New Netflix Thriller Drama Mask Girl with Go Hyun Jung and Nana Premieres to High Praise and Solid Viewership

I totally missed that this drama premiered last week goes to show it’s not my cup of tea. Netflix premiered Mask Girl, adapted from a popular dark webtoon, with three female leads all playing the same character. Newcomer Lee Han Byeol is getting rave reviews for her acting and visuals straight from the webtoon pages with Nana taking over post plastic surgery and Go Hyun Jung winding out the story as the older version. The drama got as high as number 2 on the worldwide viewership chart and remains in the top 10 a week later. It’s about the twists and turns of an ugly duckling wanting to be pretty and famous which sounds rather generic but reportedly the drama story is dark and twisty enough to be gripping.

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Lee Sung Kyung’s Pleated Donut Around Her Neck Encapsulates the Expensive and Weird Fashion Star Parade at Louis Vuitton Show in Seoul

There was the biggest star walk on Friday night at the 2023 Baeksang Awards but the next day a large contingent also paraded through for the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Seoul. To say it was underwhelming is an understatement, … Continue reading