Junho and Jung So Min Find Love in a Joseon Gibang in Sageuk Movie Homme Fatale

There’s a cute sounding K-movie coming out this June called Homme Fatale (English title) with the Korean title being Gibang Bachelor. The titular homme fatale is played by Junho who is now a full blown actor after successfully transitioning over from his 2PM boy band days. He’s partnered with Jung So Min in this movie, her first sageuk role while he’s already done one in a previous K-movie. The story is about a boy who grew up in a gibang (courtesan house) with a gisaeng (courtesan) for a mother, he’s now the first ever male gisaeng in Joseon and falls for a high born lady fighting for social change. The cast held a press conference this week ahead of the movie’s June premiere and the leads looked so cute, it’s like having puppies star in a movie. Continue reading