HK-netizens Irked by Signs of Impending Comeback by Cheating Husband Singer-Actor Andy Hui

Imma stick the post topper picture of recently retired from HK-ent singer-actor Andy Hui with his cheating partner disgraced actress Jacqueline Wong because let’s not forget (this fast or ever at all) about his douchebaggery. Andy was caught three months ago cheating on his long time partner and wife top singer Sammi Cheng with a long make out session in the back of a taxi with Jacqueline. She was cast as the temptress, and her boyfriend broke up with her. He held a tears, snot, and contrition filled press conference, accepted responsibility and declared he was retiring from HK-ent as penance and to repair his marriage to Sammi.

She actually forgave him and took him back, which I cannot judge because it’s her marriage, but I can judge the recent back-in-the-spotlight signs that Andy may be returning to showbiz and on the backs of his wife’s fame. They were caught prominently jogging together and he was spotted at the location of her upcoming concert venue. Her fans boo’d him (thank god there is some sanity there), and I hope HK-fans in general kill any attempted comeback by having none of it, because the world is too short to give money to a grade-A jackass. Continue reading