C-drama Unchained Love with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi Head into Final Stretch of Airing with Reviews Getting Better

C-drama Unchained Love has aired 22-episodes out of the total 36 so it’s into the final stretch of airing and I thought to check in. Surprisingly the reviews and audience feedback is getting better, I noticed since about episode 14 the chatter has turned positive and not just from the diehard fandom. I think it’s much too long for a drama to start getting good as most general viewers will have left by then but it’s also a positive thing for the drama ultimately as it can win back viewers and also hope for a solid complete airing when it finishes. I don’t think this drama will deliver another boost to Dylan Wang‘s popularity the way Love Between Fairy and Devil did but at least it doesn’t hurt it and he’s staying in the limelight consistently to maintain his buzz.

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Unchained Love with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi Debuts to 7.3 on Douban Ranking Surprisingly High for the Mostly Poor Reviews

It’s been a week since period romance C-drama Unchained Love (Forbidden Love) premiered and the first Douban audience ratings are out of a decent 7.3. It seems high to be since the reviews have been more negative but then again … Continue reading

C-drama Forbidden Love Pours Cold Water on the Warm Early Excitement with Terrible Reviews on the Acting of Both Leads Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi

The last C-drama to premiere before year end 2022 is unfortunately an early reviews dud. Sure it can get better but Forbidden Love (also called Unchained Love) with Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi (Yukee Chen) takes the former back … Continue reading

High Profile Period C-dramas Forbidden Love and Back From the Brink are Supposedly on Deck for December 2022 Airing

I continue to believe it when I see it with upcoming C-drama airings but it’s useful to check in occasionally. For December 2022, there are a slew of on deck dramas both period and modern, more modern ones but for … Continue reading

First Preview and Many Pretty Stills for Dylan Wang and Chen Yu Qi’s Upcoming Court Intrigue Drama Forbidden Love

I’ve written off Thousand Years for You as quickly as I got excited about it so let’s take the next batch of C-dramas that interest me a bit slower. One is Forbidden Love (浮图缘 Fu Tu Yuan) a court intrigue … Continue reading