Yoo Ah In Tests Postive for Two Additional Illegal Drugs Increasing the Total to Seven Different Substances

I’m not sure if Yoo Ah In ever played a drug kingpin in any of his movies because he’s turned out to be one in real life. Sure he’s not accused (thus far) of dealing but his drug use allegations have increased in severity yet again. To date he was tested and found to have five different illegal or prescription drugs in his system – propofol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine and zolpidem. This week authorities revealed that he’s also tested positive for midazolam, which is used for general anesthesia, and alprazolam, an insomnia medication. He’s been detained since three weeks ago due to fear of destroying evidence and also helping another suspect flee the jurisdiction. I think he’s acting career is legit done for but how long or if any time he will serve in prison remains to be determined.


Yoo Ah In Tests Postive for Two Additional Illegal Drugs Increasing the Total to Seven Different Substances — 13 Comments

  1. Get help, get clean, do what’s required and learn English well. I think he could still have a good career in the US.

    • He could but he is going to have to be clean for a good while. Robert Downey, Jr had trouble getting gigs after his issues and jail time because of the studios having to pay a much higher insurance cost because of his previous issues. Took a while to get back in it.

  2. He can act normally in the States after this if his English is good enough. Nobody there cares about this. So many stars had drug or alcohol issues, or both.

    But first he needs help so that he doesn’t end up six feet under. And I don’t know if he will get that in Korea, especially in jail.

  3. He needs some serious detox help. Then a good psychiatrist and therapists.

    He’s not going to get any of that right? Except a jail sentence. Times like this is when I feel sorry for someone with serious mental health issues. I am used to what IVDU use in my line of work however the drug combinations he has shows that he needed help. And those doctors who let him have all that? I hope they lose their licenses.

  4. It is very sad to see human rights violated so ease, with impunity and with the applause of korean society. It is inconceivable that in the 21st century lies and manipulation are destroying people’s careers and lives. Just like that, so impunity, so shamelessly, so callously… This is heartbreaking…

  5. He’s definitely gonna serve time and his acting career is over but foremost, I hope he gets help. Yes, he did this to himself and is endangering his own body, but addiction is a disease. All these drugs in his system sounds like a cry for help and indicates that he’s in a lot of pain. I hope the Korean justice system will not only give him a prison sentence but actually provide him the help to kick addiction.

  6. Oh gosh! How did he get here? I feel so bad for him. How did he even start the exposure to illicit drugs???? In the States, substance abuse like opioid has been a national crisis. Addicts aren’t the first culprits of drug abuse to blame in many cases. There are numerous studies and reports published by the federal government that many opioid addicts, for example, were the patients in medical needs of legal pain killer subscribed by their own doctors. It’s all started with legal use but then the patients somehow got addicted. Many addicts are not voluntary criminals but victims instead.

    YAI may be done with his acting career. Nonetheless, he can stand up again as a decent person if getting proper help. I hope he will. God save and bless him!

    • Yup, that’s his best bet for after he serves time. The combination of drugs besides the cocaine says a lot about his mental health, I hope he gets better.

  7. No wonder I find his acting like always space out. Don’t understand why people find him good in acting. His expression like always the same. I’m the odd one out to find his acting skills sucks. Now I just feel like people who praise him are like those people in Emperor in the new clothes.

  8. This explains SO much. I remember watching His ‘I Live Alone’ and thinking his behaviour was very bizarre and reminded me of a drug addict. Everyone else was saying he is just eccentric and it was “his style” but I found some of his behaviour on the show was just off.

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