Squid Game and then D.P. Selected by Joynews Insider Poll of Best Streaming Shows of 2021

Looks like the Joynews Best Of insider poll this year has split the television programs with the streaming only programs. That’s fine though it would be interesting to see the same program stacking up against each other since where it aired doesn’t matter as to quality. The entertainment industry group selected Netflix drama Squid Game with 120 runaway votes as the best streaming program of the year. Next came also Netflix drama D.P. (Deserter Pursuit) with 39 votes. Third spot went to variety show EXchange with 15 votes. Weirdly Yumi’s Cells took fourth spot with 8 votes for streaming on TVing. And rounding out the top 5 was each getting 3 vote ties between Kingdom: Ashin of the North, variety show Spring Camp, Netflix drama My Name, and Netflix streaming movie Space Sweepers. Other shows to get 1 or 2 votes include Move to Heaven, Mad for Each Other, and Girl’s High School Mystery Class.

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Netflix Unleashes Massive Promo Machine for Zombie Fighting Warrior Princee Jeon Ji Hyun in Upcoming Kingdom: Ashin of the North

This Friday the one shot side-quel to the Netflix hit zombie K-drama Kingdom drops with a warrior princess at the helm in Jeon Ji Hyun. Kingdom: Ashin of the North showcases the genesis of the zombie plant and the zombification … Continue reading

Netflix Holds Press Stage to Introduce Slate of 2021 K-dramas Including Sea of Silence, Hellbound, D.P., Kingdom: Ashin of the North and Many More

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