Ahn Bo Hyun Steps in for Kim Sun Ho in Romance Movie 2 O’Clock Date with Yoona While Lee Hyun Woo Takes Over in Ensemble Film Dog Days

One out of three isn’t bad for K-actor Kim Sun Ho in crafting his slow comeback, and it looks like all projects are moving forward one with him and two without him. After his October scandal with his ex-girlfriend, Kim Sun Ho will remain filming the movie Sad Tropics but has been confirmed to be replaced in his other two scheduled movies 2 O’Clock Date and Dog Days. For the romance suspense movie 2 O’Clock Date with Yoona as the female lead, the new male lead will be Ahn Bo Hyun, continuing his high profile year in 2021 with Kairos, Yumi’s Cells, and My Name. For the other movie the ensemble piece Dog Days about a variety of characters and their dog interactions, totally my type of movie, Kim Sun Ho’s role will now be played by Lee Hyun Woo. Both movies are slated to film in early 2022 and for Kim Sun Ho he’s scheduled to start filming Sad Tropics with costars Go Ara and Kim Kang Woo in the near future.


Ahn Bo Hyun Steps in for Kim Sun Ho in Romance Movie 2 O’Clock Date with Yoona While Lee Hyun Woo Takes Over in Ensemble Film Dog Days — 58 Comments

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      • Because some people on this site need validation from Koala. They desperately want her to post about their faves and when she does, it better be all praises.

      • Her last opinion post about Kim Seon-Ho was this one:


        She spun the article and alleged that the facts exonerating him were lies that no one believed. Her take was proven completely wrong, and she hasn’t addressed that.

        I know that she is not a professional journalist and I guess she shouldn’t be held to those standards. But I do wonder if it’s right for a blogger to just say anything to whip people up based on false allegations then just walk away as if nothing happened when proven wrong.

      • @K

        Proven wrong by who? Just because you and your fellow delusional, brainwashed, horny oppalogists believe in that obviously paid PR hit piece by Sh/tpatch doesn’t mean Koala and anyone else is obliged to do the same. Now screw off and take that Spring fool and icallBS skank with you. Scumbags!

      • @ ? Reporter Kang Kyung Yoon who is known for digging up details of infamous Burning Sun scandal clarified that KSH didn’t have any role in subsequent media revelations of his scandal and he was thinking of leaving industry altogether. It was his acquaintances who came one after another to smash malicious narrative of his ex-gf who happens to be an ex-media person herself.

        KKJ must have more integrity than koala. Right.

        While you are at it, can you give us proof that original post by KSH’s ex-gf was truthful? Or he is worst possible human as his ex-clamied? Or he did media play to save his face like Koala claimed?

      • Oh hi “?” didn’t know you were policing all the KSH comments here. You always come out of your hidey-hole when his name gets mentioned eh? Such dedication. Such intelligence and substance in your replies, too! Your parents certainly made a good investment paying for your education and internet cause you look like you’re going places ? ?? ??

        Perhaps if koala talked about your oppa jh more.. or your bae… you’d be less shouty & butthurt? Oooof ?

  2. Yoona and her ever successful movie career will forever be a surprise to me. 10 years ago never thought it was even possible but look at her now blue dragon nominee for best actress. Feels like she became a chungmroo elite over night.

    • She has two Best Actress nominations in such a short time. Blue Dragon Awards usually give Best Actress nominations to senior actresses, so its surprising they love Yoona so much. If you look at all the trendy actresses around her age(Kim Go Eun, Kim Tae Ri, Park Shin Hye, Park So Dam, IU, Suzy etc) shes been most recgonised by BDA, shes chungmuros new darling.

  3. Thank god,truthfully both actors are much better actor than him,and cheaper too.they can use the extra money to pay more money, to the crew.

  4. Lucky Yoona! She got an upgraded male lead. Ahn Bo Hyun is a superior actor and so much more handsome and sexy than that other guy.

      • I love Ahn Bo Hyun more too in terms of acting and charisma. It’s not Kim Sun Ho is bad though. he is good too. Just prefer Ahn Bo Hyun range more.preference i guess.

      • From watching Ahn Bo Hyun’s projects. ABH is more talented, more versatile, more charisma and obviously much better looking.

    • @Sarah Fair enough. KSH hasn’t played variety of roles on the screen. He debuted too late and struggled a lot. But he has worked in theater for more than a decade. He has all shades of characters in his repertoire. His performances were acclaimed so I don’t think he lacks ‘range’. Unlike his tv image he had many complex and darker character there.

      • theater is different from acting on tv. Doesn’t mean he’s good at theater he can grace the tv screen acting too. his fans really look up too much of his acting when he isn’t all that. I still find him mediocre in his works

      • @heln

        Did I say theater acting and screen acting are same?
        Did I even praise his acting skills?
        Do I need to take your personal taste into consideration?

  5. I’ve been watching Ahn Bo Hyun since Kairos and sadly he does not hold a candle to KSH acting-wise. Sorrynotsorry just being “neutral” here like ?? And who tf is Lee Hyun Woo lol. Obvs both downgrades but who cares right as long as they maintain their virginal, lily-white images to please all the uptight K-viewers ??

    And before all the loser KSH haters come at me, I’m not fangirling over this guy but I know acting talent when I see one, and right now with that being pretty thin on the ground in K-ent they should start focusing on that instead of their BS hard-ons for goody-two-shoes.

    • Hahaha…a fangirl trying so hard to prove she’s not a fangirl by dissing the other actors in favor of her trash oppa whose ‘virginal lily-white’ and ‘goody-two-shoes’ image that helped propel him out of nugudom to stardom was exposed as a giant fraud. What a cowardly loser you are like your oppa. At least, be brave and own up to being his fangirl. He’s been replaced with far more talented and attractive actors. Since you can’t deal with it, why don’t you take that candle and shove it up your cooch while thinking of your piece of sh/t oppa like the delusional, horny oppalogist skank you are.

    • Wtf is lee hyun woo? I just now ur either a kid or someone new to kdrama. Not knowing someone doesn’t make them anyless of an actor. And yes u are fangirling.

      • Ooohlala. Thanks for thinking I’m a kid, will take that as a compliment ? It really tickles me riling up KSH haters cause they always take the bait. It’s like watching your enemy burn their own house down, fun times! Keep talking sh* about KSH, I’m just here for the comments? ?

      • @icallbs lol then its the someone new to kdrama. Google’s free. Go and look up lee hyun woo… And pls, i’m neither fan nor hater of ksh. I didnt like ur statement about lhw and that’s it. Y’all can fight over ksh and i couldn’t care less ?People who generalized “oppas” fans as delusional and those that think that the rest of the world except fans are haters is the same in my vocabulary.

    • Wow, you don’t even know lee hyun woo? He’s been in the industry much longer than ksh. If you don’t know him, then google him or smth. Don’t be arrogant asking who is he with that mocking tone. I’m not a fan of lee hyun woo, but it’s just unsettling that you talk about him in that tone just because you don’t know who he is.

      • What I’ve learned from watching the youngster kdrama stans: drop one stink bomb and they all come gathering like flies ? Love the woke generation who fights online for their idols like their whole survival depended on it. ? knows it too & often stirs up some sh* to get loads of commenting going on here lol

        Lhw has not had any substantial roles, dramas or acting accolades in many years. That’s what I meant when I said who tf is he. But suuuuure, if you think he’s the pits go for it ?

        @ ? I see you’re still sticking to KSH comments like some badly chewed up gum. Keep crying about me fangirling.. but let me tell you one thing… I’m a dude. Stay mad ?

    • you don’t know lee hyun woo who is debuting earlier than your new actor kim sunho. you must be a kid or new to kdramaland. lee hyunwoo is a male lead first than kim sunho. he was a child actor and he is in kdrama first as male lead before park bogum. before bogum even popular he was nickname as lee hyunwoo lookalike. you must be kpop fans turned kim sunho’s fans that’s why you don’t know lee hyunwoo

      • LOOOOOOL ‘MKAAAAAY keep guessing about my secret identity you’ll get it right someday ?????

  6. I prefer KSH as an actor than ABH and LHW. If I can understand ABH’s casting, I really don’t understand for LHW. He looks really younger than KSH, he’s pretty short too. I wonder if they will make some changes for this role.

    • Hmm, so many actors on Dog days, probably each actors will have short screen time to tell their story with their dogs. 2 oclock is a rom com, many had waited for KSH n yonna, they are called them disney couple, so cute. Well never mind, i beleive there be future opportunity for them.

  7. @__

    Name-calling those who disagree with you “delusional, horny oppalogists” is just a result of your indoctrination. You’re just speaking from a pre-written script written by Koala. It’s her stock in trade, what brings in the clicks and dollars for her blog.

    Koala’s failure to address the topic now, when she was gleefully all over it when the scandal was at its peak negativity – speaks volumes.

    If you choose to hate a celebrity and all his fans based on false allegations by a proven liar, that’s your call.

  8. if industry choosing to replace kim sunho then he must not really revived his acting career like his fans boasted about. just talking. I’m no mood to fight his insane fanatics of that shitface looking actor

  9. @K Koala stopped the wall to wall coverage of the “scandal” once the tide turned against Miss Choi. The ignorant feminazis stuck in Koala’s basement probably don’t know that their precious Noona has gone MIA after being exposed as a liar. They should take the cue from their ring leader and stop embarrassing themselves.

  10. I’m amazed how these rabid KSH fans are able to turn every forum involving him distasteful and ugly. Now everytime I hear name, all I can feel is cringe.

    • Uhhh is your reading comprehension okay? Most of the intelligent responses are all from his fans. Whereas his haters’ vocabulary are limited to “shit, skank, loser, ugly” and “oppa” with all its variety of spellings ? But we see what we choose to see so good on you for this observation ??

    • @Naber: His rabid fans are some of the most disgusting trolls. So crass and vile. If his fans are any indication, he only attracts the lowest common denominator.

      • @sunny and @naber, I absolutely agree with @blind comments and all his fans that wrote intelligently, rationally. Because of his fans I got to know reporter kang kyung yoon findings that there is no media play by KSH. That liar brother and her friends give proof of evidence that the accusation is false, many sensible people had turn round to support KSH. Those who continue to side that liar is slapping their own face, while that liar goes MIA. What one writes reflects on themselves of what one is make of, and sensible people can see but bias people don’t cos they are consume with their own hate.

      • I don’t care about him but how they manage to insult other actors one way or another every single time is disgusting and making me hate him when I don’t give a flying f*ck about him in the first place.

    • @naber fact is you are here shows that you care n minded about him. How do you know about what they say or did? Did you go to them to fight them? What a person do, brings judgment upon themselves, blaming others does not make anyone better than them.

  11. Damn, first Kim Go Eun, than Han So Hee and now Yoona? Ahn Bo Hyun snatching all korean darlings. Not complaining though , he is hot and talented, good for him.

  12. Denying your child for advertisement pay speaks volume about KSH as lover, man or future father. He isnt even a spring chicken himself and even if he did use her as fuck gal, every fall back is on himself too.

    • No advertisement in july 2020 (before start up drama) that liar lie in her false accusation post n you still believe her, letting her slapping your face.

    • On 7/7/20 he breaks with her due to her habit of lying.

      On 8/7/20 she sends a long apology message and he takes her back.

      On 24/7/20 she declares she is 6 weeks pregnant!

      She claimed that it happened ‘in just one go’. I’ll no go in the details of her gynecological history(PCOD and all) and subsequent maths of the pregnancy.

      KSH accepts the pregnancy, proposes marriage, fears he has to ditch his acting career and prepares to tell their parents. Meanwhile she is first to flirt with the idea of abortion.

      On 27/7/20 they agree for the abortion. We don’t know who persuaded whom due to lack of evidence or whether it was a mutual decesion.

      He introduces her to his parents, takes care of her and finally broke with her on April 2021(again due to her habit of lying).

      Meanwhile CYA has been busy drinking, partying around during pregnancy, after abortion and even after her infamous online post.

      Hope you’ve learned to keep things in perspective.

  13. I first noticed ABH as the detestable jerk in Itaewon Class. So when I saw him next in Yumi’s Cells it was quite a surprise to find him so likeable as Woong. I didn’t watch Kairos but heard good things about his acting. His latest project My Name I didn’t watch so I could safely say if the role fits him, he might be even better than KSH.

    Movies are a bit trickier since it is just an hour and half, so the character needs to be written interestingly.

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