Kim Kyung Nam, Jeon Hye Bin, Go Won Hee, and Lee Tae Ran Confirmed for KBS Weekend Drama Happy Other People

Weekend K-dramas remain a safe and happy place for actors and actresses, devoid of fanwars and the viewers tend to connect with 50-episode lengths like a family. The number of weekend dramas being produced has also gone down and hopefully that means more quality fare. KBS has cast its 2021 spring weekend K-drama called Other Happy People (Happy Other Family) and lined up a really excellent crew. Kim Kyung Nam is the male lead opposite female lead Jeon Hye Bin, and she’s the second sister in a three sister family and the oldest sister will be played by Lee Tae Ran and the youngest sister in college has cast Go Won Hee. The drama is from the screenwriter of Wang’s Family, Our Gab Soon, Liver or Die, and Three Brothers. Seeing Kim Kyung Nam be relaxed and hopefully goofier in a weekend role is totally worth a 50-episode commitment!

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KBS Drama Your House Helper Looks Like a Bougie Brunch in Drama Posters and Previews

K-dramas are being preempted starting this week left and right on the prime time channels due to World Cup coverage. That means new KBS Wed-Thurs drama Your House Helper won’t premiere this week despite predecessor Suits wrapping up past week, … Continue reading