Hou Min Hao and Zhou Ye’s Xianxia C-drama Back from the Brink Drops New Posters

So…….I find myself quite looking forward to the next Youku xianxia C-drama Back From the Back after the latest preview came out this week. The drama is confirmed for a May 10th premiere after the (rocks fall down?) ending of Till the End of the Moon next Tuesyday. The latest preview is just adorable, leaning heavily on the stoic dragon out of water presence of Hou Min Hao and the perky and plucky natural vibe of Zhou Ye. The drama is also hilarious in that the two leads have the same hairstyle lolol I think this is a first in a period C-drama and even better is that both look great in the same look! So far this drama is preview promising and we’ll know next week what the full picture is like.

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High Profile Period C-dramas Forbidden Love and Back From the Brink are Supposedly on Deck for December 2022 Airing

I continue to believe it when I see it with upcoming C-drama airings but it’s useful to check in occasionally. For December 2022, there are a slew of on deck dramas both period and modern, more modern ones but for … Continue reading