Tangren Releases First Official Posters for Bu Bu Jing Qing with Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi

So this confirms it – the only original cast members back for the sequel to Bu Bu Jing Xin will be Nicky Wu (4th Prince), Liu Shi Shi (Ruo Xi/Zhang Xiao), Ye Zhu Xin (10th Prince), and Damian Lau (Emperor Kangxi). The rest of the princes and ladies may make a cameo appearance but nothing is confirmed at this time. Tangren just released the official drama and character posters for Bu Bu Jing Qing, and HOMG do I want to take a bat to it. I’m fine with Nicky and Shi Shi, his hair looks good and she looks a bit too severe but she always bring it in the end. What pisses me off is the confirmation of the rumors that Tangren will shove its talentless hack Jiang Jing Fu into this drama are true – lo and behold he’s playing guy2. UGH. Seriously, double ugh. This is the guy who played the lead in Tangren’s fantasy period drama Xuan Yuan Jian (Sword of Heaven) over Hu Ge and dude stunk up the joint. He played OTP with Liu Shi Shi and I felt like she was babysitting him both in terms of acting and chemistry. I know Lin Geng Xin is being an ungrateful baby in publicly bickering with Tangren and refusing do to BBJQ, but if he has to deal with the agency promoting Jiang Jing Fu over him (Lin Geng Xin was guy3 in XYJ) I can’t say I wouldn’t want out of my contract if I were in his shoes. With Kevin Cheng (8th Prince), Yuan Hong (13th Prince), Han Dong (9th Prince), and Lin Geng Xin (14th Prince) all out, stepping in will be the aforementioned Jiang Jing Fu, Sun Yi Zhou and baby-faced Chen Xiao to round out the male cast. The tagline for the drama is as written on the poster “If one day you left this place, I will go to your world to find you.” This sounds all romantic and fated but man am I wallowing in a pit of disappointment that the so-called sequel to BBJX turned out not to be a sequel but instead really just a modern C-drama with Nicky and Shi Shi playing the OTP. This was supposed to extend the chemistry of the original cast and give some closure for the super sad ending of BBJX but now that remains a pipe dream. Continue reading