Kim Sae Ron to Pay for Damage to Transformer From Drunk Driving Crash and Won’t Finish Remaining Filming for Netflix Drama Hunting Dogs

The Kim Sae Ron drunk driving scandal seems to be quickly coming to a close. Other than her legal ramifications, the public fallout appears to be wrapped up within the week. First her agency issued a statement confirming the news, then she issued an apology, next came withdrawing from the SBS drama Trolley which has not yet started filming, and now she is confirmed to be no longer filming the Netflix drama Hounds. The production confirmed she will no longer participate in the production which means anything she has left to film will not be done and obviously she will not be in the promotions. I’m guessing she won’t even be in the promo materials at such time. The drama is almost done filming though and she has a major supporting role so my guess is her screen time may be cut not she won’t be completely excised from the drama. Since it’s airing on Netflix K-netizens will be less offended that she shows up on their screen since you have to subscribe to Netflix and click watch to even see her. All this is the right way forward, drunk driving is a terribly high risk to others offense and if she learns her lesson young it may be the right wakeup call for her.


Kim Sae Ron to Pay for Damage to Transformer From Drunk Driving Crash and Won’t Finish Remaining Filming for Netflix Drama Hunting Dogs — 27 Comments

  1. Such a shame that she had to get drunk when she was finally about to get busy again. It’s odd that the person who was with her in the car was not revealed at all.

    I remembered years back where a supporting actor, whose girlfriend was caught driving, and he had to back out of the drama he was working because it was revealed he was with her during the incident.

    Knowing it isn’t related at all but it somehow reminded me of KYJ becoming the target of criticisms back in 2016 due to her behavior during a film promotion event.

    She was fresh off the huge success that was Moonlight Drawn by Clouds so I thought she was going to be on her way up and be way ahead of her fellow former child stars. But felt that she really lost a lot of traction with that incident.

    I had even hoped that Lover’s of the Red Sky would be as big as Moonlight.

    So even if Sae Ron is only twenty one right now and she may wait it out a year or two.

    But losing out roles to newcomers who are equally talented and more determined to break out means less opportunities for her even if she has the edge of being a former movie child star.

    One only gets lucky once or even twice with a drama or a movie that could push you ahead of the others and make you a bona-fide star.

    • It’s not comparable at all with KYJ who just didn’t stand completely straight during some minutes…

      They said it was a non celebrity woman.

    • KYJ’s “scandal” was entirely based on misogyny so how can you compare it to this? How does her looking off in a press conference compare to KSR drunk driving into a power outlet and almost killing someone? KYJ got into the scandal because she was on a career high and people were looking to take her down a peg. No one was after KSR. Comparing the two is not only inaccurate but entirely disrespectful of KYJ and what she had to go through.

      • @bella Agree, I don’t even know why it was called a scandal. It’s totally a witch hunt, and it affected her health so much.

      • @bella – KYJ’s fingernails incident was totally blown up into a witch hunt, even worse imo because she was a minor at the time.

        It also blew over quite fast but sadly not before affecting her. She’s still one of the top leading ladies in her age group, the suggestion that something as dumb as that derailed her career, is laughable.

    • I heard the passenger is a civilian, by law they can’t reveal the identity of that person. Nothing ‘weird’, it’s literally Korean law.

      And the idea that a few seconds of staring at her nails is on par with a drunk driving hit-and-run …. is just deranged. Even knetizens aren’t that insane. No one brings up that now about KYJ, if they do they’re just recognised as nitpicker antis. Whereas a drunk driving incident….forget being cancelled, Kim Saeron is just very lucky she didn’t kill anyone. The video of her car during the incident is actually scary, she’s driving like that in full Gangnam traffic!

  2. Transformers are v expensive so good she is paying for that. Terrible about the Netflix drama in terms of impact on others. Wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up fined for that.

    • I read that she already paid the electric company roughly 20M won for the transformer, not sure about the rest of the infrastructure (guard rail, etc). But, there are also the merchants within the vicinity who were negatively impacted, so that is also another compensation, which could be even higher. Girl really did dig her own grave.

  3. I like your comment about the “wakeup call” – if she was dui at 08:00 she has a serious problem. I hope she can get on top of it, which will not be easy in a country that still measures people’s worth by their ability to consume insane amounts of alcohol.

    • Another worrying aspect was that once the police caught up with her, she was so hammered that she was unable to string together a coherent sentence. Partying all night is fun and fine -considering her age, but for her to be so drunk and she still decide to drive…… I’ve read some celebrity cases of DUI where they can argue (due to coherence) residual drinking – as they drunk the day before, slept, and drove afterwards. But for KSR, the time + her incoherence points to one that really partied the whole night.

  4. Of all former child actresses, Nam Ji Hyun is a shining example of professionalism, grace and composure on and off set. She doesn’t drive though she has a license. I never hear one peep of her having drinking issues. She has proven she can overcome society pressure of drinking to prove one’s worth. I think it all boils down to having maturity, strong family and agency support in how you conduct your private life.

      • Agree. She has shown tremendous resilience in having to reshoot her last drama. Very low-key in private life.

    • Agree on NJH, and will add Park Eun Bin. Blemish-free, seemed to focus on their craft hence more low-key on other celebrity aspect. Also, both actress has academic achievement under their belt, which can elevate (KTH as an example here). Both NJH and PEB completed their degrees and got into their Universities based on their National exam scores and not through the usual special admission route (which is typical for actors taking up Acting for their degree, and athletes in sports-related course).

      • Kudos to PEB. I have to say NJH’s chosen major in psychology was such a brilliant choice. Detached enough from k-showbiz yet afforded her the chance to analyse human behaviour and thinking @j Thanks for pointing out she got in through normal route competing with millions of other entrance exam candidates.

      • I dont know any actors/actresses that can be admitted to colleges /universities in SoKor thru special admission.

        I always remember what Cho Jeong Seok of HP said during one of the episode of Three Meals A Day that he needed to retake his exam to pass his chosen major in performing arts. I dont believe SoKor has like that because the CSAT like the Gao Kao in China is a very tight one. That’s why a student ahould learn to manage well his senior years to be able to pass to the university they want and to the major they want to take up.

      • @PlainDramaStan From my understanding, there are certain slots (2/20) in Performing Arts or Acting Degree that they categorise under the special admission (or rolling admission). Usually these are decided based on acting experiences, possibly name recall that can also benefit the school, and they need not have the National exam score. I know MGY, PSH, Yoona, YJG, SSA, KSH, all idols go through these special admission route, basically the popular ones. Maybe Jo Jung Suk (like Kim Go Eun and Kim Tae Ri also) will be the representation of the remaining 18 of the 20, the student who enrolled with interest in acting but have yet to have any professional acting experience, so I think for them it is the usual route- exam score, talent, etc. JJS also came to spotlight late, hence likely he was already done with schooling.

        The special admission is generally accepted EXCEPT for those taking a different degree from their actual field. Example will be Idols, popular as singers, taking up Acting degree, or Actors, who were admitted through special admission then taking up Sociology for example. Hence, NJH and PEB getting applauded for taking non-acting degrees, but through their own merit.

      • Adding in my thoughts. It’s very easy to mix with wrong crowd or bad influence from circle of friends in ultra cut-throat world of k-ent. KSR still being young could seek out mature mentors to ground her. Signing up for AA and having a sober coach would do her good to rebuild her life and image.

  5. No matter how much people here brag about NJH & KSH
    Truth is all of them have been losing lead roles to new actors & none of them are even in news for any project ir CF

    • Sadly true on NJH and KSH! Even with more opportunities, as we have more channels and OTT platforms, the competition is also getting fierce. Hence, the vacuum for some actors and actresses seem to be getting longer than before. So, KSR really kick her own luck, as its only the past few months that we’ve seen an uptick on her activity and then this……

    • KSH is on a hiatus tho. NJH is also on a break. So, what is the point of your comparison. Further, you are talking about newbies who can be replaced in a short amount of time. Meanwhile, KSH and NJH is a strong fixture in the industry who can comeback if they want. So, stop this nonsense comparison as if these newbies are as strong as HSH and getting huge roles.

      • Agree. It’s pointless to compare KSH and NJH to newbies. KSH needs time to recover from River. Imagine shooting 20 ep sag drama twice like 40 episodes in total. It’s very hard on the body and mentally with action scenes to boot. It’s actually very unhealthy to shoot back to back dramas.

        NJH is not on a break now btw. What nonsense to say she’s not in any project rn. She’s been shooting tvn’s LW since March and will carry on till August. Has been doing one or two projects per year except 2019 final year in uni. Will hardly fault her for doing that. I have always felt that she has chosen to be low-key off set instead of doing countless cfs and photoshoots in btwn dramas. She has said in interviews that she prioritises craft over popularity. The fact that she deleted all her ig posts prior to April 2 showed that she’s not afraid to lose fans.

      • Nam Ji Hyun did 365 Repeat the Year in 2020, jtbc Off The Route and Witch’s Diner in 2021. She’s also busy filming Little Women with KGE and WHJ this year. Really puzzled to hear people say she’s on break and not in any projects?

  6. It’s sad, being already drunk at 8:OO, the girl may have mental health issues and she could have kill persons . As a conservative and upright society, South Korea shouldn’t show so much drinking scenes in the tv dramas . It seems normal to drink so much after work , but alcohol is like a drug , it kills .

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