Screenwriter of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Signs Deal for Season 2

Hhhhmmm, not sure how I feel about it. K-ent is reporting that the screenwriter of mega hit small cable drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has signed a deal with the same production company for a season 2. It’s with the production company so my first thought is that it may not end up airing on ENA and could go to a bigger channel. The drama was excellent and I think with the episodic legal cases it absolutely can do a second season BUT with romance aspect happening by the end of the first season the worry is that the second season will lean in on that whereas viewers want more of Young Woo’s growth story as an autistic lawyer. Another issue is Kang Tae Oh is currently in the army but if this second season takes it time being mapped out which is a good thing then it can wait until he returns in 2024 to film.


Screenwriter of Extraordinary Attorney Woo Signs Deal for Season 2 — 10 Comments

  1. Please, remove Kang Tae-oh character, I hate the love storyline. I cheered when they broke up and deflated when they got back. I hope they broke up in season 2 and what’s wrong about being single for autistic person? Really no one thought about how the way he fell in love was too unbelievable and fast? I almost thought he was a byuntae.

    • I do agree but this observation might be a bit tangential. The show not only focuses on WYW’s capabilities as an attorney (independently) but how a person on ASD can still engage in love which is one of the needs on Maslow’s hierarchy (need for belongingness). The love story while may not be crucial to the core story is still significant in portraying how neurodivergence is not much divergent after all.

    • @Gahye, unbelievable and fast? I gather part of the main prejudice the drama would like to address is that most ppl don’t believe someone with ASD could even have normal dating life and marriage. FYI. About 35% of people with ASD in the States are married.

  2. ENA must feel betrayed. They were talking about a second season directly after the first one.

    But they did before talking to Park Eun-Bin, I hope this time they secured her because nothing can be done without her.

  3. Err they really need to stop with the multiple seasons. Alot of these dramas dont need that and for this particular drama, one season was special n good enough. Kdrama writers still arent at that level of writing good dramas for one season, what more multiple. Plus this was one drama that didn’t require any romance but they are probably gonna put more focus on that ugh

    • I have to agree. Having only one season is one of the reasons I love kdramas in the first place. Also, the second season is never as good as the first season pretty much most of the time, sometimes it even ruins the story, so I don’t know why producers bother lol. The only exception are shows like Game of Thrones

  4. Not sure that a second season is needed . Sometimes a 2nd season can kill the love we have for the 1srt one . I just hope that Kent industry is not beginning to do Tv dramas as USA . USA even kill, as far as i’m concerned , cult movies as Star wars,Terminator, Marvel universe, …hope that Robert Zemeckis will keep the promise and never do a Back to the future 4 .

    • There are many exceptions in the US filming industry. Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, for example, have fantastic sequels. Star Wars, specifically, has continued to attract new generations of “cult” followers since 1980s with never-ended sequels. The youngest fans of Star Wars could be as little as 8 yrs old. LOL

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