SBS Soapy Melo An Empress’s Dignity Reaches 14.6% Rating in Episode 20 Near Halfway Point

My Wed-Thurs are currently preoccupied with tvN quiet slow burn romance Encounter (Boyfriend) but even if it wasn’t I don’t think I would still want to watch An Empress’s Dignity. None of the four leads Jang Nara, Shin Sung Rok, Choi Jin Hyuk, or Elliya Lee are must watches and the story line didn’t interest me initially as The King 2 Hearts already did the modern Korean monarchy conceit a few years ago. But then the drama started and folks watching were entertained and fascinated by what is reportedly wildly soap opera narrative and plot develops, with ratings steadily going up with the most recent episode 20 (out of a scheduled 48 episodes) reaching 14.6%. That’s fantastic for a non-cable drama in this day so congrats to the cast and crew. For viewers who are still watching, care to share what makes it so addicting to watch, or is it hate watching something that makes your blood boil?


SBS Soapy Melo An Empress’s Dignity Reaches 14.6% Rating in Episode 20 Near Halfway Point — 15 Comments

  1. I’m never one to watch makjang dramas but I started this for Jang Nara and Choi Jin Hyuk. But its one of those where its so crazy its good. The actors are clearly having the time of their lives being a little over the top, but its kind of pitch perfect for the genre. Every week its some new crazy twist. Its definitely turn your brain off TV but somehow its hitting that sweet spot of being crazy but also entertaining.

    • I agree with you since this is also the reason I watch and continue to love and enjoy this drama. I call this HQ Makjang drama where the cast is excellent, plot is also strong, addictive fun (despite it being ridiculous at times) and it knows how to make fun of itself and pleasing viewers.

  2. It’s a case of a drama that you haven’t completely written off , a drama that fills up the gap between MoA / Encounter ha ha . The last few episodes were off-the-wall . But at least now Jang Na-Ra protagonist character back – so that ups the motivation to keep watching . Thanks Ms Koala and Merry Christmas to all!

  3. it means, Korea watchers is still in love with MakJang drama. it makes you hooked for no apparent reason, You curse, but you can’t stop watching lol

  4. I’m gonna watch AED over a weekend of bingeing. I’m already committed to the long drawn out wait for MOA and Encounter which I’m happily following along with Clean with Passion now. However I accidentally fell across A pledge to God and OMG that is my die for K drama right now. I’m so drawn into that one drama it’s become an obsession because of the moral and ethical delimma the characters are faced with. Plus the main leads are all holding their own and if I start watching it raw it’s because I’m desperate to form my own conclusions before the subs are dropped. I also started watching Coffee do me a favour and that is a major headache but I’m a sucker for punishment and am still with it. That said J and C dramas are a much neeeded go to for peace of mind and easy on the heart relief if K dramas get too heavy.Peace all and Love always ?

  5. I check in now and then only for CJH.

    Jang Nara is a little irritating in this one … and Shin Sung-rok is his usual crazy self (a little typecast since You From The Star)

  6. Choi Jin Hyuk botoxed face in the latest episode made me continued to fathom why would he do that.
    Well actually it’s quite addictive.. Its like eating instant noodles nothing substantial but you just keep on going even though you know its bad. ^^

  7. Chins up for jang Nara! She’s the one celebrity who ventured early into Chinese drama industry
    She’s an all rounder for contemporary and historical. And from timid to tigress roles.
    Jang Nara, you’re great!

  8. I think Jang Nara is one of the most bankable TV stars. Throughout the years she consistently stars in projects that get good ratings. I like her and I think she has comedic talent.

    I love makjang (Baker King Kim Tak Gu is one of my all time faves, still) and will check this one out when it is available in my country.

  9. The plot is totally over the top, sometimes it doesnt even make sense. Its one of the rare dramas that you just accept as is and roll witg if because its highly entertaining. The bad characters are so bad that i want the empress to bring them all down.

    Maybe the reason for its success is there is a character to root for: the empress aka Jang Nara. Just like how viewers use to root for Tak Gu in Baking King Kim Tak Gu.

    And i do agree that the actors seem to have the time of their life acting out crazies in this. Haha

  10. This drama is like riding a rollercoaster complete with sudden jerks, swift ascents, trips thru a dark tunnel-the whole ride. It’s so over the top that it’s fun to watch. You have crazy, conniving, revenge driven, scheming people and full out chaos in the script!

  11. It’s crazy addictive. I’m watching for Jang Nara. My favorite character is the adorable grandma who dotes on Nara. Unfortunately, she was the only genuinely good character, who was on Nara’s side, gets killed. So now the evilness just feel a little too much to my liking. Not sure if I’ll continue watching.

  12. This is what we call the real MAKJANG where bad character is so bad and the good one is sooo good. But I love it lol…Long time I didn’t see this kinda platform again but it is proven that makjang still watchable if the writers know how to present it. The plot is unpredictable. The protagonist is not stupid. Jang Nara is nailed it. She deserve the daesang. Though romance is not a focus, I like a sweet caring of her and Choi Jin Hyuk. I’m sure if in this too much conflicts writer focus on romance, the plot will turn weird. I think the writer knows what she’s doing and I’m pretty sure she already know the endgame. All actors are superb. I think this is also make this drama becoming hit. Pretty sure 20% can be reached in few weeks later.

  13. 2018 hasn’t been the best year for k-dramas for me so it’s come as a complete surprise that I’m following An Empress’ Dignity at all.
    The main reason for it being is that some of the characters are so terrible I just really need to see them get their comeuppance.

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