Deng Wei’s Fans Stir Up Animosity by Criticizing Yang Zi in Lost You Forever and Going to Her Fan Sites to Leave Messages

Man, having fans as a C-star is kinda like having a pitbull as a pet, it’s loyal but you never know when it’s going to go crazy and attack others. Lost You Forever part 1 aired this summer and has become one of the biggest C-dramas of 2023 and fans are waiting for part 2 to drop hopefully in early 2024. It also survived the airing with not too much criticism or in-fighting between the fandoms of the leads and it was pretty packed with Yang Zi as the big female lead and three strong male leads in Zhang Wang Yi, Deng Wei, and Tan Jian Ci. However this week randomly Deng Wei’s fans started criticizing Yang Zi claiming she coasted by her fame and didn’t act well in the drama or properly acknowledge and appreciate Deng Wei for his role and contribution to the success of LYF. The fans even went to Yang Zi’s fandom to leave criticism messages and now the two fandoms are fighting. Sigh.


Deng Wei’s Fans Stir Up Animosity by Criticizing Yang Zi in Lost You Forever and Going to Her Fan Sites to Leave Messages — 100 Comments

  1. LOl 😂 😆 🤣 Love that description… I would not say pitbull dogs are unpredictable if they are properly brought up by trained or responsible owners but there are many irresponsible owners who do not know how to train a pitbull dog. Thus that dog can attack randomly. I know of very good owner equally have seen irresponsible owners that use the pitbull dog as a brute show piece.
    But many fans can be so… there are always some jealous fans who do not like their opposite leads… But they are just disgraceful as Deng Wei must be so embarrass by their stupid acts. These fans are just screaming for his attention.

    • It’s indeed unfortunate that DW attracted a bunch of insecure kids and fans who could not take criticism or feedback and were hungry for validation. He happens to attract the worst market.

    • The problem in china is many fans act like this. They think the idol they are fan of is their property and they are overly possessive. But the moment the idol is hit by the media in a very negative way for some mistake they turn against him or her. That’s not being a fan. A fan to me is respectful and accepting that your idol is not perfect and does all sort of mistake like any other human. To be forgiving and move on. To live and let live.

      Yangzhi was honest is wanting xiao Yao and Xiangliu have a happy ending cause she knows he is the true soulmate of xiao Yao and saw how much of love is there between them and saw it as unfair not to give him a chance if there is one. Which I agree. Even if I didn’t I would respect that. These fans are just acting willful but hopefully they don’t go far enough to hurt someone in the process.

      • The story of LYF was never about who ended up with her. It’s a journey for every character. Lost You Forever is the sequel to Once Promised (story of XY’s parents). The trilogy that Tong Hua made is a double-edged sword book, meaning the plot is all about falling in love in the wrong circumstances with your enemy, a person you shouldn’t love. The main plot of this was XY’s parents story, who chose each other but ended up in great tragedy, while YaoLiu is the hidden plot of the sequel (unspoken deep love), along with uniting the kingdoms back, which is CX. The conflict is still the same with the Once Promised; it basically just continued and finally ended. XY is in love with Xiang Liu. Lost You Forever is a story of long-lost love, applied to CX to XY, who promised to marry each other when they were kids, and XY and Xiang Liu, who is just replicas of her mother. Xiao Yao kept telling herself and didn’t want to admit it either, but she loves him without conditions or any reasons, and the amount of poison she made showed how much he missed him despite both of them knowing they could never be. XL protected XY till the end without throwing Chengrong away..

  2. Yang Zi is working her marketing again. Every time after a drama ends, there’s bound to be news about how her co-stars’ fandoms are “bullying” her.

      • Many times. None of her co-stars’ fandoms ever want their stan to work with her again. She always like to market herself as a brave girl standing up to online bullying, it works well for her because people who aren’t in fandom circles generally are not aware of her shenanigans. You’ll only see news about other fandoms bullying her and her fandom, but nothing about her fandom bullying other fandoms.

    • So the boycott of Xiao Zhan was a marketing strategy to become more popular? It certainly worked. His former co-stars also don’t want to be associated with him again. It’s the same narrative.

      • “His former co-stars also don’t want to be associated with him again..” Proof? Li Qin has costarred with XZ FIVE times. Excuse me! LOL

      • Ah. Your comment here tells me your fav is one of the original supporters who took part in xz’s cyber bully and/or your fav is one of the ones who tried to lick XZ but failed. I hope your fav gets the opportunity to experience what you so frivolously called a boycott marketing strategy, an unprecedented cyber bullying in c-ent history, and I hope your fav can come out as clean as XZ on the other side and continue on towards a successful career. I highly doubt it but still wish your fav the best, lol.

      • @Somebody Li Qin does not represent all of his co-stars, so your fallacy has no bearing here.

      • @Mina You’re being dumb on purpose. If you’re so envious of XZ’s current popularity, then go emulate a boycott of similar level for your idol. Do you or your idol dare to do it? Nope both of you don’t, because most celebrities can’t survive cyberbullying of that level. And plenty of XZ’s co-stars still bring him up after the drama finished airing.

      • @Song Joong A$$ Kisser, read the comment by Moocy! Your preschooler trick has failed, obviously! LOL. As some other comment said, XZ’s costars and their fans still LOVE tagging XZ’s name very often to boost up the popularity and attract traffic. Tell your faves to give up latching on XZ and I bet they would be worried about their popularity flopping to the floor. LOL

      • @Somebody HAHAHAHAHAHA! You are freaking funny, why Xiao Zhan’s cult is funny. You are a pathetic and rabbid fan pressed about facts. Typical Xiao Zhan derranged fan. All your whole ass pharagraph is unnecesary because you are joke to me. You are miserable and love laughing at trash like you. Keep writing 😘

      • See! @Mina is on the verge of having a mental breakdown, starting pathetically ecstatic unable to control your language! LOL.

        Chill and go touch some grass!

      • The Wrong? It’s a small fandom, besides Deng Wei himself has controversies so it’s unnecessary… Fans of Chinese actors and K-pop are really ridiculous.

    • @Lilth, Just wondering if you are a fan of anyone in particular that starred with YangZi and was caught in such rumours? Or do you just not like YangZi at all? Just curious, as your dislike feels very strong.

      • @HL I’ve said before, I’m into C-ent and followed lots of accounts on weibo and forums. I would say I’m relatively up to date on C-gossips though I do miss out on some when I’m busy like that Jackson Yee’s thing. My conclusions about Yang Zi is built up over the years based on the multiple events that’s happened around her and her fandom. I’ve bought into her “brave girl standing up against online bullying” marketing before, but as time goes by, I realised there’s more to it than meets the eye.

      • @Lilth, thanks, now I understand where your anger is coming from. Fandom wars, words are definitely scary to read for me. Even reading the comments on this blog is already too heated for me at times. I cannot imagine what the fans in China write there. I will just watch dramas and enjoy it for entertainment.

      • @HL I think much of my dislike towards her probably stems from the fact that I felt like I’ve been duped when I realised she wasn’t the victim as she had made herself out to be.

        It’ll be good to separate offscreen drama from the actual drama itself, I’m having fun viewing the mudslinging between the leads from A Journey To Love while still enjoying the drama so far (up to ep 12 now, watching really really slowly because I’ve got a bunch of other shows to watch).

        Koala only posts about liuliangs’ C-dramas here as she’s only interested in them (nothing wrong with this), and liuliangs are the equivalent of idols in K-ent due C-ent’s environment. So it’s natural to see heated debates and squabbles about them just like how Kpop fans fight with each other.

      • @Lilth, I think 15yrs ago, when Korean dramas, Kpops and K-idols started breaking out internationally. I would read fans comments from Netizen Buzz, it was my first time encountering what fandom are and just how fandom operate. I use to think, Gosh they can be so nasty and aggressive. But now, C-entertainment is similar…

        I never stepped into that path, just watching dramas for themselves.

  3. There’s a very good reason why all of Yang Zip’s ex co-stars’s fandoms have absolute disdain for her and her fandom and just don’t want anything to do with her. She and her fandom love to stir up shit and then act the victim. I’m just amused his fandom tolerated this long.

    • Lol, I laugh at your stupidity at not even knowing the truth😂😂, All her costars fandoms, lmao, dengwei fans are looking for clout and decided to target her, which other fandom did this, Zhangwanyi, tanjianci’s fandoms didn’t even budge, best to look at dengwei and stop misleading everyone

      • Do you even know what happened? Her fans created the hot search #邓为演技吊打杨紫# to stir shit. They’ve been dissatisfied with him for a while now because he has done nothing to drive the CP game, not indulging their fantasies of a pretty actor being in love with their fave and flattering their egos. There are melons everyday clarifying that there is nothing going on in between them irl, prob bought by his team. And just so you know, TJC’s fandom hates YZ and her fandom, and ZWY’s have long fought with them and split a while back. DW’s fandom is the last to split. If you follow them on Weibo, this is common knowledge.

      • Sorry, but Yang Zi’s fandom already had fights with Tan Jianci’s fandom during LYF’s airing, because Tan Jianci gained more popularity than Yang Zi back then. Now Tan Jianci’s fandom doesn’t want to have anything to do with Yang Zi. Zhang Wanyi didn’t gain many fans from LYF and he isn’t a liuliang, so Yang Zi’s fandom mainly ignored him.

        Actually, this feels to me more like the usual tactics to purify Yang Zi and Deng Wei’s shippers/CP fandom and turn them into solo fans. It’s well-known that most actresses aren’t able to directly attract female fans unlike actors, so what actresses do is to encourage shipping. Their fans will join in on the shipping then when the time is ripe, they will generate a big fallout to make the new CP fans sympathise with the actress and in turn convert to become the actress’s solo fans. Many of Yang Zi’s fans did suddenly stan Deng Wei during LYF’s airing period and both fandoms had acted like best of friends. Then now the supposedly “Deng Wei’s fans” randomly started criticising Yang Zi…LOL.

    • I know right. I have seen similar cases. The fans of Zhao Liying and Xiao Zhan are also like that: they throw the stone and then hide their hand.

      • Lol typical of Yang Zi’s fans to use Zhao Liying and Xiao Zhan to divert the topic whenever Yang Zi and her fandom receives criticisms. I know you are jealous that they are more successful than your idol.

      • @Lilith I can talk about Yang Zi, Zhao Liying and Xiao Zhan at the same time. I have even made “anti” comments about Yang Zi lol, so your point is meaningless, unless you don’t want me to touch your favs lol. I am only mentioning what I have seen, it is not my fault that you alluded to it.

  4. Oh come on, not just YZ C-fans are annoying as hell, EVERY C-fandom of EVERY C-Celebrity have issues. Don’t try pointing fingers here. Say it as it is. C-fans don’t deserve what they got. They crazy and uncontrollable, its probably why the government got a leash for them too.

  5. Always so entertaining to see these comments that are like, “Here’s the tea and that’s why no one wants to work with him/her” and yet none of that actually matters and these actresses are still thriving. Y’all just spend too much time caring about the circus and taking part in it by spreading your ‘omniscient’ knowledge.

  6. Wow. There’s always so much drama off screen in C-ent. This is one of the examples that outsiders can never tell what is true from he said, she said. That being said, as a fan of Xiao Zhan who costarred with Yang Zi in Oath of Love, I know his fandom largely don’t like YZ either. They are critical of her personality and PR team, very similar issues to what other commenters mentioned. But who will ever know the truth? Sometimes information could be manipulated to mislead public. Idk. So, I’ll take every gossip with a pinch of salt.

    Gossip aside, I like YZ in Ashes of Love but none of her other dramas including Oath of Love. She had strong chemistry with XZ in OfL. But her heavy makeup ALL THE TIME even during sleep and acting style in the drama turned me off. The worst part was her very unprofessional acting as a pro celloist. It just proved that she did not even spend time or invest anything in learning to look like a pro celloist, unlike the 2nd FL in The Youth Memories, not to even compare with Park Eun Bin in Do You Like Brahms. So unprofessional !!!! Did she think audience were ignorant to cut her slack on her bad acting as a celloist? It appeared to me she would like to just cheat through the drama thinking it’s ok as long as the huge popularity of XZ and her would make the drama a commercial success. She has lost my respect since and I can’t take her seriously anymore. I watched Oath of Love for her but ended up paying attention to XZ as an actor (although I had already been his fan of music). I also dislike her monotonous acting style and boring image from drama to drama across different genres. For me, she’s a mediocre actress at best. No offense to fans.

    • Lol. Were you waiting for a negative article about Yang Zi to vent your frustration and hatred? Lol. Xiao Zhan fans like you are funny. Especially because when there is a criticism (even if it is objective) towards your idol, you are the first one to get worked up to defend him. There is no difference between you and a Chinese rabbid fan. Xiao Zhan also bores me when he is on screen, I only like his music. I don’t offen

      • LOL. Nobody cares about what you like or don’t like. You could have just ignored my comment if you don’t agree. But you couldn’t help responding to me because your ego got hurt for some reasons that what I said was somehow true and you have no reasons to deny it except for being aggressive towards me. LOL.

        Just based upon your reaction to my simple comment, you, not me, are rabid and have got worked up! LOL. You just can’t swallow the fact that your fave is boring as heck without visuals and can’t be on par with Xiao Zhan.

      • @Somebody Why would I deny it if I don’t care about Yang Zi? On the other hand, you could bark like an irritated dog in different comments when you saw Xiao Zhan mentioned. Your reply doesn’t even relate to what I wrote. I needed a good laugh and you gave it to me. It is your ego that is affected, otherwise why didn’t you follow your own words and ignore me? I am laughing, I even prepared popcorn because the show you put on is interesting.

    • I can see why there was an attempt to boycott Xiao Zhan, because of his fans. You can write a whole huge paragraph of tantrums, all you will get from me is laughs because you are basically a clown. Every comment of yours on this site always makes me laugh. You are a typical asian resentful of life, you even think your plastic fav is a God. Do you dream of sucking his c*ck at night? Hahaha!

      The funny thing is Xiao Zhan has many flaws as an actor, should I mention them so that your stupid hidden bigotry comes out and you expose yourself as the deranged person you are? He couldn’t even play Wei Wuxian well. He only failed because his co-stars could barely act. Besides, plastic surgery helped his career, with that ugly face he had before, no one would have wanted him around.

      And don’t tell me I’m jealous of Xiao Zhan’s success, because I’m not. I don’t care, it doesn’t affect my personal life but I LOVE making fun of his fans, who are one of the most toxic fandoms in all of C-Ent.

      • LOL. Boycott XZ? To your great disappointment, XZ can have never been better. He’s been on top of popularity both inside and outside China and everyone else including your idol is trailing far behind! LOL. Just swallow the undeniable fact. Don’t get butthurt cos your fave is still struggling to up the ladder! SMH. Just look at how delirious you were with your comment! I know now you must be in an unstable mental state. LMAO.

      • @Mona, but you did appear butthurt and being jealousy overload. Look at how delirious you are! LOL

      • Lol. How easy it was to get you to take the bait, brainless woman. You responded just as I imagined. I didn’t even have to apply pressure. See, you’re a rabbid fan falling for a troll comment. Lol. You came to detail everything about Xiao Zhan, which means there is some truth in my comment.

      • @Somebody LOL! LOL! So funny. You’re just trying to convince yourself that I’m jealous because you don’t want to accept reality, LOL. You got so anxious and butt-hurt that you were forced to mention what delusional Xiao Zhan fans always mention: how popular he is. LOL. I didn’t mention his popularity but you jumped to rub it because it boosts your self-esteem to follow a big traffic star lol. Lower asian, I was referring directly to your hypocrisy and you mentioned his popularity lol because it seems like he doesn’t have anything else or how? You live in a bubble and you’ve made it clear already. LOL @Moody no, I barely know Yang Zi, so your guess is nonsense. If I’m a waterarmy, then you’re a hater? Is this how your logic works? LOL.

      • @Mona, YOU ARE a psycho! Better check your own mental state and take some medicine. LMAO. You’ve been in an unstable state rambling nonsense like a broken record sitting in a cuckoo nest, being butthurt and lamenting your own fave in a career slump. Your jealous overload is so obvious. Useless for you to deny it cos your language shows that all. Surely your personal life has nothing to do with anyone else here, not to mention Xiao Zhan, cos you just don’t have a real life being a keyboard psycho. I bet you’re seething each time seeing how XZ is even more successful than ever and his popularity continues to explode both inside and outside China that your faves can’t do anything but sitting in the slump jealous. LOL.

        This is last time I get back to you cos you’re such trash and bully that doesn’t worth any attention from a human being! Rest In Peace, your sick and ugly soul!

      • @Somebody Psycho is a word used by derranged Xiao Zhan fans. Your words are nothing but funny. Are I’m suppose to be scared? LOL! I can’t when I’m laughing at you, LOL! Try again, with more energy because all I read is that you are butthurt because your Xiao Zhan fan is not widely praised, lol. Stay mad, stay pressed. Hahahahahahaha! You are talking with yourself at this point 🤣 You even created fictional scenerys for your derranged ideas (jealousy,popularity). LOL.I don’t even care about those two and you are hella rabbid about it because your life has no value. Lower asian, you are funny. The type of person who was born to being a piece of trash. LOOOOOOOL!🤣 So funny!

      • @ Mona

        It’s ok to make comments, but to make comment like what you are doing here. It is so low and CLASSLESS You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • What does her not being an inconsistent actress have to do with the subject of the main article? Nothing. You’re just looking for the fifth leg of the stool to release your resentment. Typical lower asian attitude lmao. The curious thing here is that there are many of her costars who have given good opinions about her personality. Including your Xiao Zhan.

    • Bro, Xiao Zhan’s fandom is critical of anyone other than him lol. But when he gets criticized, they explode like warriors. For me, his lips were too red in The Longest Promise, as if he wanted to be the woman in the series. But don’t you dare to comment on it because his fans will try to hunt you down. His talent is not outstanding. He is just an adequate actor, nothing special in Chinese entertainment, because there are good actors Liuliang- His beauty is also not powerful considering how he looks without makeup and filters, just like 90% of actresses and actors. I won’t mention the plastic surgery because it’s permanent lol. Yang Zi only acted good in Lost You Forever, in the rest of the productions I’ve seen of her, she’s mediocre. The worst thing is that she has been acting since she was a child, so like Yang Yang, she just let her great popularity take care of the numbers. One should not expect too much from idol actors. Their job is to generate traffic basically and have a bunch of crazy people as fans.

      Zhao Liying is also another actress who “coincidentally” always ends up with her co-stars having scandals and extreme cyberbullying. These are aggressive marketing strategies, in the end, Chinese entertainment is too competitive for the uneven quality they offer.

    • No offense but being miserable and delusional is your whole personality. Why a good artist like Xiao Zhan has mononeuronal fans like you? 😅

    • @Somebody Have you DID? In a previous comment (in the article about Lost You Forever trailer) you said Yang Zi has acting chops and now you are saying she is mediocre at acting? Put your thoughts in order, it’s like you are two different users 🤣 I’m worried, you need help.

    • Wow! LOL. Who’s rabid here? Who got worked up? Obviously YZ’s water army! YZ is a mediocre actress! I don’t mind repeating that. LOL. I thought she was a fine actress as how she’s been advertised all the time but I was wrong about that initial perception about her. I watched LYF until 20 (?) eps but dropped because her acting bored me to bone and visuals after she resumed the princess status just did not fit ethereal beauty. LOL. That’s a fact. I don’t have to fabricate anything.

      After checking several of her popular dramas including Immortal Samsara, Psychologist, Ode to Joy 2, and Battle of Changsha besides AoL and OoL that I got to finish, I came to the above conclusion and still stand by my opinion. Your mob attack won’t change anything. LOL.

      BTW, a reminder that her PS looks really turn me off.

      • If it won’t change anything, why did you take the trouble to even respond with additional details? Lol.

      • LOL. LOL. No matter how many Yang Zi dramas you checked, no matter how popular Xiao Zhan is LOL. It has no relation to what I said. The point of the comment was that you also act like a rabbid fan, you already exposed it LOL. Look how your a$$ burned LOL. Poor lower asian.

        The point is that you like to criticize others, but when Xiao Zhan is criticized, you can’t tolerate it. You even got more aggressive than me, I’m just a passing troll. LOL. By the way, Xiao Zhan PS helped his career. LOL. Yang Zi must have visited the same surgeons as him. This man looked ugly before X Fire and now he looks hella good. LOL! Facts not feelings. LOL. LOL. LOL. Stay pressed lower asian. Water Army? Did I wet your pants? LOL.

      • @Mona, obviously you took trouble engaging a fan war with me!!! You could have just ignored my comments cos those are my opinions that I’m entitled to have in a open-free forum. But you did care, right? LOL. It’s my personality to lay everything out so that everyone can see all different opinions from different perspectives. Therefore, I’ll respond as best as I can and as needed to get my points across. I’m not interested in what you think cos as I said, you’re just a keyboard nugu and what you have in mind won’t change anything in reality regarding Xiao Zhan and your subpar idol. But I certainly don’t mind using any opportunity to get my points across.

        Keep being insane cos Xiao Zhan is hot popular and his career has not reached the pinnacle yet, unlike your fave who has no visuals nor acting range, going downhill! LMAO

    • BTW, I wonder if this mob coming out of nowhere to attack Xiao Zhan actually are the same person faking many different names. Koala should check it up. This just happened to kim You Jung not long ago in Kdrama section. The same deranged KYJ hater used different names to fabricate a barrage of malicious remarks against her. Now, these frantic bananas did exhibit a similar pattern of toxic language specifically targeting Xiao Zhan. The same psycho? LOL

      • LOL! A BIG LOL! I’m laughing so hard. Your words are a 0 for me because I don’t care about your C-ent fantasies LOL. Your brain is derranged with the words “jealousy” “popularity” “you fav is going downhill” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Stop barking, dog. Bla bla bla, but it’s still funny. You lower self-steem and fragil ego has been exposed LOL. TRY AGAIN. Stay crying, lower asian 😂

      • @Somebody Lol I was with you until you brought up KYJ. That girl has many haters, not just on this site but also in other parts of the internet. Blame her toxic fandom for that, they made a lot of people hate her. Whether the hate is rational or not is another topic.

        Now, I don’t know if you’re an old KDrama watcher or not, but I was there when her fandom fought with other fandoms, so it’s not just KSH fans who hate her but others as well. I think her fandom gained even more enemies when they called Baeksang rigged last year just because their KYJ wasn’t nominated with 21st Century Girl and implied that she’s more deserving than the likes of Bae Doona and Jeon Do Yeon.

        Sorry, but it’s absolutely delusional to claim that it’s just one person hating her when her fandom made so many enemies over the years. Also, I’ve read the comments on that post and many are just saying she’s always been a mediocre actress, which is true. Some comments did go overboard but criticism doesn’t equal hate, and most comments I’ve seen there were only about her acting. Meanwhile compare that to the comments her fandom have made about other actresses, her fans have insulted other actresses by bashing these actresses’ looks, they’ve called KSH “loser”, “greedy”, and even dragged her dead father, and made other below the belt remarks.

        Believe it or not, I didn’t participate in the fighting in the comment section of the My Demon post, I’m mostly a lurker on this site. But I just have to comment now because I just can’t believe people are now acting like KYJ and her fans are some victims, when most of her fans have been huge bullies since 2012. Don’t believe me? Look at any comment sections in articles, videos, social media posts, etc. about KSH, especially around 2012-2018, and you’ll see KYJ fans bringing her up in the comments and yelling how “superior” KYJ is even if the post is about KSH. You really can’t blame KSH fans for still feeling bitter. Kinda similar to how BTS fans are still bitter at how EXO fans treated BTS way back when BTS were just becoming popular and starting to become threats to EXO’s popularity (ie. EXO fans accused BTS of things when they won an award, beating EXO)

      • And before anyone says I’m justifying the hate comments on the MD post, I’m NOT. I don’t condone hate comments, I’m just saying that: 1) It’s silly to assume that KYJ only has one hater on this site with multiple usernames, when her fandom has many enemies from other fandoms and has always been known for being arguably the most arrogant, toxic fandom in all of K-ent, 2) Her fans are not some victims, they’ve made much worse bullying remarks in the past, they’ve only mellowed out now after KSH gained many fans post-Love Alarm and after KYJ had flops after flops

        Just saying. I will stop there before this becomes a KSH vs KYJ comment thread

      • @Phan, I brought up KYJ based upon the fact that there was indeed ONE SINGLE DELULU KYJ HATER faking different names and making up a barrage of malicious comments about her in another thread about her drama. Koala particularly made a announcement to disclose that insanity in that blog. LOL. My point here is not to defend KYJ cos I’m her fan nor do I find her acting consistent or adequate. But I’m just trying to point out anyone can freely express opinions, like or dislike drama or actor, agree or disagree certain opinions, but one has to do this in an honest way, not faking names to fabricate an instant impression that A LOT of site visitors agree with you. That’s so low. LOL. I wonder that might be the case here based upon similar writing patterns. But it’s not important since this is just entertainment. If I find too nasty to have any joy or inspiration from reading shit, then I just ignore and move on to other threads. Who would be stupid enough to care about crap coming from keyboard nugus so seriously? Not me! LOL

      • @Mona I have absolutely no pony in this fight, and as much as I enjoy some popcorn here, I must ask you, what do you mean by “lower asian”? Multiple times you keep saying it, why?

  7. But this is normal for Yang Zi, are we pretending now we don’t know this is how she operates?

    It’s always, always the same pattern. Hype CP, drama ends, pretend YZ is being bullied by the male co-star and then show her as the brave girl standing up to it.

    I can understand if someone just started following cdramas but anyone who has been around for longer, especially for years, knows this is her classic bs after every single drama in order to garner sympathy and show herself as a strong woman. Nobody in China falls for this any longer.

    • Wow! didn’t know she had this much power to yield what fans will write or even their thoughts! Damn, talk about power! lol C-Ent must be kneeling to every request she makes!

      • I can hear the sarcasm in that😂😂, these comments are painting her to be a goddess that can control other people’s minds, they really need help

      • I have to say I am also so surprised YangZi can do all these repeatedly and yet actors themselves who worked with her only has good things to say. Just the fans seem to have problems. YangZi will not be short of male artistes who will work with her. B*tch all everyone wants. Who knows what really goes on.
        Watch what each like and ignore those they dont like.

      • @Voo
        Because in China, those fandom are actually operated by studio. They managed those groups and the ‘insider’ that spread the info about their idol. Of course we don’t know if that’s really what happened. So take this with grain of salt and don’t easily believe those kind of news

      • @Voo

        Tan Jianci fandom already had their fights with Yang Zi because you guys couldn’t take that he exploded. You were attacking that poor man during the broadcast already to such an extent that it was disgusting. Try mentioning her to any Chinese fan of his and let’s see what pours out.

        Of course TJC and now DW are both terrible people because naturally, they are both bullying poor YZ, just like everyone else before them. It is never her, it is always everyone else.

        It’s not like YZ fans suddenly attacked DW and started leaving the most disgusting comments out of nowhere and then when DW fans demanded they stop, with evidence, YZ fans suddenly turned crying bullying and oh no, poor YZ. Or shall we bring up that hot search?

        You can cry here and wave your hands around playing dumb because this is the international space and most people don’t speak Mandarin but some of us do. And we have seen what happened now, what has happened during the broadcast and what has happened before on her other dramas. Or shall we consult fans of numerous other women celebrities who have had to endure horrifying mysoginistic bullying by YZ fans? Boy do they have stories to tell.

        Your 800 million and 0.1 queen is after all very, very famous in China. That she is not famous for the things you would like her to be, is only her problem, not anyone else’s.

      • @Ehh,

        You actually think I give a crap how fans react to YZ or any of her costars? I see them all as deranged because they are fighting for nothing. YZ and her costars aren’t fighting with each other, ONLY their fans are. I could careless what fans want. I’m here to watch whats on my screen as they play their characters, not what stupid fans want to conjure up outside of their shows.

      • @Voo

        And as a typical YZ fan when presented with facts that don’t agree with you, you are going to play dumb and talk about something else.

        It’s funny.

      • @Ehh

        Don’t speak of your “facts” as if they are validated. BTW, I’m not a YZ fan, I just find it hilarious how these fans have nothing else better to do. If these celebrities were such awful people how are they getting work? Fans hate them yet they are quite admired by producers and their working peers. This just shows, fans have nothing else better to do but make up “facts.” Now THAT is funny.

      • @Ehh

        Lol why does this discourse look so familiar?

        I just find amusing (not specifically any celebrity) that when it suits, it’s work ethic that gets roles, when it doesn’t, it’s nepotism or capital or some other reason.

    • Wasn’t Deng Wi involved in controversy for having a bad attitude? It is curious that Yang Zi is now the target. Lol. They are drowning in a glass of water. It’s also ridiculous how they bring up unrelated issues to dirty Yang Zi’s name.

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  9. I don’t know why ppl are blaming Yangzi for Dengwei fans actions 😂😂 it’s just so stupid and sad🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️, his fans are looking for recognition and decided to use her as bait, it is really sad though. The others saying that all her costars fandoms do this are just dumb😂😂, except for Xiao Zhan’s fandom that is know to fight every FL of Xiao zhan, I haven’t really heard of another, nothing from even tanjianci’s and Zhangwanyi’s fandom. I really hopes this stops though. It’s really not good as they look like good friends in real life

    • Because many fans hates their male idols get on with YangZi and enjoy working with her. Thus we just read so many fans who have only negative things to say. They clearly want their idols to ghost YangZi and push her out of the industry. Their hatred or dislike is just so strong. All against someone they dont even know, but think they know well… isnt it laughable?

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  11. I AGREE with WeiWei’s fans! After the show she NEVER continued complemented or acknowledged his work! He brought in so many fans! JING is very well LOVED! Even when his character was not even that POPULAR in the novel, the YAO❤️JING couple was NUMBER 1 for months! Yang Zi also acted well in LYF, but Without WeiWei’s JING, I don’t think Lost You Forever would been this successful! I would not even finished watching! I don’t like the other characters or actors (no offense)! WeiWei’s contribution should have been acknowledged! Why isn’t he going to the Tencent award? That’s so fishy! Why isn’t Yang Zi saying anything? Are they scared he will get big?? I feel so sad for him.

    • Deng Wei is an average actor. He didn’t even have chemistry with Yang Zi. The character that has generated the most discussion is Xiang Liu in both the novel and the adaptation. He’s not my type, but he’s the best written character in both.

      • Agree, both the drama and the book Xiang Lui are well thought of and acted. Jing was really just a passive rich character. Cang Xuan was a better characterisation than Jing. From LFY cast performance, Deng Wei’s Jing didnt really stand out. He is expected to be better fleshed out in S2 though.

    • LOL, she doesn’t need to compliment him if he was good. DW should not have accepted this role, especially if his fans can’t stand criticism and truth.

      • Pls tell them, why should she compliment him, it’s not like her compliment is going to determine his future 😂😂 @anon is a candid YZ hater, he/she needs to get a life

  12. It’s a normal fandom fight. It started with YZ fans attacking a random post by someone who clearly was a fan with multiple biases who posted something negative about YZ. That post was like 3 days old with no likes,replies or reposts. YZ’s fans attacked that post ferociously leaving hundreds of vile comments that extended to DW himself. DW fandom reported that person and asked that YZ anti-antis group also punish the fans that badmouthed DW. However, YZ’s group ignored them, in fact they went on to suggest sarcastically that they should buy a hotsearch saying that DW outacts YZ. DW fans decided to retaliate by making loud demands under YZ studios that they punish the YZ fans that were especially vile. They had screenshots of everything with timeline. But then YZ fans started playing the victim and says DW fans are bullying them. Now they are taunting that DW fans have all ran away, branding him as an ingrate,etc. By the way, YZ has over 60 millions fans while DW has about 5 million fans.

    Having said all that, it’s still just between fandoms. I’m pretty sure the actors themselves don’t care. And fandoms itself is quite split so there’s many fans who don’t care as well. I am only posting this to show the other pov.

  13. Of course SNAKE was more popular because the book fans was ALREADY bias! No one expected WeiWei to do this well and make JING’s character just as popular and well liked! No CHEMISTRY? That’s your opinion, millions of other are not BLIND! Why do you think the YAOJING couple out beat the others? Because we have EYES!

    • Blind? No. I’m not delusional like you, I’m looking for real numbers and not things fabricated by fans. YaoJing is the couple the author decided should end up together, so your fallacy is bland. LOL. Go cry a river! Lol.

      • Did I HURT your feelings? I’m only stating my opinion and what others I’ve be chatting have been discussing! Not my fault you are BLIND!

      • @Anon Hurt? No, your comments are funny, keep writing. LOL. If I’m bling, why you are even replying to me? LOL. GYST.

  14. Are these official fan clubs? If not why should the stars be blamed for the so called fans shenenigans? The stars can’t control them. China govt can’t even control them.

    • Studio always manage those big fandom groups, of course, we don’t know if the studio had a hand in this. So take this with a grain of salt and don’t easily believe in anything

      • @ Yuhyi

        Sometimes I thought it would be fun to read these comments – turned out it gave me more headache instead. 😵‍💫

  15. I’m LAUGHING at how obvious that Mona is trolling and this Somebody person is still taking the bait and replying with long-ass serious essays lmao 😂😂😂
    I guess some people really just need to have the last word, even if continuing to argue makes them look like a clown 😂😂😂

    But go ahead and continue, it’s very entertaining to me and no doubt to others as well who are reading the comments LMFAO

    • LOL. I certainly knew Mona or Mina or whoever nugus were trolling. Yeah sure I planned to have the last words as long as I have time trolling back. LMAO. It didn’t bother me to quickly tackle back with a few short paragraphs. To many, those are long a$$ essay. To me, it’s like writing a few notes compared with composing the whole movement of a symphony. LOL. I’ve been used to writing executive reports and constantly have written communication with clients for years. Pieces of cakes to get trolls off crippled high horses with just a few lines. LOL. Most of those quick lines were dropped during my brief coffee break from work. If I’m annoyed after work, then I’m just off to watch dramas. Easy!

      I’m certainly happy to contribute to traffic of Koala’s site. Why not? LOL. She’s been doing a fantastic job managing this site for years. Her site is more interesting than uncreative and humdrum Reddit with boring posts and questions. She deserves higher traffic. LOL

  16. @Anon what do you mean by yang zi didn’t acknowledge DW? I wasn’t able to understand that and you connected that bcz she didn’t acknowledge his acting he was not able to nominate for tencent like do you think that yang zi is the one who controls award shows. It literally doesn’t matter if she acknowledge him or not as doesn’t it depend upon fans whom they would like to win etc. We even don’t know the the relations between the actors it’s just there fandoms fighting while both of them are completely fine with each other
    BEFORE ATTACKING ME I SHOULD TELL YOU I AM NEITHER YZ FAN NOR DW FAN i just commented on your post bcz I thought u need some help

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