C-stars Tong Li Ta and Chen Si Cheng Divorce After Nearly 10 Years of Marriage, Netizens Celebrate Since He’s Been Spotted Repeatedly Cheating on Her

I tend to see dating/breakup or marriage/divorce news from East Asian entertainment industries in close proximity, perhaps it’s the idea that a good news makes a couple with bad news want to release it so it gets less attention. Who knows. C-ent has two new singles as married acting couple Tong Li Ya and Chen Si Cheng announced on May 20th (520 or I Love You day) that they were divorced. It was a lowkey announcement from both with the usual thank you and heading in new directions talk. The more interesting news is C-netizens throwing her a hashtag congrats party as everyone and their mothers have been telling her that she can do better than be married to a douchebag who has multiple times been accused of cheating on her (complete with tabloid pictures at times). News of their divorce was actually censored by the Chinese government for many hours with hashtags pulled and articles blocked before allowing it through, as earlier this year the authorities announced that a 30% increase in divorce rates was alarming and they were asking couples to undergo a “cooling off period” before embarking on a divorce. So celeb divorces are being frowned upon right now as it seems to okay divorcing. Whatevs, I hope these two co-parent their son sensibly and onwards to better futures.

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