Yoochun Moves September 2017 Wedding Locale Due to Fans Booking Up Available Hotel Rooms

I know K-ent is on a wedding roll in 2017 to more than make up for the lack of nuptials in 2016, but one of the upcoming weddings is strange and disconcerting beyond belief. I’m talking about scandal-plagued former topi idol-actor Park Yoochun, who’s rise to the top of the past decade has all but completely erased with a prostitution and sexual predilection scandal in the past year. The legal mess was recently concluded to Yoochun’s favor but doesn’t erase all the salacious tidbits revealed during the process, making many ordinary drama and music fans rather turned off by him. His hardcore fans have stuck by him through thick and thin and apparently love him so much they are descending en masse to his upcoming wedding in September. Yoochun was planning to tie the knot with chaebol granddaughter and blogger Hwang Nana in September at the Shilla Hotel but due to his fans booking up all the rooms for that wedding weekend he has changed the venue. I personally can’t figure out if his diehard fans are there to support oppa getting married or to disrupt the wedding because they can’t handle oppa getting married. Either way, low key is a good idea dude. Continue reading