tvN Mon-Tues Drama My Lovely Liar with Kim So Hyun and Minhyun Inches Up in Ratings in Week Three to 3.017% and 3.446%

Gosh this trend and feedback makes me SO HAPPY! Recently premiered tvN Mon-Tues mystery and supernatural and romance drama My Lovely Liar (Useless Lies) got okay ratings and feedback when it premiered but has since been only on a trend up. This most recent week three episodes got new series highs of 3.017% and 3.446%, respectively, in episode 5-6. I knew as long as the story was good, the directing solid, then these two can make it happen. Kim So Hyun is one of the best actresses of her generation not to mention a chemistry machine and Minhyun has been improving drama to drama and was actually decent in his last outing. With the drama still in the early episodes there is plenty of time to get on the Liar train and see what the growing buzz is about.


tvN Mon-Tues Drama My Lovely Liar with Kim So Hyun and Minhyun Inches Up in Ratings in Week Three to 3.017% and 3.446% — 16 Comments

  1. MinHyun only acted in 2-3 major dramas including My Lovely Liar being his first lead role, so I think he is doing very good with such limited experience behind him.

  2. Yay! Chemistry Queen So Hyun strikes again! 😍
    I have to admit I only watched this for So Hyun at first, but dang it, I got hooked so bad! It gets exciting each episode, and the chemistry is insane! Even in BTS videos, Minhyun can’t take his eyes off her, and they both even posted the same picture of them two in their Instagram accounts! I’ve never shipped So Hyun with her male lead so hard like this since School 2015 TaeBi days! 😍

    On another topic, am I the only one creeped out by Doha’s mom? The way she coldly said no one can see the dead girl’s body under the sea anymore makes me think she’s the killer. My theory is that Sol Hee’s liar alarm rang when Doha said he didn’t kill the girl ONLY because he blames himself for her death and so he thinks he’s responsible. IDK tho. But all I know is that I love this show and I’m obsessed with this beautiful couple 😍

    • right? after watching their off-screen interactions, no one can convince me that these two aren’t attracted to each other in real life lmao

  3. This drama is always in TVing Top 10 too and is number 1 in Viu in many countries! Also, My Lovely Liar, Kim So Hyun, and Minhyun are in Naver’s and Good Data’s Top 10 Most Searched! Happy for the success of this drama, and I hope it gets even higher ratings and more buzz in the coming days! 🎉🎉🎉

  4. Despite not release in Netflix and didn’t have big name or budget, MLL doing very wel.

    They became the first k-drama who top ranking in 127 country in Viki. Always enter buzz list both drama, Kim Sohyun and Hwang Minhyun. No.1 in some country in Viu like Indonesia, Malaysia. No.1 in Hongkong OTT FriDay. No.1 when release new eps in Tving or always stay in top 3.

    Well, i just love to share they got positive feedback 😆

    And what i like the most is their atmosfer when syuting. It been a long time since i see Sohyun so comfortable 😭 she is director baby 🤣 since they work together in Let’s Fight Ghost.

    Sohyun also look very cute here 🤣 hyunji but older i said ahahahha love her hair style and stylist 🤭

    Despite a some critism at Minhyun acting, i think he is doing okay. And their chemistry somehome overwhelming it 😆 hahahaha it been a long time since i feel butterfly in my stomact

  5. Extremely happy and glad for the team but even without comparisons and evaluations I can say this drama is extremely charming. It has warmth and heart with loads of chemistry. Personally I find Minhyun pitch perfect for this role and genre. Not saying he’s some acting genius but this role of Doha is perfect for him. When and actor and character are in sync with each other one doesn’t need excessive acting skills to make it work. Kim Sohyun is as always insanely good but she’s reaching new highs with this role. Mok Solhee is lovable, dorky and just extremely real despite her superpower. Even when the casting was announced I knew these two would be a visual party but they have far exceeded being just visually stunning their natural chemistry with each other is insane. Just the way they look at each other could be an entire show. This drama is beautiful and warm in every way. Its my most anticipated drama every week because it makes me smile and laugh and swoon like a romcom should. Happy watching everyone.

    • I find the drama enjoyable, though it doesn’t get me excited. Still, I’m glad for everyone involved in the drama. Minhyun’s slower reaction times make him an awkward actor (I didn’t think he was really that good in AoS)….but it works here with his character. He’s a reclusive musician who who can’t seem to get into his apartment without entering his keycode several times.

      And contrast with Kim So-hyun bringing that warmth, bring energy, and quickness of mind of Mok Sol-hee.

      The contrast makes them a cute couple. He’s like a helpless princess in a tower and she rescues him.

  6. Hwang Min Hyun is the biggest surprise for me. Hes totally swoonworthy and frankly for an idol of his looks hes pretty decent in acting. I went to binge watch Alchemy of Souls just to see him again and his chemistry with both actresses actually gave Lee Jae Wook a run for his money. (I preferred him heehee) Made me a fan. Such a handsome handsome lad. Glad hes not Cha Eun Woo who till today for me still has cringe acting and terrible enunciation. Hes definitely 1 drama away from blowing up big. I feel it…

  7. funny reading this comment cause male lead is one of the worst I’ve seen. He can’t emote, his angry scene is bad and the only good scene he does is when he is smiling. The plot helps the relationship but he isn’t carrying any scene, in fact, scene with only him is unbearably boring.

    • he’s way better than the likes of taecyeon and cha eun woo (who is super stiff and wooden) lol. and i know that’s a low bar, but i just can’t agree that he’s the worst actor in kdrama. he’s not the best, obviously, but “worst” is a bit of an exaggeration, when he’s not even distractingly bad lol

      • okay, i misread your comment because i tend to read fast lol. i thought you said “worst”, but it’s actually “one of the worst”. that’s your opinion and i respect it. i still stand by what i said that he’s at least better than actors like those two i’ve mentioned lol

    • @Malmon, isn’t the worst but he can’t emote i agree . He has a long way to go before acting well . as for the drama, i understand that it’s trending a lot in streaming because it’s the kind of drama that people want to see . For the first time in my life,in my country ( France),while searching a manhwa, i met with a young boy who just begin to watch kdramas which were KTL and My lovely liar . When he knew i was a watcher since nearly 20 years, his jaw dropped . He said to me that he only watched romances , comedies, feel good dramas because he had enough of US shows . That’s speaks a volume . As for me, i dropped after ep 4. Just my opinion , but i find it boring , i did the same with KTL . Sad , because i wanted to like it so much .

  8. I thk the fast pace helps and MH is coasting on their chemistry. On his own, he doesnt hold the scene that well. Given his limited acting background, its pretty serviceable, not the best but the worst either. The drama has a certain charm and I thk thats attracting international audience. Im hoping the plot will hold up and the mystery element unfolds properly.

  9. Sohyun is killing it in this role and I like her styling too. Also, her chemistry with ml is good. As for ML, he is servicable, not too bad but very less expression even without mask. What I find really sad is much experienced actor like Ji Hoon relegated to a SL whose only role will be to be make sad eyes. I hope his upcoming drama about BTS give him much needed exposure and reunites with Sohyun in future as the lead because they definitely have some spark.

  10. I just started to watch MLL and got hooked right away. This is the only Asian drama after The Longest Promise and Hidden Love that has got me interested to watch, not fast forwarding so far. The ML felt a bit awkward at the beginning and I continued to watch for KSH. But I’m gradually more comfortable with his acting and his chemistry with KSH doesn’t look artificially forced. The major draw to this drama for me isn’t the cast, but the storyline. After religiously giving shots to C dramas for a while thanks to my language advantage, now I switched back K drama land and found it so refreshing to immerse myself in fast-pacing storylines again. lol

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