Vic Zhou and Ella Ham It Up Guest Hosting a Variety Program

It’s official. Every moody actor on the planet simply must star opposite Ella. It’s better than getting therapy. The woman famously turned Taiwan’s surliest hot shot Jerry Yan into a smiling, laughing, giddy man-boy on the set of Down With Love. Now she’s turned serious and sensitive Vic Zhou into a complete clown. I love it. Ella and Zai Zai guest hosted a variety show segment for a Chinese program, and stills were released of the two of them having a blast together and losing their marbles having too much fun. Ella has always been known for having absolutely no airs, but now she’s just knocking it out of the park with Zai Zai during their promotional circuit for Perfect Two. Their happiness is contagious, and hopefully brings a smile or two to everyone’s face. Continue reading