Supporting Cast Member in Netflix Apocalypse Drama Goodbye Earth Laments All the Good Work that Will Never Be Broadcast

K-actor Yoo Ah In actually has a few upcoming projects both movie and drama and the first confirmed news this week was Netflix replacing him in the yet to film Hellbound 2. But for the completed projects, today a supporting actor on the Netflix drama Goodbye Earth posted a lament on his SNS that it was such an honor to play a role in the drama, the entire cast and crew worked so hard, if Yoo Ah In did something wrong he should pay the price for it but its so disheartening that the hard work of so many people will never see the light of day. The apocalyptic drama stars Yoo Ah In as the biggest name in the main cast alongside Ahn Eun Jin, Jeon Sung Woo and Kim Yoon Hye in what happens on Earth when an asteroid is about to crash and how people deal with it. It’s already done filming and was one of the big budget K-dramas Netflix was preparing to air in 2023.


Supporting Cast Member in Netflix Apocalypse Drama Goodbye Earth Laments All the Good Work that Will Never Be Broadcast — 18 Comments

    • My thoughts exactly. I bet noone outside Asia gives a flying f* about watching a show starring a junkie, that’s the same as in half of the shows out there. Not that I would watch this particular show, Yoo Ah In is an actor I simply can’t watch.

  1. That’s disappointing. I feel like there should be some middle ground – where at long as Yoo Ah-in and his agency relinquish all profits for it and as long as there aren’t any victims from what Yoo Ah In did, it should be okay.

  2. I hate how they cancel completed projects for airing just bc of one person’s scandal. It’s really unfair for the rest of the people that worked so hard on it.

  3. Actually, nothing stops this show to be aired except the morals. It’s not one of the main channels… So YAI did his job.

  4. Aside some asian countries , i think that they can aire the show . If Netflix has to cancel each movie or show with actors using drugs . Netflix wouldn’t last long . Netflix is only “respecting” the social ethics of the country . But they could release it and let viewers decide by themselves . Why are we in a world in which they want to cancel culture, change the writting of classics ,… when they ‘d better explain and teach the fabric, the background ,…and let people learn and think by themselves . Don’t we still listen Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, Amy Whinehouse, Witney Houston, Freddie Mercury, Rolling Stones,… watching Heath Ledger, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Judy Garland, Natalie Wood,…

  5. Yoo Ah In might be the biggest name in the cast but he plays a supporting role and doesn’t have many scenes, which makes this situation all the worse.

  6. This is why I wince whenever I see people trying to downplay Yoo Ah-in’s offense and coming up with a defense that “he hurt no one else but himself, so it’s okay”.

    What about the affected cast and crew in his upcoming projects, then? The damage and trauma he inevitably caused to these decent people who are simply making a living? The hard work that possibly won’t be materialized and, yet again, would be subjected to either arduous re-shooting or downright cancellation? What’s even more heartbreaking is that the writer was revealed to have been fighting cancer while working on the said project. I can only imagine the distress and frustration of everyone involved and it’s indeed disheartening to hear such news from time to time.

    Hard lessons from incidents like this must be learned, really. At the end of the day, celebrities are still public figures that many ordinary people (and even fellow junior celebrities) look up to and like it or not, these very same people can boycott a celebrity’s work anytime when trouble arises. It may take only one big, careless mistake to break not only their career but also their co-workers’ fruit of labor. It may be an unwritten rule, but self-discipline and mindfulness of one’s image will always be part of work ethics as a celebrity. People who’ve chosen this career path knew these values very well, so it’s expected that they carry them into their minds and hearts. If one can’t handle it, one has the choice to just get out of it and live quietly as netizens always say. Nonetheless, I hope Yoo Ah-in will take responsibility for his actions and recover from this mess. Kudos to actors Kim Young-woong and Hyun Bong-sik for speaking out.

    • This is stupid, basically. Did you see Netflix delete for example, the Dark Knight because Heath Ledger was an addict? Or Disney+ throw out its many films with Lindsay Lohan because she’s been caught with drugs like a million times? If Yoo Ah In’s co-workers are hurt it isn’t on him, but on the weird SK mentality making a “scandal” out of anything, from being an addict to being a shitty girlfriend (referring to Seo Yea Jin, good actress that got canceled for being a real pain in the ass girlfriend, though why the public should care beats me). I personally bet Netflix will still air the show outside of Korea, and imo they should also air it there and let people choose for themselves if they want to watch. Not that I will be watching, Yoo Ah In has this pompous, exaggerated acting style that I absolutely hate. But in this case, I feel sorry for him and I think he must not disappear from the screens but just stay there and be used as an example of how addiction can f* you up.

    • This is solely Netflix fault.

      They can country lock it for SK. Nobody outside of there gives a flying fuck that he is a junkie and would watch the show, if they want/planned to anyway.

      This is ludicrous pandering to SK when at least half of shows in general feature ex or current drug addicts.

      • Honestly it shouldn’t be an issue. This drama isn’t airing on Korean television. This is a true Netflix original series. Since it’s a Netflix production, you’d think they’d be able to air it in all their other markets. When Netflix decided to invest in the Korean industry I knew something like this would eventually happen. Between River Where The Moon Rises, Joseon Exorcist, Nevertheless, Hunting Dogs drama issues and now this, I wonder what Netflix will do going forward. They have a lot of projects coming up.

  7. He’s just a drug addict. So just restrict broadcasting to South Korea where everything is a scandal on morality issue.

  8. Netflix still went ahead and released Ha Jung Woo’s Suriname even after he was sentenced and fined in court for propofol abuse. There is nothing stopping them if they really want to release YAI’s completed works. But if they do end up not releasing it, then it’s only fair that YAI and his agency be responsible for damages in the same way that advertisers sue for damages after their endorsers get into scandals.

  9. One can only hope that the currently rampant cancel culture will soon cancel itself and people will again be able to separate the artist from the work. Otherwise what we will be left with will be a bunch of squeeky clean zombies without personality and a few hypocrites who haven’t been found out yet.
    Is anyone naive enough to believe that the “classic” artists that are so revered were all nice people??

  10. Well, Netflix should just continue with the’s not a korea broadcasting company so why should N bother with banning the actor. I really hope YAI found his way in the future coz he’s one talented actor.

  11. I wish in the case of things like this, they would also consider the hard work of everyone else involved. Perhaps they could donate some of the profits towards fighting drug abuse?

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