Third Fox Spirit Matchmaker Drama Swaps Out Female Lead Yang Chao Yue for Yu Shu Xin After Dylan Wang Signs on as Male Lead

The casting rumors for the Fox Spirit Matchmaker series have come true two out of three so far – the original Yue Hong chapter has Yang Mi and Gong Jun and the Zhu Ye chapter kicked off this month with Liu Shi Shi in the lead. The third chapter the Wang Quan chapter has gone through multiple lead rumors from Yu Shu Xin (Esther Yu) and Wu Lei, to Yang Chao Yue and Wu Lei, and then Dylan Wang and Yang Chao Yue, with the most recently and likely the final combo being a reunion of Dylan and Yu Shu Xin. Reportedly after Dylan signed on his team and his strong fandom went to town to get Yang Chao Yue changed as the female lead due to her bad acting, most recently still very very bad in xianxia drama Chong Zi (The Journey of Chong Zi). While not the nicest thing to do in this case it’s for the greater good, honestly watching Yang Chao Yue cast in a drama is basically dooming said drama to the depths of unwatchable.


Third Fox Spirit Matchmaker Drama Swaps Out Female Lead Yang Chao Yue for Yu Shu Xin After Dylan Wang Signs on as Male Lead — 14 Comments

  1. Yang Chaoyue is a flower vase to say it nicely. although she herself are very humble but seeing her getting all the good resources kinda puzzles me because it is not proportionate to her acting ability at all. Her expression management is quite terrible especially during emotional scenes. I’ve seen one such case from my early c-drama days, Liu Yifei. Although she had show improvement after more than 10 years acting, it still feels like her acting is a hit and miss.

    • Yes, very much agree with you. I was never a fan of LYF and never saw her as ethereal. Her acting has always been lacking to me – she’s the type who is too afraid to look ugly when acting hence why she could never go the distance with her skills. YCY is the same, but I’m not sure whether it’s for the same reason as LYF. She’s inhibited from her rookie status maybe, but hard to say. She’s just not meant to play lead actress yet

  2. although I did like Love Between Fairy and Devil as well as Dylan Wang and Esther Yu in it, I feel like they have been actively avoiding fueling overzealous CP stans to not overshadow their other works. so I feel like their reunion is unlikely. I will be pleasantly surprised if this pans out.

    • I think so too, if they star in this together they will never get rid of the dating rumors. Unless of course they are dating and decided to go public, but I seriously doubt that (in particular the decided to go public part).

      • But WHD already have a non-celeb girlfriend though, the CP is for the drama only.

  3. Don’t tease me like this; it’s cruel. God knows I would LOVE for their reunion if possible. And the idea of kicking YCY out is another gleeful thought (horrible I know, but…she really can’t act.)

  4. YCY needs to stay in the support line only. She’s sooooo bad! Lesser and unknown actresses deserves more attn.

  5. This is fake news. It has been refuted long ago. it’s not happening. was never going to happen. I hope no one is holding their breath for this, because I don’t want to have to come to your

  6. She cant act but he’s not the best either.. but YCY is really really bad lmao… she better learn to act or try working in other department…

  7. Esther Yu has ruined all the dramas she’s been, just by opening her mouth: really can’t stand it. Ive tried but I just cant. such a shame cos some of the male leads have been great ….I now avoid any drama with her in .. annoyingly great sounding storyline ruined by that voice.. just employ a child!? it’s creepy and wrong for a woman to sound and act like a child then be in a love story with a man 😫 🤢 🤮

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