Fukushi Sota Racks Up More Manga Leading Man Credits in Live-action Strobe Edge Movie

There’s a new manga to live-action movie adaptation that hit the big screens in Japan this month. Starring Fukushi Sota and Arimura Kasuma as high school students in a sweet shoujo romance setting, Strobe Edge is the second popular manga by writer Sakisaka Io to get the big screen treatment after Blue Spring Ride (Ao Spring Ride) was turned into a movie last year. Her mangas are not my usual cup of tea, too cute and slow with not much happening, but there is a relaxing vibe that makes sense why it would appeal to the young girls demographic.

I like Strobe Edge the story more than Blue Spring Ride, plus Fukushi Sota is my lil’ boo more than Blue Spring Ride male lead Higashide Masahiro, so I checked out the movie preview and really liked the mood and the cast. Relative newcomer Arimura Kasuma looks like Nagasawa Masami‘s little sister and has a warm inviting aura, not to mention Sota is starting to rack up his manga male lead cred now that he’s also done Say I Love You with Kawaguchi Haruna. I especially love the pretty in pink but not saccharine movie posters.  Continue reading