The Sequel Arthdal Chronicles: Sword of Aramun with Older Leads Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung Confirmed for Airing on tvN Sat-Sun Time slot September 2023

Cable leader tvN released a confirmation of the next slate of Sat-Sun K-dramas and it’ll be fantasy all the way. First there is See You in My 19th Life followed by The Uncanny Counter 2 and the biggest budget on deck comes after that with Arthdal Chronicles: Sword of Aramun. It’s the sequel to the 2019 Arthdal Chronicles which was always intended for subsequent seasons but due to the lower than expected ratings and reception the production noodled for a few years on what to do. It ultimately did decide on a second season but new leads Lee Jun Ki and Shin Se Kyung took over from Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won to age up the cast for a time jump in the narrative. This feels like a reboot for me and I’m going into the second season with a fresh open mind and hopefully the first change is changes to the lighting direction so night scenes can actually be seen.

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