Organ Harvesting and an Earthquake Intersect for Double the Danger to Jin Seon Kyu in TVing Thriller Drama Bargain

There are two urban fears for the price of one drama in upcoming TVing series Bargain, slate to air in October at a brisk 6-episode run. Jin Seon Kyu plays a business man who thinks he’s going to a seedy motel for a quick pay-to-play frisky fun with Jeon Jong Seo’s character and ends up in organ harvesting ring being put up for auction. If that wasn’t bad enough, or perhaps it’s the best thing that could happen to him before he’s sliced and diced, a massive earthquake takes down the building and many baddies with it. Before long, everyone’s fighting to survive, and maybe even snatch an organ or two along the way. The preview is out and this drama really needs the intensity of two award winning movie actors to not get overwhelmed by the intensity.

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