very sick culture growing inside China. These people have no normal mental capacity to accommodate different opinions. I attribute this pathetic fan culture to authoritative upbringing under communism.

      • In the novel, Guo Jing is bulky and dark, simple minded but chivalrous. I’m not sure in which universe does XZ align with that. Huang Rong is supposed to be witty and beautiful, and ZDF in no way fits the bill. This is like me saying Richie Jen is not Yang Guo, Chen Yanxi is not Xiao Longnv, Hu Ge is not Guo Jing, and Ariel Lin is not Huang Rong. Only Ariel Lin made up for the gap in appearance with her acting. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable take considering I have no opinion against these actors and am clearly a lot more neutral compared to fans. I did also mention that Jin Yong movies never follow the book, so I gave benefit of the doubt.

    • @Kitai. Now finally someone like you with a clear head and sanity said something that makes sense. You just pointed out how unbelievably obnoxious these self-claimed XZ’s fans are!!!!

      I, who only follow XZ among all the celebrities around the world, cannot believe what I’ve read so far from these lunatic bananas !!!! I can’t believe my preference for XZ to take a role like Zhang Wuji rather than GJ would anger them so much to the extent they just behave like an army going crazy attacking ordinary drama fans. No wonder many people have been hating this fandom so much. Now I have no excuses to defend the fandom anymore. Look how unintelligent these crazy fans are ! They’re drawing people away from liking XZ. So sorry for XZ.

      • Artists must be separated from their fan bases because there is nothing they can do to moderate the aggressive behaviors of individuals who follow them. If a respectful and non-harmful opinion causes a long heated discussion in the comments section, I will prepare myself to lose the faith in the civility of human beings.

  13. the production company have chosen him over other actors after several rounds of
    “assessment/ evaluation”. and xiao zhan himself has proven that he’s got talent as an actor
    by taking on the part of in “a dream like a dream” which is an 8 hour stage play, not once but 72 times. the people behind the production are veterans in their fields, so the fact that they chose him speaks for itself.

    • I agree with you.
      1. Xiao Zhan got the role and they said because of his strength (qualified for it).
      2. The production company and the director chose him.
      3. Let’s wait and see the film.
      4. Be happy for Xiao Zhan and stop arguing.
      5. Please don’t let the antis ruin this.

    • I’m happy XZ has got a strong support behind him from the production team. I wish him great success with the role as GJ and the film a huge hit on the market. At the same time, I hope they will make a sequel based upon the Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, with XZ as WWJ. It will be a shame if a role of WWJ goes to another actor.

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