Kim Sae Ron to Pay for Damage to Transformer From Drunk Driving Crash and Won’t Finish Remaining Filming for Netflix Drama Hunting Dogs

The Kim Sae Ron drunk driving scandal seems to be quickly coming to a close. Other than her legal ramifications, the public fallout appears to be wrapped up within the week. First her agency issued a statement confirming the news, then she issued an apology, next came withdrawing from the SBS drama Trolley which has not yet started filming, and now she is confirmed to be no longer filming the Netflix drama Hounds. The production confirmed she will no longer participate in the production which means anything she has left to film will not be done and obviously she will not be in the promotions. I’m guessing she won’t even be in the promo materials at such time. The drama is almost done filming though and she has a major supporting role so my guess is her screen time may be cut not she won’t be completely excised from the drama. Since it’s airing on Netflix K-netizens will be less offended that she shows up on their screen since you have to subscribe to Netflix and click watch to even see her. All this is the right way forward, drunk driving is a terribly high risk to others offense and if she learns her lesson young it may be the right wakeup call for her.

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