Supporting Cast Member in Netflix Apocalypse Drama Goodbye Earth Laments All the Good Work that Will Never Be Broadcast

K-actor Yoo Ah In actually has a few upcoming projects both movie and drama and the first confirmed news this week was Netflix replacing him in the yet to film Hellbound 2. But for the completed projects, today a supporting actor on the Netflix drama Goodbye Earth posted a lament on his SNS that it was such an honor to play a role in the drama, the entire cast and crew worked so hard, if Yoo Ah In did something wrong he should pay the price for it but its so disheartening that the hard work of so many people will never see the light of day. The apocalyptic drama stars Yoo Ah In as the biggest name in the main cast alongside Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Sung Woo and Kim Yoon Hye in what happens on Earth when an asteroid is about to crash and how people deal with it. It’s already done filming and was one of the big budget K-dramas Netflix was preparing to air in 2023.

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