Angry Mom Holds Girl Power Focused Press Conference and Premieres Wednesday

Tomorrow will be a dueling test of how much Hyde, Jekyll, Me will continue to in infuriate me with what swill passes for plot in that drama versus how much I’ll end up liking the newcomer drama Angry Mom. I loved its predecessor Kill Me Heal Me but that story reached a satisfying conclusion so I’m not sad to see it go. The teasers for Angry Mom have kept my interest high in a drama about a former high school delinquent turned doting mom who goes back to high school undercover to protect her daughter from bullying and other nefarious going ons.

The press conference focused on all the right aspects of the drama, namely the mother-daughter relationship between Kim Hee Sun and Kim Yoo Jung, as well as the grown up girlfriend posse that Kim Hee Sun leads with Go Soo Hee and Oh Yoon Ah. There were no typical OTP posing pictures with Kim Hee Sun and her leading man Ji Hyun Woo which is a refreshing change and also a reassuring indication that the drama won’t try to wedge in┬áromantic development. If there is romance then let it be slow and natural, otherwise focus on the┬áparental bonding and girl power stuff. Continue reading