J-dorama Version of You From Another Star Airing on Amazon Prime Gets Panned for Miscasting of Fukushi Sota and Yamamoto Mizuki After Release of First Trailer

Hahahaha, OMG this looks sooooooooo bad. Like, mwahahahaha trainwreck level bad potentially. The first trailer is out for the J-version of You From Another Star (My Love From the Stars) which premieres on Amazon Prime streaming on February 23, and one wonders if there is still time to re-cast and re-film the entire thing. Starring Fukushi Sota and Yamamoto Mizuki, the first preview is like a cut rate knock-off in the opposite quality vein of Go Princess Go and Queen Cheorin (Mr. Queen). That drama has GPG being super cheap in production quality due to having no budget but the K-remake ended up having the budget to delivery a more visually appealing elevated watch experience. Here it looks the opposite, the original YFAS was glorious on the outfits and accessories and leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun had the beautiful top actress and handsome alien professor visuals and acting ability. But here Sota has the looks but about as much range as my busted rotator cuff and Mizuki does not have the right attitude and aura to convincingly pull off the top actress role. Watching the preview I legit vacillated between mild cringing and feeling bad for the two leads because they should not have been offered their roles to begin with, and they also don’t showcase any chemistry from the previews alone. Amazon JP actually turned off the comments feature on this official preview inYoutube so you can guess what they are trying to limit in terms of mass panning.

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