All-around Fashion Hilarity at the 7th Level Civil Servant Press Conference

I am so amused by the press conference for 7th Level Civil Servant that I simply had to post about it despite having barely any interest for this drama. It’s been too long since I’ve seen such level of fashion epic fail from an entire drama cast at its press conference. I remember the ladies of Dream High 2 collectively missing hemlines and bodices at their press conference but back then I just thought they looked cheap. Here we have stars of both genders showcasing a genuine lack of understanding on dressing for an occasion and dressing to make a positive impression. I may not be crushing on Joo Won like a lot of drama fandom but I find him really hardworking and am happy to hear of his drama successes. Despite the howls from his fandom when he was paired up with 10-year older Choi Kang Hee, I liked her well enough in Protect the Boss to be open to this potential pairing. Seeing her identical-to-Joo Won short crop for the drama which makes it look like Joo Won is escorting his aunt to the prom, things are not looking up on the romance front. It hurts that Joo Won is dressed in a “what the hell is he wearing” outfit, Choi Kang Hee hurts my eyes, Chansung thinks he’s an accountant, Kim Min Seo is rocking too much with the all red and the shoulder pads and the black nails, Kim So Hyun is looking like Morticia’s younger sister, and Jang Young Nam borrowed a dress from her teen daughter to wear. I’m now in favor of instituting a rule – all production companies have to own a stash of little black dresses and nicely tailored black suits and if their stars show up looking like a trainwreck for a press conference, they will be re-dressed before unleashing them on the world. Check out the hilarity below as well as a trailer to see if you want to watch this drama, which premieres this Wednesday on MBC. Continue reading