Next KBS Mon-Tues Drama Perfume Evokes The Beauty Inside Movie Posters and Drops Weird Teasers

I’m so perplexed by upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Perfume it might be a good thing if it makes me check it out purely to sate my curiosity. I have no clue what it’s about and the snippets make male lead Shin Sung Rok alternatively seem like a serial killer in the making or a hapless rom-com male lead about to get his comeuppance. I am rather annoyed at the drama character posters that are ripped off from the K-movie version of The Beauty Inside. C’mon, even the drama version didn’t go there, wish Perfume didn’t pick a knock off that was so clearly and colorfully obvious. Other than that the drama with some magical perfume and male lead Shin Sung Rok paired with Go Won Hee and with second leads Cha Ye Ryun and Kim Min Kyu could be weird enough to work, especially if the drama tosses in copious amounts of makjang and makes Shin Sung Rok go OTT as he’s wont to do. Continue reading