Kim Soo Hyun Declines Netflix K-drama Finger and Rumored Female Lead Han Hyo Joo Also Passes Due to Scheduling Conflict

It’s a blank slate for Netflix original K-drama Finger, but with the situation as it is hopefully the production regroups to figure out the next steps. K-actor Kim Soo Hyun was in talks for the male lead of the drama but this week officially declined. I don’t think it means he won’t do a Netflix drama in the future, just not this one. Unofficially, the drama was courting Han Hyo Joo for the female lead and she was reportedly signed on as well, but had to drop out after her confirmed drama Moving with Jo In Sung pushed back filming start due to COVID-19 and ended up conflicted with Finger. I hope Kim Soo Hyun finds another K-drama this year, strike while the iron is hot and it does feel like there are still really interesting projects in the works.

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