See You in My 19th Life Ends with the Best Episode 12 and a Fitting Future Ahead for All the Characters

It’s rare that a drama ending is so satisfying it redeems all the flaws earlier but that’s how See You in My 19th Life made me feel. Notice I didn’t say great or perfect because it’s not, but the story stayed tight and consistent to telling the many lives of Ji Eum and what it means to remember and also move forward for the people around her. The ending was wonderful, that Ji Eum in order to break her own curse means forgetting ALL her memories, but the people she loved remembers on and is there to bring her back into their lives. Very apropos, and beyond that the drama give a meaningful answers to all the issues. The car accident that killed Joo Won was uncle trying to dad in his misguided grief so there is no big bad and all the other things happened because everyone was trying to take care of Seo Ha, even Joo Won’s mom knew the truth and still moved on. But those who need to atone did so and Min Ki will continue on with his own memories of every life because whatever it is HE did to incur this wrath he has not been able to find closure. Seo Ha in the final episode finally became the male lead that made me connect with him and thankfully it wasn’t too little too late, he flipped the narrative on Ji Eum and we see that life is how you hold onto what you have instead of pining for what is no longer there. If you can get pass the flaws I think this drama is wonderfully touching and doesn’t feel like a re-do of anything else out there.

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