Spring Weekend K-dramas in Great Spot with Doctor Cha Breaking 16%, Tale of Gumiho Rising, and Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3 Steady in Ratings

This weekend showed that the time slot remains strong for K-dramas, it’s like the weekday viewers all left but some went over to the weekend while the traditional weekend viewers are still there. The biggest news remains jTBC drama Doctor Cha which hit a new high of 16.181% in this Sunday’s episode 8. It’s definitely prime to break 20% and who knows what else with another 8 episodes remaining. Newly arrived tvN drama Tale of Gumiho: 1938 started with 6.463% and rose in the next episode to 7.129%, a good sign for sure and splitting the original drama OTP apart but in a fantasy way lets the story go in new directions which not destroying the core romance for fans. While SBS Fri-Sat drama Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 3 premiered about 12% it’s basically hovering around since then and the most recent episode 4 got 12.3%, with reviews that it feels stale and not fresh.

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