Young Gen K-stars Descend on VIP Movie Premiere of Dream to Support IU and Park Seo Joon

I’m sure everyone is wondering why the equally famous real life boyfriend wasn’t there but it’s likely to not distract lol. IU and Park Seo Joon attended the VIP movie premiere for this long awaited soccer movie Dream and in attendance were tons of their big name star friends. I’m guessing this group is from the IU side including Kim Soo Hyun, Kang Han Na, and Yoo In Na, all are well known good friends after working on dramas with her. For the Park Seo Joon side, two Hwarangs came including Park Hyung Sik and V along with Jungkook, as well as his buddy Choi Woo Shik. Which leaves my woobie Kim Woo Bin lol I don’t know which side he’s on the bride or groom side. Unless he’s there as the stand in for good friend and IU boyfriend Lee Jong Seok that would be hilarious.

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