Minhyun and Kim So Hyun are the Pair Perfect in More Couple Stills for tvN Drama My Lovely Liar

The sweet youthful romance with a murder twist K-drama My Lovely Liar is rounding the corner into the final weeks and with it fans will obviously not have their weekly date with Kim So Hyun and Minhyun. Here are more stills from their couples photo shoot and these have a throwback feel and both stars are really so charismatic and compatible. I don’t couples ship anymore but really can see why their fans love them together.


Minhyun and Kim So Hyun are the Pair Perfect in More Couple Stills for tvN Drama My Lovely Liar — 30 Comments

  1. I know it’s already been said before, but their visuals are ✨ perfection ✨
    Beautiful couple, can’t get enough of them! And their behind the scenes interactions are even better! 😭

    • They have the best visual and romantic chemistry among couples this year. DoSol is crazy popular for a reason. Even knetz are obsessed with them. This is the best visual partner that Kim So Hyun has ever had. Their behind the scenes interactions are even more romantic. Minhyun being whipped for her is too cute.

      • I’m already sad we won’t have anymore of this beautiful couple after 2 weeks. They made 2023 a better year with their chemistry. Romcoms this year have been mediocre but this one was fresh and sweet. Best couple of the year definitely goes to them.

    • The best visuals I’ve seen this year! We are lucky to get these two in a drama together and its sad we won’t see them again in a another work together for years if ever. The way Minhyun looks at her screams love and adoration.

  2. love this photoshoot, it’s so sexy in a quiet, intimate way. they both look gorgeous. congrats to their drama for being number 1 in many OTT platforms in many counties!

    • The drama is beautiful and sweet and the leads have electric chemistry. It’s doing well in Korea as well an always ranks in the top 10 most buzz worthy dramas list despite the heavy competition from OTT dramas these days. It’s one of the best romcoms to ever exist. Both HMH and KSH are extremely cute together.

  3. Honestly, i’m going to be cursed but am i the only one who don’t feel any chemistry between them in the drama that i dropped .But i must say that i’m not good at even getting hints when 2 celebrities announce that they are dating as IU/Lee Jong Suk, and many others … The photoshoot is a classic beautiful one .

    • Oh yeah, you will be crucified by KSH’s fans :p

      My issue is Minhyun, he has no screen presence and his scenes are boring.

      The story isn’t great neither. It was better when they focused on her gift and how it works instead of the murder.

      • Agree. His acting is just so bad. Did see ok chemistry at first but its fast fading. I dropped the drama at ep 10. Cannot push myself to continue. Irritating plot, bad acting, uninteresting side characters and arc.

      • It’s not a problem if people see chemistry or not, the problem is if people are purposely being antis.

        How rich when most your favorite actress dramas story derailed but you hugged it to death and went all googly eyes and went all defensive mode but here, you love to throw darts all the time 😂

      • Considering how @Sayaris is a hater and is even getting ignored at DB since nobody cares about her hate comments since DB community loves KSH more than her faves she’s come here to show her snide remarks as always. Don’t worry @Sayaris Rowoon is even a more mediocre actor than Minhyun and has zero chemistry with his female leads. You’ll be lucky if he ever gets cast opposite KSH since she will make him popular. Till then he’s another pretty faced idol who can’t act and relies on his height to get roles. Even his Kpop fans want him to leave the group because he contributes nothing to it. Let’s not even talk about how KSH acts circles around all your favourite actresses. She’s the one top for her generation.

      • @ salty

        There was a time when sayaris even claimed to be fans of both girls but when she got caught fibbing; she now swung the other way. Now all she does is throwing sparks in hopes of getting others lit up to dislike works by Kim So Hyun.

      • I don’t hate KSH, I don’t like her dramas… She’s not my favourite actress but I know she’s good. It’s why this drama doesn’t work, they’re focusing on the ML arc…

        But I’m waiting for her next drama because her ML is way better than Minhyun. I hope the story will be good too.

      • @Sayaris What the heck are you even talking about? Cahill has been saying she doesn’t feel any chemistry between the two leads in many articles now, and she’s never been “CrUcIfIeD” by KSH fans. You’re the only one who got roasted by KSH fans because we’ve had enough of you and your passive-aggressive comments lol. You always give very back-handed compliments to KSH and then follow them up with some shady-ass comment. So no, don’t even try to bring Cahill to hate KSH fans, she has been a longtime commenter here, and she’s just giving her opinion now. Us KSH fans can see when people are just giving an opinion without being a hater (Cahill) and when they’re being shady (like you).

        Look, if you love KYJ, great, you can call her beautiful and great all you want. But no need to act like you’re a fan of the two Kims when you clearly favor the other. Even in the Chanel event article, your comment was that Han Hyo Joo and Kim Go Eun’s outfits could be better, but with Yoo Jung, even when her outfit was just as bland and boring as the others’, your only comment is that she’s “beautiful” lmao. We all know you’re biased AF, just stop with the shady sh*t now 🙄

        @Cahill Don’t worry, us KSH fans know you’re just stating your opinion, we only call out toxic ones who pretend they’re giving an opinion but are actually being shady lol

      • Agree, Minhyun isn’t lead material for now . The story isn’t great but it could have been better with a solid lead . And i agree with the fact that they should have focus about her gift a little more . As for the murder i will say nothing but since the debut i have a hint about how it happened . Knowing you @Sayaris, i think that you may know too . I watched Longing for you, but it was so evident since the debut that i dropped too . And i wasn’t wrong !

      • @Sayaris has the right to say what she thinks . we don’t always share the same point of view but as Voltaire said ” I may disagree with you but i will fight to give you the right to say what you want” . I read since years , all comments in this blog and she always said what she thinks . Saying that DB ignored her because she is ” a hater” and DB likes KSH , it’s like to admit that DB is a sectarian blog . I took my share of haters too for liking Yoon Eun Hye , but i don’t care . I will continue to express what i like or not . Even my favorite actors aren’t always at their best . So KSH isn’t a goddess . She is a hardworking actress who isn’t always at her best . It’s the same for all the actors . Some exceptions as Song Kang Ho, Di Caprio, or the late Pete Postlethawaite.

      • (My comment didn’t get posted, so I’m commenting again)

        @Sayaris Huh? Cahill has been saying she doesn’t feel like the leads have chemistry many times now and I never saw any KSH fans “crucified” her? Are you just trying to create drama and purposefully getting other people to join you on bashing KSH fans? 🙄

        KSH fans know when a person is just giving his/her opinion and when a person is being shady and throwing passive-aggressive and backhanded compliments on KSH. As you can see, many commenters here have said they don’t like the drama, they dropped the drama, or they didn’t feel any chemistry between the leads, and KSH fans didn’t attack those people. That’s because we know those are just opinions and that doesn’t mean they hate KSH. Meanwhile you, you’ve never said anything positive about KSH without following it up with something negative. If you’re a fan of the other Kim, that’s fine, but stop acting like you’re a fan of the two Kims when you clearly favor the other.

        @Cahill Sayaris has a history of throwing backhanded compliments towards KSH though. If she doesn’t, KSH fans would’ve just seen her comment as a harmless opinion, but that’s not the case. As I’ve said, we know when people are just giving an opinion versus being shady. You, for example, just gave your opinion that you didn’t feel chemistry between the leads. That’s fine and you’ve never been “crucified” by it even though you’ve been saying it a few times now. Because we respect your opinion! And more importantly, you don’t have a history of posting hate comments and shady/backhanded comments on this site. But we’ll continue to call out people like Sayaris, who always cries when it’s her favorite actress who gets negative comments but is radio-silent when other actresses get insulted on this site lol

      • @cahill don’t listen to sayaris. we never crucify people for their opinions, unless the commenter is being hateful under the guise of just “giving their opinion” (for example, the commenter who was criticizing ksh for being too giggly. that person knows damn well that’s how people who are in love acts and she was just grasping at straws to find anything to criticize ksh for because she’s a hater). if you feel like the leads have no chemistry, that’s your opinion and that’s okay. you’ve been saying that several times now and we never cursed at you for your opinion, so i don’t know what sayaris is on about

      • @Sayari – it looks like you have the KSH brigade on your ass. Don’t mind them. Keep posting your opinions, which have always been mild across the board. Just going by the handwringing when it comes to this chick, KSH fans have a huge insecurity and inferiority complex and get triggered easily. Such a turnoff.

      • Cahill had been on koala long enough but I guess he/she is blind as a bat if they don’t know how sayaris operates lol Cahill trying to act so self-righteous defending someone who is so obviously devious

        The other actress fans are so
        Insecure that they have to camp here and others sites and try to instigate things. They won’t ever
        be happy until ksh retires which won’t happen because she stated many times she wants to grow old with the audience. I guess their favorite actress career is slowing down or boring therefore they have to camp around elsewhere to keep themselves entertained lol

      • Ashley, i’m a she , reading Koala since 2008 . I’m not trying to act better than others , perhaps because i’m french, with an highschooler english , you may have misunderstood me . I never said that that i dislike KSH , i’m just saying that this drama don’t make KSH grow as an actress , i don’t like the words “fan” or “hater” . I may click or not with an artist . KSH was fantastic when she acted in “I miss you ” and i thought that she would become a great actress . But until now she didn’t get “the role ” I’m someone who is able to criticize even her favorite artist ( Yoon Eun Hye). Another ex : i never wasn’t into Han Ji Min but i find her excellent in her comic role Behind your touch . as for @Sayaris she doesn’t me . I just wanted to say that everyone have their own opinion . It’s “I’m Charlie” side ! And i don’t wish for any artist to slow down . I’m not an hateful person !

      • @cahill

        I wasn’t talking to you on my first comment. I was referring to sayaris but I didn’t do the “@” sign. If you like or not like ksh, it’s up to you.

      • @ashley, why would i dislike KSH ? I just wish for her to get “the” rôle which would make really show what she is made of . She is young but there are a lot of actresses that already got that chance . She is a vétéran actress , i want her to have the same opportunities . But what matters it’s that people are enjoying the drama . I dropped and enjoying another one . No offence .

    • I felt the same. Somehow her eyes is different and her cute puffy face is missing it’s either the makeup/hair do or some editing, anyway she looks way too different, I wouldn’t tell if it’s her on the first pics.

      I haven’t seen the drama yet, I like the plot so I will look into it. They do look good together.

    • She got a iconic bone cheek and girl love to smile. And i think that image rooted in many people mind. So when you see her in serious expresion (without her Bone check), it look like different person.

      But as someone who follow her for a long time. I see no different.

      • This! She has naturally high cheekbones (watch her early works, and you can see those cheekbones even when she was a teenager), so when she’s smiling, her cheeks look plump. But when her face is still and expressionless, like in the photos here, her face look thinner. Plus she’s nearing her mid-20s now, so the baby fat just went away, I guess. Her cheeks still look plump when she’s smiling. Literally see no difference, she only got prettier over the years lol

  4. KSH needs a better male lead. Hwang Minhyun is so bland in everything. He is just there. No charisma, acting ability is mediocre. Objectively he is good looking but he has a very bland, forgettable face. He would not get any lead roles if not for his idol background

    • 90% of the male leads in her age bracket are mediocre. It doesn’t matter as long as they are pretty but than having a 10+ year age gap. KSH is a chemistry queen so she makes things work. They look beautiful together so who cares.

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