Taiwanese Member of Twice Tzuyu Forced to Apologize for Holding Taiwanese Flag

I was hoping this debacle wouldn’t have grown as big as it now has and I wouldn’t have to write about it, because this whole thing is insane for how something so not wrong and inconsequential turned into a political affair. New JYP girl group TWICE member Tzuyu (Chou Tzu Yu) was forced to issue a videotaped apology where she emphasized that there is only one China and that she is Chinese. This comes after Mainland Chinese netizens went on a rampage against her after a singer accused Tzuyu of being pro Taiwanese independence, with the proof being her holding a Taiwanese flag during a broadcast segment on Korean TV.

The fact that Tzuyu is Taiwanese so her holding the flag of her birth country seems devoid of any controversy, but since JYP is trying to market TWICE in China, this kerfluffle caused the group’s CFs and activities to get cancelled. On the flip side, the Taiwanese are flipping mad that Tzuyu was forced the apologize, calling the apology video as awful as one of the ISIS hostage videos where the hostage reads from a piece of paper and claims that ISIS is great. All I know is that 16 year old Tzuyu is insanely pretty, appears to have quite a go-getter and cheerful personality from what I’ve seen of her idol activities, and has done nothing wrong in being Taiwanese, calling herself Taiwanese, and holding a Taiwanese flag.


Taiwanese Member of Twice Tzuyu Forced to Apologize for Holding Taiwanese Flag — 74 Comments

  1. She did nothing wrong. Since when holding a Taiwanese flag means you are independence supporter? All I got from this scandal is that Chinese are idiots and low grade people for harassing a 16 year old girl.

      • All I can say is big idiot Tzuyu! first they promote her against Seolhyun, the Face of South Korea. Now, she’s angering the Chinese fans, because she’s Taiwanese. This is like putting her in quick sand, good luck to JYP, nice marketing strategy to your poor talent. Oh and Koala, since you like this cute little puppy so much, you’re a big b*itchtard!

      • @Ssan Marino. That’s not a very nice thing to say of the blogger. She just put out the news and it’s her freedom to like or dislike somebody. Watch out for your foul mouth.

      • @San Marino .. How is it her fault? She is being used as a tool by JYP.. Why should she have to apologize for being born in taiwan and holding her birth country’s flag? Also why are you bashing Koala for posting this news? If you don’t like her blog get out of it.. Your horrible attitude is only showing your true color and bad upbringing.

    • Agree with you on this. Harsh but welcome to the real world. You want something (money) from them, you must follow their demands. It is their own decision.

      • I agree as well. That’s why all Taiwanese actors are billed with 中国台湾 beside their names in Chinese dramas. I bet 90% of them don’t support unification, but they can’t do anything about it if they want to make money. That being said, I don’t think holding up a Taiwanese flag shows anything on her stand for or against independence (though of course presumably as a teen she’s almost definitely pro-independence). She shouldn’t be persecuted for something as minor as this.

  2. She is totally adorable, and I feel so bad for her having to issue an apology like that. It’s sad that simply acknowledging her place of birth can cause such a sh*tstorm. Taiwanese celebrities, athletes, etc. have always had to be insanely careful not to offend certain Chinese government officials/netizens, because of the huge Chinese market share. Even saying something like “I am an actor from Taiwan” at an awards show can land you in deep trouble. Anyways, the whole thing is ridiculous, and hope this doesn’t traumatize her in the long run.

  3. She was also accused of NOT NODDING when Jackson corrected himself presenting her in some TV show from “she’s from Taiwan” to “she’s from Taiwan-China”, as well as spouting pro-independent propaganda like “No, we don’t have that in Taiwan”, “In Taiwan we do this/that instead”………… I still find this whole ordeal surreal, poor girl :/

    • The fact she lost a KOREAN CF from a KOREAN company as well as having her group’s album blurred from a KOREAN awards show and (the entire group) blacklisted from the top KOREAN fashion magazines make this even more tragic/odd to me. It serves to illustrate just how much influence China has on the Korean entertainment industry too.

  4. She didn’t do anything wrong. However, her COMPANY should have considered the China-Taiwan issue before promoting them in China and handle the situation better.

    • Yeah. The company really has to learn the culture of the market they want to promote in. I can’t believe a company as established as JYPE can make such amateurish decision like this.

  5. It’s disgusting to just watch the clip of her making apologies. I did agree with some Taiwanese media comparing that vid to ISIS notorious propaganda while holding hostage in inhumane situations. Now this blackmail of a teen Taiwanese pop singer under harassment from Cnetizens and related authorities has instigated a fire between Taiwanese people and mainland Chinese given that Taiwan just elected a pro-independence female president. I read many comments on online social media. It’s really hard to change the perceptions in a people’s minds that have been brainwashed by communist propaganda for decades. I feel so bad for Tzuyu. Even after the release of this apologetic vid by JYP, Cnetizens are still in the hype to boycott Tzuyu. If JYP weighs Chinese market a lot, the girl will be probably sacrificed and put an end to her idol career. JYP has done once to kick out Jay Park, one of their top idols 2PM, all thanks to insane negative criticism that Knetizen non-stop bombarded on Jay Park.

    Even more despicable is that the old fogey who initiated accusation against the poor girl was one Taiwanese China-based singer who used to hold the same flag on TV and now he accused a minor of doing the same thing he used to. So shameless and lack of justice!

    • I stop reading when you put Jay Park in as an example. One side was totally innocent of all charges and was unfairly treated for things outside of her power.

      Hint: I’m not talking about Jay Park.

    • If she cant play by the rules, quit KPop and just go back to Taiwan. Korean entertainment need the support of China, the biggest market in Asia, real talk!

  6. Actually this will bring more publicity and exposure.Not too bad for a new entertainer who wants to be known. The crazy and bad surrounding this news will die down eventually but her name and face will be known. Even you Ms Koala is adding to this. As for the absurdity you feel about this event, absurd things happen everyday. It’s just what one considers absurd that differs.

  7. Ugh, this makes my blood boil. I hope the new president will bring about some much needed change. Ain’t nobody got time for China and their backwards bullshti.

  8. One also needs to mention that scumbag Huang An who pretty caused this issue to explode.

    It should be noted that she NEVER said or did anything. The flag on the KOREAN TV show (aired months ago) was a prop given to her by the station. The show where she and Jackson were on…the others remarked about her nationality/origin. The only thing she probably said was something along the lines of “Oh in Taiwan we don’t have that…”

    Taiwanese media used her image, and Huang An got a hold of that. He is notorious for getting a bunch of Taiwanese singers banned in China for being “pro-Taiwanese independence”. The huge kicker is that he himself is Taiwanese and in his early days can be seen proudly waving the Taiwanese flag. It’s absolutely sickening to see a 50+ year old man make several Weibo attacks on a minor. This basically prompted a bunch of his followers to follow his example, attacking her online and calling her things like Taiwanese dog and telling her to go die. Everything blew up within a few days; it seemed like there were new updates every few hours.

    The apology video JYPE posted has garnered a lot of international sympathy and was covered in media such as NY times, Reuters, USA Today, and news outlets in other places. The good thing is that this issue has died down, probably due to the backlash from sane people outside of China. The asshole Huang An, who is trying to stay relevant, has issued a notice on his Weibo that he will be holding a press conference in TAIWAN to clarify his situation. This guy knows no shame.

    Also, Lin Gengxin reposted the apology video with a laughing emoji. People who are completely unaware of the situation can’t even watch a few seconds of it without feeling bad, and this dumbass thinks it’s okay to mock a minor who was embroiled in something completely not her fault.

    This whole issue really shows what happens when a bunch of nationalistic idiots are allowed to stew in their own hate.

    • I don’t really think the new President will be able to do much as China is not going to let Taiwan declare their independence without a fight. Not to mention, too much of Taiwan’s economics is tied in with China. I feel very bad for the girl, as she is being punished for something that isn’t her fault. But at the same time, she and much of the celebrities, business men, etc., have signed away their souls for Chinese money. And in Taiwan itself, there is a significant amount of racism towards mainland Chinese people, or even Chinese people who have never been to China who, like this girl, did nothing wrong. I have heard my Taiwanese friends talk of how stupid and vulgar all Chinese people are in front of my Chinese friends. Long story short, both governments and the nationalists on both sides need to get over themselves for the sake of the people. But really though, what does Taiwan have over China? They literally do not care about international opinion and even then will have Russia on their side.

    • Holding a press conference in Taiwan? Kidding me? This fogey still has guts to do so? Already there’re doctors vowing that if Huang An dare appear in their hospital, they will put him on the death table. LOL..

    • Wow such a dumbass Lin Gengxin. I’m not his fan anyway. So any of his dramas are irrelevant anyway. But I’ll keep in mind his dumb Chinese name and will definitely skip all his shows.

  9. What a horrible thing to happen to her? All because of a middle-aged has-been started bullying her. And it snowballed to c-netizens calling for her head. She looks so miserable in the video being forced to deny her Taiwanese identity. I just want to give her a hug. I hope she feels better in a few days and is surrounded by friends and family.

    • Well, to be real, c-netz can’t force her to do anything that she didn’t want IF her company and other businesses in Korea DO NOT want to make ‘chinese money’. It is a bit ?? when people just see from one side of perspective and entirely blame the cnetz over this when they completely ignored the other facts.

      Those who are desperate are the the ones who made her apologized. It is a bit ironic and funny when I see people are cray cray about how China made those Taiwanese actors not to be able to say that they are taiwanese. No one force them to do that IF they are not HUNGRY to earn the money from China. They can choose to stay in their root and just satisfy with their lives there. But they didn’t. That’s the simple reality. It’s just like the saying, there is no free meal.

      • Because Korean entertainment is losing their glory, they have to beg and crawling to get money from China. This is the result of using many non talented actors, produced many stupid drama, highly value non talented actresses (Kim Ta Hae as an example), sponsoring, casting couch, etc.
        They don’t have to rely on China if they can produce high quality products, people will buy it eventually.

      • @olala
        One can understand the business model of earning more money and still be mindful of the fact that a bunch of people bashing/bullying/making threats to entertainment stars is wrong and unreasonable. It’s a given that people should be mindful with interacting with different cultures, but that doesn’t mean wanting to earn more money should be used against them in a situation where a mob of people are irrational and unreasonable.

        Um, no. It’s simply a matter of larger market = more money.

      • @xiaoxiu
        Yes. Bully is a big NO NO. But for making money, this part.. it is their individual choice. Of course it is not right to bully someone because of s/he wants to make money. But this is about people from overseas wanting to make money from/inside other country. The people in the country can’t force them to do anything they don’t want to.. IF they don’t want anything from them either. I’m just addressing why I found it ironic that people put all the blame on cnetz and put them in the same group as IS due to the apologized video. She, JYPE and other Korean companies CAN ignore what cnetz wrote without apologize..IF they don’t want the Chinese money. We just can’t put blame 100% on one side. That’s my point. That’s all.

      • @olala
        “We just can’t put blame 100% on one side.”
        Yes, we can, especially because Tzuyu did nothing. She may or may not be pro-independence, but we don’t know because she hasn’t said anything about it. So persecuting someone because you think they think something bad is just a ridiculous as saying the victim should be blamed as much as her/his aggressor.

      • @xiaoxiu @FerG, dont you get the plain and simple logic from olala, dont be political when you are a Hallyu entertainer, esp on case of Taiwan and China. when one plans to become an International artist, more than anything you need diplomacy and leave behind your point of origin. Yup, that flag holding of Tzuyu of Taiwan is just really off, so hypocrite and ironic of her when China market is her agency’s target to capture. If she cant handle that, sticking to her nationalistic pride, she’d better quit KPop industry, she’d be better off singing only in Taiwan.

      • @San Marino. How is holding the flag of her birthplace rendering her image of being hypocrite and ironic? Based on your logic, if you hold your national flag (I assume China and I guess LOL) on a foreign TV show to tell ppl where you’re from, you’re certainly hypocrite and ironic because your agency is trying to expand market into Taiwan that has been in rift with China for decades. Laugh my ass out loud! What a stupid logic you have! While the rest of the world finds this whole drama absurd and moronic and despicable and disgusting, only ppl from China justify the whole cause. I see the mentality.

  10. Totally lost my respect for Lin Geng Xin after finding out his weibo post mocking Tzuyu’s apology video. He totally feels satisfaction in partaking the witch hunt of a 16 years old girl with the c-thrashes huh

  11. Thank you so much koala for posting this and a even bigger thanks for making your stance know. I am very disappointed as this to me is a simple case of bullying a 16 year old. No excuse. It’s just wrong. As for the politics. She was raised and born in Taiwan. Nothing wrong with acknowledging or referencing it. Taiwan is democratic and those who’ve not been, a beautiful island. I hope one day it will receive acknowledgement it deserves.

  12. Lin Geng Xin(dude who acted as 14th in BBJX) mocked at her apology by saying “She can’t even memorize the script”. I’m disgusted. I can’t believe I actually used to like him.

  13. I don’t even understand what the deal is with the guy who accused her of being pro-independent, Huang An. How pathetic is it that you have to cause a witch hunt of a 16 year old girl in order to stay relevant? I would be ashamed if he was my relative. Tzuyu is an adorable, cheerful and beautiful k-pop idol who will definitely succeed~!It’s sort of crazy how things have played out as of now (she’s getting back her CF’s, people are supporting her, she’s getting crazy media attention [I know, it’s not the best way to bring the spotlight] etc. Wishing her nothing but success and love with Twice 🙂

  14. … I’m confused. Why did it blow up in China that she had to make an apology? Also, ‘criticized for saying things like, in Taiwan we…’ … WHAT?! I’ve watch many main-land Chinese shows that had Taiwanese celebrity appearances come on just to discuss ‘Taiwanese specialties’ and the differences between Taiwan and Mainland, in terms of language and formalities etc.
    If those shows didn’t cause any controversy, why would this?

    • I believe it’s the timing that made a difference. Taiwan was then in the midst of a nationwide election with Cai Ying Wen from the pro-independence party being tipped widely to win.

  15. I’m not Taiwanese but I live in Taiwan.
    Some friends are confused about Taiwan as part of China
    or province of China.
    The privatized state owned companies like China Steel
    China Airlines and its official name Republic of China
    adds to the confusion.
    But for me
    Taiwan is not China!
    China is not a Taiwan.!
    Taiwan R.O.C is a country,
    with its own people, flag, anthem , culture
    Government and all the necessity and trappings of a country.
    Taiwan’s independence is older than China’s independence.
    That says Taiwan is founded and establish as a country earlier than China.
    I view a country not by size of its territory but by its existence , government, people, economy, growth etch.
    China is a country.
    Taiwan is a country!
    So why apologize!

    • The issue isn’t really whether Taiwan is (part of) China. It’s that she should not be “forced” to make an apology when she is just holding a Taiwanese flag. To be honest, for someone who lives in Taiwan, you should know better than to say that Taiwan is a country. It’s a sensitive topic, and anyone who knows a little about global politics know that Taiwan cannot become an independent state anytime in the near future.

      • @kitai-To be honest for someone who doesn’t live in Taiwan you should know better than to say that Taiwan is not a country.A sensitive topic? Yeah, because of the big bully.
        Taiwan is an independent state recognized by few countries that Taiwan has extended financial help.The question is why other countries didnt want to recognized Taiwan as a country.Since you know a lot of global politics then I assume you know the answer to the question.

      • Dumbass and you talk like an ignorant kiddo knowing nothing about international politics. Since you asked such a moronic question with sarcasm, let me eye for eye and ask you why not the other way around? Since China has been so obsessed with the small island and claim sovereignty over Taiwan, why not go war with Taiwan rather than use petty tricks all the time to harass Taiwanese citizens? Get the fact! Google some research if you have no access to the US congressional library. Let me put this out in your face, it’s written in the US law that Taiwan is an ally of the US and by law the US is obliged to protect Taiwan from any threat to the island’s security. Another fact in your face! Back in 1996 (perhaps you were still in your fucking mother’s womb back then,) stupid Chinese military tested the water to launch two missiles in the Taiwan Strait in the vicinity of one of major cities in Taiwan and tried to blackmail Taiwanese against their presidential election result. We Americans sent two big warships to patrol the Taiwan Strait immediately. The US sent a huge signal to the dumb Beijing authority – GET YOUR DUMB ASS OUT OF THE AREA. You kiddo knowing nothing just flaunt your verbal mockery. LOL…GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE.

  16. Oh well, i think people should stop feeling bad for her. She’s not forced, I mean she wants to earn money from China doesn’t she. So she got to play by the rules. I don’t go around talking to my boss that the rival company is better,therefore she as an artist and public figure plus her whole management company should know better than to do such a mistake. So if she still wants to get money from China she needs to apologize, no need to feel sorry.
    And I am not pro China unification,I even hate it,but that is another issue.besides I believe the biggest problem there is that Taiwan calls itself republic of China and the proc only wants one China. If Taiwan would finally drop the idea of roc and claim to be a country called Taiwan, it might get acknowledged by other countries in the world as a country. I believe that this might be the only way for Taiwan to ever be independent. But that’s a farfetched future.
    This post shouldn’t be about politics anyway.

    • The problem is that she was being bashed for nothing having done anything at all. To give a likely bad analogy, it’s like you were at a meeting which two rival companies attended and someone placed a mug with one company’s logo at your seat. The other company collectively freaks out even though you did not do it say anything and decides to smear you and ban you from all business dealings in the future. Neither she nor JYPE made any statements abt Taiwan or China in the time span before this issue started. The reason everyone is feeling bad for her is because she is the victim in all this.

      • I understand your pov, for me she didn’t do anything wrong as well. But well, it’s just in this entertainment circle I think they have to be more sensitive around this topic. And like I said they have to go by Chinese rules to earn China’s money. So if China thinks it is wrong to show off a Taiwanese flag you have to apologize to continue work in that country. It might be unfair but that’s life.

    • @thuchen That’s impossible! Taiwan can never be independent, it’s just an Island of China where the losing rebels before in main China got an asylum. If they have fought to be Independent that time, the rising force in mainland would have no choice but to hunt them down and massacred them as traitors. They were lucky it didnt have to reach that point.

      • Here you go again, Chinese crony! Your knowledge about Asian history is so comical and obnoxious. LMAO. Who are rebels you’re dang talking about? It’s the other way around. Chinese communists were rebel against then-ruling party KMT in mainland China. took the mainland and defeated KMT fled to Taiwan. Communist China only existed after 1949. Before then, the whole communist party was called underground. Get the fact! Communist China has never ever ruled over Taiwan for one single second. LOL…Based upon your comment, you’re apparently and deeply brainwashed by Chinese propaganda. Now I’m curious where you’re coming from since your obviously so ignorant of history that’s known to the rest of the world.

      • I totally agree with you, drama2016. But I guess there is no point in arguing with such an ignorant person.

  17. This thing has become so big that it was even mentioned in Swedish news. And it sure doesn’t make the Chinese people look good, bullying a child (a 16 year old) and forcing her to apologize. Yes, even if some people here says she wasn’t forced to do that but in international news it does say that she was forced. If the C-netizens and that singer didn’t bully her verbally and sending her death threats and boycotting her group she wouldn’t have to do this. I feel bad for her and all the Taiwanese people who don’t dare for now on to openly say that they are Taiwanese. I like Taiwan and the culture there so I really hope with the new president that it become even stronger so people can proudly call it as their birthplace.

  18. I don’t think this makes SK look good. Taking a step back, SK cannot have it both ways. Sexualizing children and then saying ‘they don’t know’ is no longer acceptable. Child porn and prostitution is a problem and this just accentuates it because it’s just under the surface. These KIDS always have to be happy and smiling for the “live camera”, no?

    Where are her parents?

      • You’re a fan, I get it. And don’t make like the comment is new re the workings of this pop music machine. Geopolitics using children is at work here. After this, she may rise to rank as an ambassador…without the uniform of course.

        Since I asked about the parents, her mother approved the apology and wishes her daughter continued success in her youthful endeavors according to one SK news outlet.

      • @mskololia1, this Drama2016 bitchtard is probably a minion of this bimbo Tzuyu or maybe her relative back in Taiwan. It is always commenting here on it’s agenda of Independence of Taiwan when the bigger picture is too obvious, Taiwan will always be a part of One China policy whether they skin their head off or cut all of it’s fingers. Calling it “It”, coz it’s more of a minion than a person, who have no pity to it’s countrymen, wanting to go to war rather than be contented on status quo.

      • This Santa Barbara talks like Santa Barbarian….In a democratic society nowadays, nobody has a hideous mind and foul mouth as hers. Like it or not, Taiwan is indeed an independent sociopolitical system governed separately from her counterpart across the Taiwan Strait. China has no power to take the small island in reality and therefore only uses petty tricks such as provoking Chinese nationalism to harass Taiwanese. When the stupid Chinese military launched two missiles in the Strait near by the vicinity of the largest port in Taiwan back in 1990s, We Americans sent two big warships to patrol the Strait immediately. That sent a huge signal to the Beijin authority – GET YOUR DUMB ASS OUT OF THE AREA. LOL…You Chinese go ahead bitching here whatever, you won’t change the fact that in our US law, it’s hard coded that the US is obliged to guard Taiwan against any national security threat. Taiwan is considered an ally of the US and it’s currently also in the best interest of Japan and other S.E. Asian countries to keep Taiwan separate from Chinese regime. Kiddos, if you’re too ignorant to understand the complex politics, then better shut up your stupid mouth. Don’t talk like a laughing stock in a blog like this. My mockery will make you look really moronic.

  19. fck JYP for making this poor girl turn on her own country. now her own pople going to hate her for holding chinese flag instead of her taiwanese flag.

    • That idiot sounds obviously brainwashed by certain propaganda from a certain country. The funniest thing is usually they have no idea how their bigotry and ideology look so stupid to the outside world. It is as if these people were living in a small well and they thought the limited sky they saw was the whole universe.

  20. Pretty sure that the issue was first brought up by Taiwanese media outlets that were trying to sell her flag-waving appearance as “The Pride of Taiwan” and attach politics to the unedited webcast version. Huang An’s words are despicable as well, but I don’t think the matter really escalated into undue political tension until after the apology video. i really take issue with that apology, as it was very unnecessary and only served to inflame both sides. It’s just really unfortunate that such a young girl is being used as a pawn to further various political agendas.

    Also, I realize this may be an unpopular opinion, but I think Lin Gengxin is entitled to his opinion as well. As a Chinese mainlander, he was raised in a certain culture and political climate that fostered his views. Just as Tzuyu’s freedom of expression and identity should be respected, his sense of patriotism (if that’s really what his comment stood for) shouldn’t attract such hate. Personally, I think it was more of a critique of how the apology reeks of corporate pressure and commercial motives as opposed to any comment on the girl herself.

    Anyways, this issue really should not deserve so much attention and has definitely been blown out of proportion due to timing, excessive apologies, and netizens’ general tendency for exaggerated verbiage online v. IRL.

    • Sure it’s Lin Genxing’s freedom to lash any mockery on anyone even it’s deemed arrogant bigotry in many ppl’s eyes. We, as drama viewers, are also entitled to denounce his behavior, dislike him, and refuse to support his projects of any forms. Like it or not, this drama has been on air and ppl all like juicy stories. So more than one day it’s already spread to the major media around the world and everyone can’t see the MV would make China and Chinese ppl look good anyway. That’s the reality, perhaps unwanted and unexpected from the Chinese side. Well, if don’t like what’s reaped, then don’t sow it at the very beginning.

      Also I think JYP is successful in intentionally bashing China back in some way. LOL….Look how gloomy the apology MV looks and has so much resemblance to those ISIS horrid vids that holding helpless ppl in hostage while forcing them recite “ISIS is great.” What’s the implication? Could be many ways. But I’m sure one very popular interpretation of the episode by far is that: The Chinese side, be it insane netizens or authorities behind or Huang An, is nothing much different from terrorist acts, holding a teen pop singer hostage and forcing her to announce to the whole world: I’m a Chinese but not Taiwanese even though I was from Taiwan.

      Let this ugly fact be in the face of bully Chinese.

      • I don’t see why you have to be so antagonistic towards China and Chinese people in general.

        The backlash you refer to for Lin Genxing is what everyone had criticized in response to C-netizen denouncement of Tzuyu. I just wanted to make a point that if he was raised (culturally and educationally) with certain beliefs, then his opinions are just as valid as anyone else’s. Sure, by posting about it on the Internet and the very fact that he’s a public figure makes his every move open to positive and negative attention, which may or may not have economic repercussions. And I think they know that – whether it’s Lin Gengxin or Tzuyu or JYP. It would be naive for the public to think that any visible/publicized move from the industry or news media or governments are not calculated to the point of emotional/thought manipulation. Whether or not the actions have the intended effect on the audience is another matter.

        I like the fact that this issue has inspired more discussion and thoughts about the intersections between the entertainment circle, the political arena, and the commercial world. But let’s try to be civil and remember that one incident does not represent a person’s entirety, just as one person’s internet comment does not vilify an entire nation. I personally don’t see any connections between the apology video and ISIS hostages, and I find it offensive for war-torn families and nations that the comparison has been made.

      • @ pennythoughts, when did I sound very antagonistic towards China and Chinese people in general? I only pointed out the aftermath effects that has been going around since day 1. That’s what I got from all the major news media around the world. It’s the fact that this apology MV does make Chinese side look pretty bad. As an American, I certainly has my definitions of what is considered civil which may not the same as yours or people raised in other sociopolitical systems. But it doesn’t change the fact that the consequence of the whole drama is actually not in favor of Chinese side. How am I being antagonistic towards China by being honestly sharing the news? If I sound that way to you, I guess perhaps you’re somehow related to China so it hurts to know the facts. Well, I still like C dramas and certain shows. Disapproving one artist like Lin Genxing doesn’t imply I have hatred towards the whole C showbiz. As a matter of fact, my favorite actor is a Chinese actor. Is this fair enough?

      • @Drama2016

        “So more than one day it’s already spread to the major media around the world and everyone can’t see the MV would make China and Chinese ppl look good anyway.”
        “Also I think JYP is successful in intentionally bashing China back in some way.” “The Chinese side, be it insane netizens or authorities behind or Huang An, is nothing much different from terrorist acts…”
        “Let this ugly fact be in the face of bully Chinese.”

        Sorry I was referring to these words. But you’re right, perhaps I identify too much as a Chinese person so I took it more personally than you meant it to be.

        If we are sharing all sorts of news though, I think it’s also worth pointing out that China’s response has been relatively muted. The Chinese media and the general public have been more concerned with internal issues and the markets, especially in light of the new year. There hasn’t even been much of a reaction to the election of Taiwan’s new president.

  21. tzuyu should just fake injury like those 3 chinese guy.who left korean group. so she can go to china. to make money for herself. china is were the money is afterall. that why jyp willing to throw this girl under the bus for money in china.

    • hahaha…LOL…never thought about that. But you’re correct. Even those three are traitors in the eyes of many SM stans, they’re doing dang great in China. I’ve been watching quite a lot of C shows recently. They are extremely popular and are everywhere, be it variety shows, movies, or tabloids. Two of them who were ex members of EXO are even named among the 4 “little fresh meat” in the Chinese showbiz, which refers to “young handsome looks.” LOL

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  23. Lol you noobs. Holding a ROC flag is ALLOWED under the 1992 Consensus about “One China” signed by BOTH ROC and PRC in HK. In fact, Chinese leader Xi REAFFIRMED PRC’s OFFICIAL COMMITMENT to the agreement less than 6 months ago when he met with Taiwan’s Ma.

    What this boils down to are a bunch of ignorant fenqing in China being stirred up by the CCP to attack a popular Taiwanese celebrity in the leadup to the election, because of their own IGNORANCE makes them easy to manipulate. It’s pointless to blame Tzuyu, TI, JYP or Taiwanese politicians. NONE of these engendered the controversy. On the part of someone like JYP it would be IMPOSSIBLE for him to even avoid, since OFFICIAL policy from the CCP is that there is NO issue with waving a ROC flag as a ROC citizen. That’s the BASIS of the 1992 Consensus and in fact the MAIN POINT of the ONE CHINA policy that CCP supports. Like most things the only things really to blame is are the ruthless machinations of the CCP and the ignorance of the Chinese ppl, who don’t even know what is and what is not allowed by their own government.

  24. As for Lin Genxing you people miss the point (as usual). It’s amazing how living in the West simply strips even Chinese of their inborn savvy and instincts. Genxing had to MOCK Tzuyu as a DEFENSE mechanism in fear the that the fenqing turn on HIM for “supporting” Koreans or Kpop which in turn would mean he support TI in the convoluted logic. He’d done a drama with Yoona and had some ties to the Korean industry. Use your HEADS. People doing ridiculous mental gymnastics to rational things that aren’t even related to what’s going on. REGARDLESS of WHERE you are born… whether you’re a mainland Chinese or a Frenchman or a Russian it’s plain COWARDLY to be a grown man and mock a child, esp over something as serious as a self-criticism apology. It’s not something a MAN does…. and you can’t even use the excuse of “he’s Chinese they don’t know right from wrong” or “Chinese are never taught how to stand up and be men.” He KNOWS. EVERY MAN knows it’s not something a real man does. He probably didn’t do it out of malice out of fear but how he does it shows what low character he is

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