Vic Zhou and Ella Drop a Stylish and Playful Photo Spread

Ella and Vic Zhou‘s movie Perfect Two just opened to a grand slam box office showing, easily taking first place over the holiday weekend in Taiwan. If Zai Zai were vindictive he might be mumbling “take that, Black & White!” under his breath, but I think he’s got better things to enjoy these days. In addition to doing the promotional circuit and being dorky and funny with Ella, the two of them recently did a very gorgeous photo spread for a Chinese periodical. It’s one where Ella will astound you with her final transformation from tomboy into full-fledged lady, while Zai Zai just pulls out the big guns and drops his most ridiculously handsome visage in each and every shot. You know that song “Hey Mickey?” I actually started humming the refrain when I saw these pictures of my Zai Zai. Oh baby, you’re so fine, you’re so in fine you blow my mind, hey baby. Just a reminder, look but no touchy touchy on my guy, m’kay? Continue reading