Ahn Bo Hyun Steps in for Kim Sun Ho in Romance Movie 2 O’Clock Date with Yoona While Lee Hyun Woo Takes Over in Ensemble Film Dog Days

One out of three isn’t bad for K-actor Kim Sun Ho in crafting his slow comeback, and it looks like all projects are moving forward one with him and two without him. After his October scandal with his ex-girlfriend, Kim Sun Ho will remain filming the movie Sad Tropics but has been confirmed to be replaced in his other two scheduled movies 2 O’Clock Date and Dog Days. For the romance suspense movie 2 O’Clock Date with Yoona as the female lead, the new male lead will be Ahn Bo Hyun, continuing his high profile year in 2021 with Kairos, Yumi’s Cells, and My Name. For the other movie the ensemble piece Dog Days about a variety of characters and their dog interactions, totally my type of movie, Kim Sun Ho’s role will now be played by Lee Hyun Woo. Both movies are slated to film in early 2022 and for Kim Sun Ho he’s scheduled to start filming Sad Tropics with costars Go Ara and Kim Kang Woo in the near future.

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