First Look at Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee on the Set of Period Drama K Project

The previous name for this K-drama was Gyeongsang Creature which makes it look like a monster flick but has since been changed to K Project. Not sure if that is a code name but either way this drama remains relatively tight lipped on what to expect. A period drama set during the Japanese occupation era, Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee will pair up for a buzzy coupling that is sure to garner media and viewer interest so hopefully the drama proves to have a great story. The two were spotting taking a cute picture with a third party and seeing them in the same frame is so much pretty. This is one fresh coupling of current IT stars and joining them will be Wi Ha Joon as the second male lead so even more buzz in the cast.


First Look at Park Seo Joon and Han So Hee on the Set of Period Drama K Project — 19 Comments

    • Same thoughts. The difference between the top and bottom pic is at least 15 yrs difference if not 20. Lol. Too much filtering/photoshopping, whatever you call it these days. Iā€™m excited for this! Love PSJ & WHJ, slowly warming up to HSH.

  1. Looks like the casting director understood the assignment What a trio. This drama was already on my must see list, but now Wi Ha Joon is in it too? This drama can’t come fast enough.

  2. Big yes to this! Love Seo Joon, and I like HSH too! I’ve also been wanting to watch an epic Japanese occupation era drama since Bridal Mask, hopefully this one will be in the same caliber!

  3. I hope it’s not super heavy drama so I can enjoy it lol. PSJ always delivers. HSH are WHJ are hit or miss, hopefully they’ll be a hit in their roles here. Can’t wait.

    • I mean, it’s a korean drama, of course they’re gonna put romance in it šŸ˜‚

      Of course there are plenty of korean dramas with no romance, but most of those have actors who aren’t so trendy (ie. Voice, Beyond Evil, etc). We’re talking about park seo joon and han so hee pairing here, both are super popular and buzzy at the moment, you bet your ass they’re gonna milk the hell out of this pairing lmao šŸ˜‚

      I personally prefer if there’s no romance in this type of dramas, but k-ent is k-ent lmao

      • Er no. Mydramalist tags are usually incredibly accurate. There’s not gonna be any romance, even if there is, very little. This isnt even produced by a local Korean production studio, but by Netflix, which explains the big budget, scale of filming (multiple locations) and the pushback of the schedule (they were supposed to film this in Jan). Your examples of beyond evil n voice was done eons ago LOL and are actually lauded for great acting.
        Lots of dramas these days are going the no romance angle because audiences are tired of silly sappy romcom n unnecessary romances and are demanding better plot and writing. K-ent is bending to that demand because they want the money n are pushing for their dramas to be on streaming platforms like Netflix n disney+ where the intl general popopulation audience who have little interest in silly kdrama romances will be tuning in. And they need the views, cos views equal money. The big trending one now, Little Women, has no romance/future hints of it though they “paired” up Wi Ha Joon and Kim Go Eun. Narco Saints, money heist, heck even the annoying Squid Game all had zero romance.

      • Er no. MDL’s tags/genres are rarely wrong, and there’s no romance indicated, pls dont jinx it lol. If romance was included/is the focus, they would be hyping the crap out of it already in their news lol.

        Your examples of BE and Voice were eons ago LOL. Not all K-dramas have the romance element. In fact there’s a move away from it. Narco-Saints, Money heist, heck, even the drama that never dies – Squid Game – has no romance – and you bet that K-ent is ready to emulate that cos an increasing % of audiences nowadays have no patience for crappy romances and silly writing.

        If they can pair up Wi Ha Joon and Kim Go Eun (both big/trendy) in currently trending (and absolutely amazing) Little Women, and not have a romance for them – they’ve barely touched or kissed and we are halfway through lol – then they can do it for other trendy actors too.

        Anyway I’m more worried at HSH boring me in her role, WHJ appearing very little as he’s only in a “support” role and the plot. Cos this writer has some really sucky dramas in her credits. Only Dr Romance was good.

      • Well, we’ll just have to see, I guess. I still think they’re going to insert some romance in there, especially given the time period, there’s probably going to be some Chicago Typewiter tragic romance sort of element. Some of the dramas I’ve watched, I wasn’t expecting any romance at all, and then bam, romance outta nowhere lol
        Again, we’ll just have to see, but my bet is there’s going to be at least some minimal romance

      • And yes, HSH is hit or miss for me. Enjoyed her in World of Married and 100 Days My prince but bored me in Nevertheless (to be fair, that drama wasn’t good at all lol)

      • Hmm… Have to agree with @jikook on this one. Can’t see them pairing these two without giving them a romantic subplot, maybe because Park Seo Joon has a romantic leading man image or whatever. Would rather see a bromance between PSJ and WHJ to be honest. But romance or no romance, I just need it to be on Netflix LOL

      • Oops sorry double posted!

        @NamLeeStan – PSJ has been trying to break out of his leading romance image for awhile already. It was just unfortunate that Itaewon Class had that silly romance/love triangle whatever that nobody asked for inserted in (eyeroll). The movie choices he has chosen since – concrete utopia and dream (with iu) have little to no romance. Arguably, HSH and WHJ aren’t choosing alot of romantic roles either. Romance isn’t really a genre or a focus that many actors pursue in their work after awhile because it isn’t challenging per se and other genres are what gets them more money and accolades. K-ent has been moving in that non-romance angle for awhile already. Heck, Big Mouth paired two of the biggest stars (LJS arguably also has a romantic leading man status) in K-ent and barely had any romantic scenes though they were married. So I don’t see why wouldn’t they do the same for this movie. I sure am hoping for a bromance between PSJ and WHJ! That’s what I’d be watching for tbh. And yes this will be on Netflix šŸ™‚ With rumours of a S2 being filmed soon.

        @jikook. Yeah sadly I suspect they might still have a bit of romantic scenes here and there but I’m hoping it’s like 2% of the plot lol. HSH sucks in romantic stuff tbh and is convincing in the other women/tomboyish roles weirdly (tho my name was bad and overrated). First saw her in 100 days but she didn’t impress me, just too constipated looking. But overall I don’t really like her as an actress, can’t connect with her onscreen and she has little range of expressions. Sadly, there isn’t really any “big” actress in her age group to compete with her minus the early 90s star actresses, though I suspect some of the late 90s/early 2000s actresses will start to rise – there’s some really talent in there!

    • Not sure what is going on with him. But he indeed has been looking skinny, and quite abit older suddenly. Saw him briefly on Youth MT and he was also thin there.

      • Yup, he looks thin, tired and stress in YouthMT. His physical being is not in good looks. Not that I want to compare, it ain’t comparison, but JCW has a brighter aura than him, really.

      • Yeah he looked stressed, exhausted and abit out of it really. I wasn’t paying attention to the actors much (was more drawn to Kim Yoo Jung and Lee Joo Young’s personalities, and I dont like JCW that much haha), but the others do seem abit more “awake”. He was filming K project then, so maybe just tired.

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