Vic Zhou and Ella Tape Kangxi to Promote their Movie Perfect Two

What a difference a shave and a few pounds make. Vic Zhou is back in Taiwan after wrapping his period epic movie Saving General Yang, arriving just in time to attend the Golden Horse Awards with Ella to start promotions for their new movie Perfect Two (Chinese title Destiny’s Pair). It’s so good to see my Zai Zai so cheerful and carefree after a period where he seemed really melancholy whilst making heavier dramas. The cast of Perfect Two attended the taping of Kangxi, a well-known talk show hosted by Kevin Tsai and Dee Hsu (also known as Xiao S, little sister of Da S Barbie Hsu).

The episode hasn’t aired yet but the stills are out and oh holy everyone looks like they had a blast. Especially Xiao Xiao Bin and his onscreen daddy.Β This is Zai Zai’s first time back on the show since that horribly awkward visit two years ago when he was promoting Black & White and Xiao S basically went to town on him making very pointed remarks about his breakup with her sister. That pissed me off. But this time all was well, since time heals everything, and who can possibly not have fun with Xiao Xiao Bin around. Have some more adorbs pictures after the jump.

Ella asked Xiao S not to ask about her marriage rumors, so Xiao S complied and instead asked about her dating rumors. HA. Glad to see Xiao S has perfected her tabloid interview techniques. Ella was very sweet and gracious and admitted for the first time on any media forum that she is dating someone, and it’s been going on for over a year. They started out as friends from three years ago, and later it grew into something more. She still gets butterflies when she holds his hand. When asked if he has issues with her acting out certain scenes, Ella replied that he understands the nature of her job as an actor and he doesn’t watch any of her works. There are no plans to get married as of yet. When Ella asked why she was the only one being asked these questions and pointed at Zai Zai, Xiao S had the decency to admit he’s been her target many times before and they finally convinced him to come on the show so he’s getting a break from her incessant questions about his love life.

I know he’s cute and all, but not sure Zai Zai should be putting his onscreen son in a headlock. That’s some questionable parenting skills I’m seeing.

I have no clue what is going on here. Maybe the man-child-thing wants Zai Zai to adopt him.

I think Director Zhu really nailed it with this casting. The chemistry is palpable, and Xiao Xiao Bin is turning out to be not a one-hit wonder and developing quite nicely as a child actor.

In closing, have some solo Zai Zai, just for our enjoyment. Siiiiiigh, I can watch him smile all day long. As for the movie, it’s getting a prime release date in Taiwan – Lunar New Year eve 2012. Sweet.


Vic Zhou and Ella Tape Kangxi to Promote their Movie Perfect Two — 25 Comments

  1. He looks sooo good with his new short-hair!! I was quite indifferent to him before. But this new clean-cut style really makes me want to watch him onscreen now.

  2. I admit I got a shock when I first heard about this, because last I heard, Da S was taking over hosting duties while Xiao S went on break. That would have been a super awkward interview… haha. I guess they got Xiao S back for this one, which is great because I always get a kick out of her when I watch this show.

    Anyway, everyone is adorable in this. I’d say Zai Zai is even cuter in these stills than Xiao Xiao Bin is. They’re cuter together, though, hehe. Can’t wait for this episode to air!

    “I have no clue what is going on here. Maybe the man-child-thing wants Zai Zai to adopt him.”
    ^ LOL. Chen Handian, you’re gonna have to compete with XXB there. πŸ˜›

  3. That kid is sooo cute, although precocious children can be a little bit scary. ¬¬
    Despite the seizure inducing pants, Ella’s working that outfit. She looks so sophisticated especially with that longer hair!

    • yes right she looks fab so Ella can be smoothly woman right it’s all in the mind and feel and yes I love Zai zai here the chemistry between him and the kid makes me wonder how he will be as a dad…. I’m all SMILES!!!! πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m really loving Ella’s new more feminine look.
    Love her long hair and outfit!
    She looks much more mature and hopefully will not be labled as ‘the tom-boy part of SHE’ anymore.

  5. Ahh Xiao S does that to both Vic and Blue, I have mixed feelings about it.
    glad Ella’s making an appearance too, this is sure to be an entertaining episode.

  6. Thank you, Mrs Koala, for the numerous pics showing Zai Zai looking indeed much better than in the recent months. Healthier and happier. \o/

    Great chemistry with his co-stars as well.

  7. I watched that B&W interview and I was annoyed as well. It was extremely awkward and uncalled for especially since the break up was admittedly eons ago…
    Anywho everyone looks adorable and I can’t wait for this film. Love Ella and Vic together. Uh! It’s gonna be forever till I see this, ne? (sigh)

  8. So ahppy to see photos of Vic not looking so gaunt. And I love his smiles.

    And Ella’s looking so feminine. I hope she gets into a drama where she acts and dressed femininely.

    And that adorable boy, he has so much rapport with Vic, huh?

    • Big check on your comment yup a different Ella…the world can’t wait…. πŸ˜‰ maybe a brat one and chick….then a transformation to a street rat….so challenging πŸ˜‰

  9. Thanks! Vic Zhou and the kid look so adorable. Never seen ZZ in a dad role. Just finished episode 2 of Black and White where it ended him being shot, goodness. I’m just so glad i could watch the next few scenes right away.

  10. Zai Zai look more handsome and Ella look very beautiful with her long hair plus Xiao Xiao Bin always very cute…can’t wait to see their perform together πŸ™‚

  11. I really missed Vic. Xiao Bin is as cute as ever! I have adored that cute kid ever since Autumn’s concerto. I want Vaness to be his daddy forever though. I’ll have to wait and see Vic play daddy.

  12. So pleased to see Vic looking so handsome and gaining weight at last. Ella looked glamorous here and Xiaoxiao Bin still very cute and adorable as always. Can’t wait to see this movie.

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