tvN Scrambles to Salvage Introverted Boss as This Week’s Episodes 5-6 Majorly Rewritten

I’m not sure what went wrong but apparently the fallout, or feedback is lightning speed on this one. What could have been the first trendy buzzy K-drama to start off 2017 has turned out to be an early out of the gate potential flop, and there is swift response behind-the-scenes to salvage things. tvN‘s current Mon-Tues drama Introverted Boss (Sensitive Boss) has gotten middling reviews and even more importantly jettisoning viewers.

The premiere two episodes got around 3% ratings, solid for the cable network, but the following week’s second two episodes found ratings dropped by half to the mid 1% range. This week’s episodes 5 and 6 were reportedly completely rewritten last week as production scrambled to address viewer response, with the cast re-filming this week’s episodes. For those wondering why K-dramas do live-filming, what’s happening right now is the perfect example of this system which allows production to tweak and tailor dramas on the fly. Continue reading

Shy Yeon Woo Jin and Sparkly Park Hye Soo Charm in New Teasers for Introverted Boss

I’m getting major déjà vu vibes from the previews for Introverted Boss (Sensitive Boss), the upcoming workplace comedy drama on tvN airing on Mon-Tues after Rude Miss Young Ae season 15. It reminds me so much of the mood and … Continue reading