K-ent Gripped by Multiple School Era Bullying Accusations Including Jo Byung Gyu, Park Hye Soo, Kim Dong Hee, and Soojin of G-Idle

This may be the next #MeToo movement in South Korean entertainment and the stars in question are all young actors/actresses/singers. Since two weeks ago and growing wider in scope by the day, there has been a series of bullying accusations lobbed by former school era (elementary, middle school, or high school) classmates against certain stars. Jo Byung Kyu is dealing with multiple, though one was retracted but more came alone. Park Hye Soo who stars in the upcoming drama Dear M is facing accusations by a group of former classmates who have formed an Association to accuse her and demanding an apology. Soojin of G-Idle is facing bullying accusations along with being a rebel type student when she was in school, and her accusers also include former child actress Seo Shin Ae throwing confirmatory shade. Other names embroiled in bullying accusations include Kim Dong Hee, Kim So Hye, Minkyu of the group Seventeen, and even trot singer Jin Hae Sung. Each allegation is unique with different behaviors brought forth and so far it’s been denials from all the stars involved.

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