Period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua with Feng Shao Feng and Jing Tian Wrap Up Uneventful Run with 7.2 Douban Ratings

I feel like period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua was just THERE, like it existed but it created zero impact good or bad. The drama premiered at the end of August and will wrap its run for VIP this week and the first Douban ratings are out at a decent 7.2 But the early feedback was a lot of criticism for how old male lead Feng Shao Feng looks these days, but his role was older General and Royal Prince so he fit the character. Jing Tian keeps a steady career pace in C-ent but she’s also not a buzz magnet so this drama is getting reviewed as decent, uneventful, but also not memorable. There was actually more buzz for second male lead Zhou Yi Ran since he’s coming off the surprise summer hit When I Fly Towards You.


Period C-drama The Legend of Zhuohua with Feng Shao Feng and Jing Tian Wrap Up Uneventful Run with 7.2 Douban Ratings — 7 Comments

  1. FSF has the unfortunate face of a villain. I never thought he was good-looking, but acting-wise, I believe he’s serviceable. I just don’t care for him.

    Jing Tian was great in this drama, though. She felt very natural. Coming from the past news, she’s been bouncing back well.

      • @hohliu I watched like 14 episodes and then stopped. I just can’t accept FSF’s face :(. Plus the plot was getting draggy. However, I did like it up to that point.

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  3. I watched several eps before completely investing in Sunshine by My Side. I agree the Legend of Zhuohua seems to have zero impact although it’s watchable. It’s an ok filler for me when there’s no drama to watch. Since so many ppl rave about Esther Yu’s new drama, My Journey to You, I got the time to check it out yesterday and found the plot interesting. MJtY’s dark theme and cinematography aren’t for everyone though. I myself need to be in certain mood to watch this type of Wuxia. Therefore besides my current favorite Sunshine by My Side, I’ll watch MJtY when extra time is available. Sorry for LoZ. I just have to push it to the back burner and it may be there forever.

    IMO, it’s better for actors like Feng Shao Feng and Jing Tian in this phase of their acting career to shun idol dramas. Younger actors are more fitting for idol dramas.

  4. I just couldn’t get into Legend of Zhuohua. I gave it a go based on early positive reviews but it was really bland for me. Dropped it after 6 episodes. I then switched to Mysterious Lotus Casebook. I felt it was also a quiet drama with all it’s potential buzz steamrolled by Lost You Forever. Surprisingly, I enjoyed Mysterious Lotus Casebook a lot, even more than Strange Tales of Tang Dynasty (another detective-like drama). This is my first Cheng Yi drama, and I am impressed. I previously avoided his other dramas. I’m not sure why, maybe because of the memes of him vomiting lots of blood in all his popular dramas. Anyway, I have high hopes for Mysterious Lotus Casebook and might just checkout some other Cheng Yi drama.

  5. I enjoyed zhuo hua up till the king died. Was witty till that end. Afterwhich characters became stupid sadly including the leads.
    Now onto lotus casebook thanks to all of the comments. Interesting without the romance is stella writing. I’ll move onto journey to you since others are saying its ok.

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