Ice Fantasy with Feng Shao Feng and Victoria Song Releases Unintentionally Hilarious Character Posters

Well, now we know who bought up the used costumes from The Lord of the Rings trilogy and recycled it with more bling. Filming is currently underway for the C-drama adaptation of popular writer Guo Jingming‘s novel Ice Fantasy. Starring Feng Shao Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tian Yu, Hu Bing, and Zhang Meng, the novel tells of the conflict between the Ice and Fire tribes, with two princely brothers pitted against each other with likely a lot of ice and fire special effects action going on.

I liked the concept posters released last month but these full character posters are mostly just laughable. Victoria is pretty enough albeit saddled with┬ásome B-grade Hollywood sci-fi movie reject attire, but Feng Shao Feng must’ve pissed someone off in the costume department to be styled exactly like a cross between Legolas and Elrond in the LotR movies. It’s embarrassing to copy this completely, not to mention the look does not suit Feng Shao Feng at all. Overall this project already looks like a hot mess, but one that I’m curious to watch for the attempt at fantasy sci-fi on a big budget drama scale. Continue reading