Return Resumes Filming and Actress Park Jin Hee Confirmed to Take Over Go Hyun Jung’s Role

I’m relieved that the forward direction of beleaguered SBS Wed-Thurs drama Return is finally decided. Whatever the full truth is between the beef that led to the blowup altercation on the set with the PD and lead actress Go Hyun Jung, there is still other people in the cast and crew that did nothing and should not suffer even more under these circumstances. The drama has resumed filming this week and has confirmed that Park Jin Hee will be joining the drama taking over the role of lawyer Choi Ja Hye that Go Hyun Jung played.

Park Jin Hee is probably doing this as a favor to either SBS or the production team because she’s pregnant with her second child and this is a thankless task whereby she doesn’t get the proper credit and risks upsetting supporters of Go Hyun Jung. The one thing everyone can agree on is that the show should go on and Return viewers will see a return of the drama back on the airwaves in two weeks after the Winter Olympics wraps up.


Return Resumes Filming and Actress Park Jin Hee Confirmed to Take Over Go Hyun Jung’s Role — 18 Comments

  1. I am not watching the drama.However,the show must go on.All I have to say is, SBS needs to stop being petty and focus on the drama instead of wasting their energy with smear campaigning against GHJ with all the media articles.

      • so true. there are whispers that this smear campaign comes from her ex chaebol hubby as her son is of age to see her now. perhaps it’s to stop him from meeting up with his mom. If this is true, then this Return drama is actually very realistic in the portrayal of chaebol privilege and entitlement. Even that samsung heir got released and instead of being jailed is only on probation.

  2. Poor this prego woman, she will be compared to ghj. But both are great actresses so… She’ll handle this character well, hopefully. I wonder about the truth… But the drama must go on indeed… Goodluck!

  3. It was on my list to watch but I scratched it off. The smear campaign they have undertaken against GHJ makes me sick to my stomach and I don’t think I will watch another drama from SBS or the pd again.

    • Kinda reminds me of the Weinstein scandal, when an actress refused to have sex with him or fought back, their career is over as they are branded as someone who is ‘difficult’ to work with. In this case it’s GHJ vs SBS/PD/Samsung family and I’m firmly on her side.

  4. I actually like return very much, I think losing GHJ is not a big deal, to be honest, her screen time was short, thus it’s not gonna majorly affect the flow of the drama. She did not look healthy, her nose always looked red even when she was indoor as if she was having flu but I refrain myself to be judgemental on her acting as I have not seen any of her previous dramas.
    What drive me is the villains- they were superb and scene stealer.

    • Amy. She is one of best actresses. Sandglass, Spring day, What’s up fox? Dear my friends. I watched these dramas and loved her in these.

  5. Park Jin hee is a good actress. I’ll wait for “return”. I think that her screen time will be short too as she’s pregnant and the role of GHJ wasn’t well defined since the start(in my own opinion).Perhaps the reason GHJ left . SSR has the best part. But What matters is the work of a group. A drama is not just one person.

  6. I dropped this drama as I really thought it was going to be about a smart and strong female lawyer, but instead was disappointed because it ended up focusing more on the spoiled rich characters. Even though PJH is taking over, I doubt she’ll get more screen time than GHJ did. So, I don’t see the point of even adding her into the storyline if they are still going to focus more on the other characters. I hope GHJ finds an even better drama in the near future so she can make a comeback from all of this. It seems these days there are too many Kdramas with mediocre idol actors/actresses so it’ll be a shame to lose stars that actually have a talent for acting.

  7. All recent articles is to just so hard to see. If this is her ex’s doing then he’s damn villain in real life. He must still have feelings for her to still hold the grudge until this day. What an *hole! Isn’t her life hard enough without seeing her kids growing up. He was not the one giving birth to them. Him tearing them away was all wrong on all levels. Money really can’t buy happiness. Even if she was in the wrong, never letting her see the kids is sick. Now that her kids are old enough, they can make their own decisions.

  8. Amy:

    Sure she cheated on him and it was wrong but to not even let the kids see her all those years.. Now they’re big enough to decide for themselves and he’s still meddling. I think she paid enough for her wrong doings. Sure, they want to punish her but they ever thought those kids being without ever seeing their mother is like!

  9. There’s totally something called Parental Alienation, and folks who can afford exy manipulative lawyers can work it to their advantage.

    It’s seldom about Justice … it’s who can afford a better lawyer in ANY situation – kinda like real estate dealings (who’s client is easier to push to agree).

    Worse if up again the chae-bols … the nut-rage heiress was out there in the Olympics too. So much for remorse and resigning.

    Park Jin-hee … I kept wondering if she was EVER going to return.

  10. I watched two episodes of this show and was very impressed, but decided to pause watching it because I had other commitments. Hence I just downloaded it and read the news related to it. I am sad and disappointed that this is being done to a seasoned veteran actress GHJ, she has more than enough on her plate than to be attacked by the station. As for said attack or non attack to the PD, my opinion is that if it did happen there was a serious reason behind it, very few persons do that unless pushed to the extreme to retaliate. Her personal life notwithstanding – I wish her all the best in her future endeavors, hope she is emotionally okay/getting better and sincerely hope that she comes back on the small screen in the with a more friendlier and respectful PD and tv station. There is no need to attack her, it goes to show exactly how the station and the persons behind it immaturity & pettiness. There is also an extreme double standard being displayed here at their attacks to her because if it was a man who did or was going through the same or similar things that she has been through in her life both professionally & personally would they have treated him just the same. Though disappointed with how the whole thing has played out so far, it has not detracted me from wanting to watch the show as I have been taking a wait and see approach. I always wonder when shows and seeing the foolishness at times if the person playing the role ever has an opinion or thought as to the direction and if they are given the opportunity to voice them and would they be sincerely/respectfully listened to. SBS has answered for those curious ones – the answer is HELL NO!!

    Its unfortunate that Park Jin Hee had to come into this mess up, but she is overall a class act and I have missed her presence on screen. I look on it as her last work prior to going into to full parenthood so she can handle it. I just hope things in spite of GHJ’s absence improves on the set and the drama can be completed peacefully. I however, have no intention of watching it until the show is finished so in the interim I’ll just download and read at the sites. Park Jin Hee in my opinion for those avid fans out there of GHJ should not be penalized or vilified for helping out in a nasty situation, remember there are costars and the show must go on despite said challenges.

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