K-netizens Flummoxed By the Casting of Ahn Bo Hyun as the Weak Constitution Male Lead Opposite Shin Hye Sun in See You in My 19th Life

I’m with the K-netizens on this one but also think it will make for an interesting works/mega fail dichotomy when the drama comes out. The casting of Ahn Bo Hyun as the male lead in the upcoming fantasy romance See You in My 19th Life with Shin Hye Sun as the female lead sounds like a good pairing of two talented actors, but for the description of the male lead character. He’s described as a younger chaebol heir with PTSD after going to the amusement park with his first love at 9 years old and suffering a catastrophic accident. He’s so emotionally fragile he can’t even finish a bowl of rice and barely has an appetite type of guy. K-netizens are asking if there is no more male leads in K-ent as this role calls for a Lee Jong Seok or Park Bo Gum to pull off whereas Ahn Bo Hyun looks like he eats 4 or 5 bowls of rice in one sitting and can bench press the female lead. Mwahahaha, so true, he’s legit one of the top three buffest male actors in K-ent, even his other male leads tease him and want to touch his arm guns on variety shows. Anyhoo, the drama has been filming already and I’m even more intrigued thanks to this wholly against-type casting.

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